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RIP The Trailer Was Awesome RIP RIP Yes Yes You Cant Be Serious She is Very Attractive & is A Talented Actress I Agree With No More Harley But if This New Harley Quinn Movie Flops I Don't Think it Will Hurt Her Career She Will Bounce With A Good Movie After That The Wolf Of Wall Street One & I Tonya She Was Also Great in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood I Hope There is A Sequel Since Phillips & Joaquin Are Talking About it RIP Trashed His Costars in His Tell All Book He Just Got The Looks For it And He Does Well in Comedy I Can Just See Him Wearing A Blonde Wig Or Dying His Hair Blonde Talking in An Elvis Like Voice RIP What They Said its having A Having Second Weekend Box Office & its The # 1 Movie Rip That Sucks He Would've Been Great I Actually Change my Mind About This Since The Rights Went Back To Mattel And Now Will Be Made By Warner Bros & Now Margot Robbie Will Be Barbie I Don't Think it will be a Flop Anymore I Agree This Will Be Marvels First Flop The Longest Yard Was Good