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I went to check out the Eternals section to see if there was trailer discussion. And sure enough, first two threads on top were complaining about "wokeness". I swear they're just inventing things to troll at this point. There is nothing offensive in the Eternals trailer but they are somehow "veeery concerned" about the messaging of the movie. Apparently a bunch of eternal Gods must not look too diverse? They were wrong about Black Panther and Captain Marvel flopping, no reason to listen to them again. They claim only the women in the film do great heroic things, forgetting all the male characters that [i]also[/i] did good things. If you sum it all up, both the females and males did good things, and bad stupid things. But the wokey wokey posters can never get their facts right. Kind of makes sense why they love Trumpism so much. Another explanation I read is that they might've tried to drop a lot of snipers or soldiers onto roofs, to thin out the herds or provide reports on their behavior and growing numbers. On one hand, they'd be able to take free potshots all day long at the zombies with government-supplied unlimited ammo, and the zombies would not be able to shoot back (at least I'm pretty sure they can't). However, a problem with that theory is, why not just drop them onto a rooftop with a helicopter? There are plenty of helipads in Las Vegas. It's fun to speculate with these movies, but it also pains one to realize Snyder fills his movies with lots of inane stuff. This movie could've and should've been so much better. I agree. These Trumpers love to twist facts too. OP feels so oppressed. We need to consider his feelings. It's so tiresome to hear these people cry about "wokeness" in every movie. Before the word was invented by the Alt-Right, you wondered how they survived movie-watching. Even though it was mentioned it would be a "low-yield nuclear warhead", that would only mean a smaller impact radius. There would still be horrible radiation in all of Las Vegas, and I don't think anyone would actually volunteer to find out the effects of that if they had the choice to try to get out of there first. And there is no way to know if that vault could withstand a nuke falling on it. It seemed to survive the blast, but that's only because of what Snyder chose to show. In real life, anyone willing to bet their house that the random vault they just found could withstand a nuke falling on top of it? [quote]I'm not at exaggerating, during the Intro of the film, when they are show dropping "Paratroopers into a zombie horde"....I was sitting in my bed alone and Literally threw my hands up and actually said out loud "WTF"[/quote] I read one possible explanation for that is the paratrooper meant to land on the rooftops but accidentally clipped the side of a building and landed in the wrong area. Although if he really did hit a building, I feel like the parachute wouldn't drop him so gracefully at all. He didn't bother me too much. Apparently (according to Grace Randolph's German viewers), he's the equivalent of Adam Sandler over there. So I guess it would be amusing for them to see him in an American movie playing the safe cracker. I still think it would've wiser to have two safe crackers in case. If Dieter bites the dust early, the whole mission is done for. View all replies >