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I could see David Boreanaz. His Angel was basically Batman w fangs. Early seasons of his spin off remarked how he had a 'batcave' On the plus side the kid was smart enough not to get kidnapped etc ala Different strrokes. I think that's what she really wanted anyways...remember she was gushing about Rickie's clothes when they were babysitting and she was infatuated when she saw her in person. So everything ultimately worked out. Lynne would have been unhappy being anything less than the next girl host! she wanted to see shrek's reaction when she returned. She had a concussion...etc and was not right in the head after the fall. Bruce loved it btw But blackish is NOT about what white people think about black people and black people's place in society in relation to them. Speechless would have been far better if people with disabilities who worked, had a family of their own....etc were on the air In the 21st century I don't want to hear what people w/out disabilities think of me Liked the movie which suprised me....I usually hate anything dicaprio is attached to. And Hoover yes is a slimeball. and they are twins? I assume it is filler space? Would have been better if it was another couple. 96 Rich people have money but bad security on their large properies 95 Janey's dad thought MASH was a pro-military show watching people dance on tv around boxes is okay but interacting directly with the videos would be preferable. Jeannie however does not understand Tony's world---and constantly messes up. Her 'appeal' therefore is the fact that she is blonde and the aforementioned lack of clothing. Samantha however decided she loved Darrin and wanted to support him....she understood the mortal world even if she herself was not a mortal. Samantha was not a ditz. She understood the necessity of things needing to function. Samantha is attractive but she also thinks about how she impacts others. and that too....I would think the superintendent, schoolboard principal...etc does not want crime in their school. So they let the super young looking cop on campus even though they lack paperwork/the correct paperwork. Because it's Watts in Los Angeles in the 70's.....okay now Hispanics make up 61 percent so if they remake the show it would be mostly Hispanic. and African American. personally on that show I liked Horshack a LOT better. Yes I know everybody was SUPPOSED to gush over Travolta/Barbarino---did not do anything for me. Actually it annoyed me. Eric does not come across as the total prick in that group. Really he's too good for them....oh but he lets them use his basement? Fez would be a close second since he is trying to be good. It was also a remake of a movie made in 1992 lol No My dad's family is Polish/Russian but his relatives came over around the turn of the 19th century--and so they lost it. my mom's dad came over from Germany in the 1930's and realized it was not politically viable to teach his daughter German. So she never learned it growing up. I can read/hear Spanish bc of being around my boyfriends and their families. I cannot speak it yet. Antena tv is airing Who's the Boss staring October 5, 2020. she doesn't have an accent like Jo (facts of life) and seemed to want to know nore about boys and I thought though it would have been weird though explaining to her friends/potential dates that she and her dad live with her dad's employer. I was a little kid watching (and this was 1980's) but I don't think they really touched on class issues from this perspective too heavily. Angela never talked down to Samantha and was courteous to her. He is supposed to be so far right that he is also a racist. Yes it would be a non issue to most people now--but an ultra far right person would STILL be worked up over inter racial mating. 1-4 the golden years of the series 5-8 The abyss. series brought in new people, new writers--who really did not know or care 9 -10. the series needs to be saved somehow...last ditch efforts here. We did not think of fox as 'right wing' as kids--it was the edgy network who pushed stuff like this and x-men. so of course it would be 'different'. This was hip and fun and 'cool' and 'mysterious'. I watched this everyday!!