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she's also the one Michael J Fox is really interested in!! I assumed that 1) bc the plot is involving a doctor in a medically strapped town 2) it's michael j fox--who is overall considered a really 'goody two-shoes' vs the feel them up and sleep around type of actor.....somebody let that slide. the idea of him even having sex (even though he had kids!) seems so absurd in a movie plot. I thought the 70's was a lot better actually. Saw both and was actually more impressed w the 70's. Felt it wrapped around the storyline of the characters much more better. Got you involved and connected with them. Of course that also could have been bc I was undergrad in college at the time and was idealistic activist like byron and wendy. I believed I could just go out there and change the world w my politics. Yeah I'm older now and I do know how the world actually works. But i still love the movie. People looking @ this from vantage point of 21st century forget job discrimination school discrimination housing discrimination were all very legal in the 1970s. Marriage was not even on the radar bc people were just trying to not be on the streets There was not even consciousness that AIDS/HIV existed. I wouldn't say 'bad' Bryon has a 'growing' experience where he learns that his family/upbringing was not all it was cracked up to be--and then his next job is also messed up re ethics. Poor kid. I remember what they did with masters of the universe and then JEM. Horrible and inexcusable. well he's getting cut off if he leaves. So I can see this backfiring really badly one way or another. Wait until he has to earn money somehow the films are supposed to be about women's experiences and lives. having gay men means it's not about women missing the point though the series was about history through women's experiences and lives. or alex as the moderate Dem--whose socially liberal but economically conservative. He likes (just like Nixon) affirmative action and birth control but hates poverty. Wants people working and prosperous. today's GOP is much more concerned w bible thumping, attacking people who are not white, who are not christian. Alex never did any of that. My brother had one of those I don't like ALL the music, fashions etc...but still remember dressing up as Wonder Woman one halloween and how much fun it was going around w my best friend. the JEM movie sucked btw it also could just be a reaction to our childhood now gone--I'm now 40. And the 1980s were when I was a kid and did not have to worry about the bills. Kinda like how our parents childhood in the 1950's came back in the 1970's. I myself gravitated more towards family ties. Connected more with the Keatons than this series from my early childhood. yeah they never divorced--that we know of? And my parents were not social justice hippies at any point bu they did watch PBS (where steven worked) It's basically how much fun it is to grow up rich and in the lap of luxury. Difficult to understand outside of the yuppie/preppie era and after two recessions--including the great recession. We were supposed to watch this and other sitcoms where these kids grew up in palaces and believe that trickle down was ok and that the 1 percent were great people after all. Rick never had to worry about being poor hungry paying bills. I still cannot picture that. Just unfathomable Most series used kids older than high school--because of labor issues. Luke Perry was 25 when he was cast for the 1990's series Beverly hills 90210! Since they are adults they can and do legally work full hour days. it's not supposed to be dramatic. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek dry humor. And ditto with the wife. Plus it's NYC--different humor than other regions of the country. And back then it was pre-internet/ people were much more regional than they are now. It was set right when congress first enacted federal special education laws--requiring schools to give students (including the sweathogs who have learning/emotional disabilities) a quality education. vs just passing them though....or kicking them out of the school. This is what is 'heart warming. Kotter came back to make a difference and reach them however he could. We don't get this now bc it's kinda a given that everybody is supposed to be educated in the public school. We don't understand what the sitcom is satirizing. He has to figure out what his students are saying some times. He has to stand up for them to the principal and other teachers. it's just so the hot guy can run around the 'low budget' dylan probably would have made do w essential business expenses...but again he would not have been canvassing Europe just bc. I think if they had brought Luke back they would have had him and Shannen together. That was what had brought in the viewers and merchandise etc for the original series. I was a pre-teen then but I hated Cameron. my parents were not super wholesome bible thumpers.