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They shouldn't have given a first-time director over $200 million Can someone explain the end to me? (SPOILERS) Martin Scorsese was attached to produce, and the film is influenced by Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and King of Comedy Amazon/IMDB launch new free movie service "FreeDive" First wave of reviews out. Currently 94% on RT Extra 50 minutes of footage added to The Tree of Life Criterion (coming August 28th, 2018) I think this will win Best Picture tonight Fox Searchlight making a movie about the man who invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos Three questions about Hulk in this movie (Spoilers) View all posts >


I don't think it's doing Avatar or Avengers numbers, but I can't completely write this film off just yet. Greatest Showman (rather dull film with very good songs) had incredible legs at the box office. I could see Cats, if the reviews aren't disastrous, being another movie musical phenomenon with lots of repeat attendance. It also already has much bigger names attached. Of course it could go the other way and completely bomb and win 12 Razzies. But so far the biggest criticism seems to be the look of the cats, not the actual movie's quality. I saw an early screening. The dust now spells out "Buy Disney Stock" Did China ever get to see the original Lion King? Perhaps this is like another Star Wars situation, where China just doesn't care as much. Also, if Lion King underperforms worldwide, it would be funny to see Aladdin's remake do better than Lion King. No one saw that coming. Can you give us many examples of it done right? Because the group that tends to complain about these things seem to hate it all. I can't see them being positive about any female-led movie, unless it's a pornographic one. I was wondering the same thing. In a billion dollar facility, they couldn't even have a couple cameras pointed towards the most important specimens and subjects in that whole place. They even had roaming security guards, and one notices an employee drifting in and out of the place. That place has awful security (more like the writers conveniently left the cameras out of this scene to let Eddie do his thing) My guess is Sony and Disney worked this deal out since it would easily benefit them both. Sony needed help to make Spider-Man work again, after the tepid reception of Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield. And MCU finally getting to use Spider-Man just makes everything better. As for Venom, my other guess is -- Disney still doesn't know if a Venom movie will work out not, hence no deal. Spider-Man is well established as "movie viable", Venom is not. Now that the Venom movie is out, you can see why Disney didn't rush to make a deal. While I had some intermittent fun with the film, it's also kind of a mess at times (and that It's a sloppy movie that I enjoyed, but make no mistake, it's a sloppy movie compared to MCU films. Is this on Netflix? Sounds interesting - I'll try to check it out I'm not sure what OP was getting at with those (Air Force One? lol) But I did like the other recommendations like Into the Wild, 127 Hours, Kon-Tiki and The Martian. It's not the worst thing ever, but you can tell it doesn't look as good as what we saw in Ant-Man and other Marvel films. If Ant-Man was 90% there (or even higher), Gemini Man looks like something between 70%-80% there. For me, the mouth movements for the young Will Smith look very dodgy. Check out the trailer to see what we mean. [quote]He's striking false notes, there are moments when he seems like an actor rather than a real person, which is a first from him in my experience.[/quote] Without having seen it, I can already understand what you mean here. I see that quite a few times in films. I'll always use the Meryl Streep example in Doubt. Her mannerisms and facial ticks were just too much in that movie, you end up only seeing "Meryl Streep Acting", rather than the character which should have been played in a more subdued manner. But anyways, I did not know much about how Fosse acted in real life so unfortunately I'm not able to make any actor suggestions. For some reason I always have the image of Roy Scheider in my head, even though his All That Jazz character was a loose semi-autobiographical version of Fosse. I was not aware of this show and had no idea Sam Rockwell/Michelle Williams were in it. I'll try to check it out - thanks for the reminder! View all replies >