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Christopher Nolan loves this movie; TV series confirmed for NBC's Peacock Network GQ interview - Robert Pattinson thinks working out is overrated and isn't doing anything for Batman role Did Will mention what his occupation was? That was a huge house There's a lot of cereal eating in this movie This movie could've been campy, but it's quite emotional thanks to great peformances by Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum Bryce Dallas Howard will be the director for Episode 4 Turns out Nick Nolte was in the first episode. Guess which character he was (Spoilers) RottenTomatoes reviews are coming in now (currently 61% with 28 reviews total) How do you get Negative numbers next to your screenname? I just saw one user here with that Did Todd himself hold white nationalistic views? View all posts >


Since it was made of a material that Homelander can't see through, I wonder if it would've been better to bury it deep underground somewhere, so that even Deep couldn't find it. I just finished the show. I don't get how Homelander was fast enough to save Butcher from the bomb. If he's that fast, why didn't he stop the terrorist in the airplane scene. Hartley Sawyer, actor on The Flash. They found a series of disturbing tweets he made a few years ago (some about beating up women, beating up his dog, some racist jokes, etc). People seem divided. Some say he shouldn't be fired for tweets he made over 6 years ago, others say 6 years ago wasn't [i]that[/i] long ago (2014), and anyone who makes jokes about beating your dog needs a therapist. Personally, I don't think this Flash show is some sacred thing or right. It's a business, and if he is attracting unwanted attention and dragging ratings down, or goes against whatever ethics WB has, I don't see a problem dropping him. But then, I don't watch the show, so it's easier for me to say goodbye. Looks like it's not happening. I think the budget was $17 million and it earned $97 worldwide. While that may sound great, when you include marketing costs and theater cuts, it's probably not enough to get investors and studios excited in a new trilogy. They had plans for Jane Levy to return but considering this thread is 4 years old with no action taken, I doubt it's happening anymore. Watch there be a remake remake in another 10 years. It's really graphic, probably one of the more gruesome horror movies I've ever seen. I did not like the tongue part either. Also the part where glasses guy gets stabbed by Olivia, and then the nail gun...ooof. And to think, this is the pared down version from an NC-17 cut. Imagine what horrors the MPAA had to watch. As an update to this, MacGruber will live on, as a TV series for the upcoming NBC Peacock Network: And apparently Christopher Nolan is a huge fan of the film, and Anne Hathaway said he would quote it constantly on sets. I went through Season 1 again recently and it continues to hold up. In fact, I keep looking for new shows to watch to give me that magic feeling I got from BB where nearly every episode is so well done. I'm still looking. The writing, acting, pacing and even cinematography are all first-rate stuff and this is one of the Top 5 greatest shows ever in my opinion. It's in both TV and movies. Not sure if they do that in European shows, but yes, I've noticed they always introduce themselves with their full name. Apparently it sounds more interesting than just saying "Hi, I'm Chris". I liked it too. Could be a very cozy place. And I also liked The Montana apartment. Didn't it have two stairways that led to the center? I've always wondered what it looked like back there. I wouldn't put too much into it. A lot of IMDB's Top 250 is flooded with fanboyism and mass voting. I enjoyed Nolan's films and Fight Club as much as the next person, but those are the films that shoot up to the top. So other classics like Amadeus or Seven Samurai keep falling lower. When you see Joker 2019 hit the Top 10 while Taxi Driver falls out of the top 30, you know things are getting 'whack'. View all replies >