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Relic of it's time can't she fix the gap in her teeth? Liked the movie Mrs Kravitz this was far better I suprisingly like this Why?? And I doubt it's being made saw the reeses commercial View all posts >


Would disagree. I consider myself left. Actually King altered his original position towards the end of his life. He realized that while nonviolence was still important, creating a new society with new values was far more important. And it's also much harder for a reason. Little changes to an existing system are incremental 'safe' and prefered. They give a sense of stability. Overhaul provides a good slogan---but it is also unfamiliar. It originally was supposed to be released back in June 2020. But bc of the virus--the release kept getting pushed around. Finally so it would see the light of day they decided to release it. By then I think that enough previews had been leaked online that the hype did not and could not measure up. And the pre-movie merchandise which had been put out in stores and was supposed to accompany the movie was already packed away. Bumpy marketing. This is not necessarily the fault of the movie/script but it impacted the movie. Somebody who saw the fire? She might have made a friend at least with Sue (who seemed to feel genuine remorse). Carrie still looses her emotionally-mentally unstable mother still but she gains people who laugh WITH her in activities like going to the movies, parties and college. Because Carrie is no longer being tormented by mom she is a happier and well rounded person who is actually pretty nice to be around Tommy decides Carrie is pretty after all not out of pity but he likes her. I probably would not have hit kids....but I think cursing is fine. They say much worse actually. I had a teacher in one of my classes who was trying to show us a movie re history and it contained curse words in it. But there was no violence no sex no drugs. Well the principal still got upset with the teacher?? Hello?? I have to agree. I assumed she was an offshoot religion. She was supposed to represent the 'fringe' who disliked 'intellectualism' who merely wanted to pray away everything vs deal with reason and facts--like her daughter eventually developing and wanting to date. Because she is so wound up in faith, she does not have the capacity to teach carrie. Since this is 1976--we would not have online classes we would have correspondence courses. What carrie would learn would be very limited. Liberty University where a lot of evangelicals go is only 5 years old. How about Trump is evil POS It would be nearly impossible now for people to trust him. agree w that/ Was in special ed for one class regular for most and honors for one in high school---and principal of most of the schools rarely talked to anybody except the honors. I think it's why I dislike most of this show--except Eric (the guy who had to fight to get in). I could relate to him. Eric is probably Horshack's kid (the smart sweathog). View all replies >