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Larry would have been cute addition...once he came out he wasn't a mean person anymore. he felt better about himself. Would have been adorable boyfriend for Xander. They'd be embarrassed by him. Claire lived in era when maternity leave did not have to be provided and pregnancy discrimination was perfectly legal--so no she did not have 'choice'. People supposing what if she had the baby are trying to examine it after the 1970's....which did expand women's reproductive rights and choices for those specific reasons. Well, she did not have what we have today. Kevin was perfectly free to walk away and leave her since he was not her husband. Being a single woman she could not come forward and tell their family who really got her pregnant. The first paternity testing would not be developed until the 1960's so right now claire is out of luck. Kevin knows he can sit and deny it w out anything happening to him. And yeah the decoration--even accounting for the generation/style changes leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the stuff looks like it is stapled together. Ick. I understand the whole idea of 'the liberated woman' was a big deal back then in and of itself. And the apartment had a bohemian air. Cost of living was cheaper back then (even w inflation) and she even as a producer did make even less than women now. But she is in Minnesota--and their temperatures--in a likely very badly heated attic?? I am looking at this and wondering how she honestly does not freeeze to death and/or get pneumonia. She does have a college education so why can't she figure out proper insulation takes priority. I was under the impression this was supposed to be spelling's stab for grunge...he realized 90210 never capitalized on it proper/y appropriately. Well even though Walters actually can sing, can't center it on pretty faces. And so the 'really pretty alt rock' show ended super quick. Bringing Walters on 90210 as the boyfriend was 'supposed' to be a kiss and make up. But he was turned into the abusive boyfriend...and that tanked what was left of his singing career. Walters should have just gone ahead and become a firefighter. yeah....amazing. Too bad Cain is one of the brain washed masses himself. Otherwise it would be awesome to have 'superman' save us Just bc she has kids does not mean they were going to babysit. THe oldest was planning on going off to college and financial aid existed by then. She would not be around. Likewise neither would the others in a couple of years. She also was trying to go back to school and earn her degrees. Agreed. my mom and dad already had me but I had multiple health issues and my parents were older when they had my brother. They were not certain if my mother could successfully carry to term or if my brother would survive. people trying to criminalize abortion make light of the infrastructure needed for 'life'. I agree too re the domestic violence. Each movie had a different issue. View all replies >