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agree. Jason's supposed to be the character w 'edge' everybody else is goody goody. The dad is still nice to look @ yes I knew that even as little girl) in an otherwise 'meh' show. Apparently it's on a new broadcast network called antena. I accidentally caught some episodes today. Seeing a VERY young Jason Bateman panic re divorce was hysterical....even if it's bc his dad messes around (how does a LITTLE boy know about that at that age!!) But the show's otherwise not that memorable. Facts of life @ least tried to bring in 'everyday' people (Gerri, Jo). She was 19 this means she was a legal adult. Okay she could not vote back then. but she was not underage. he did nothing wrong. And several drugs illegal now were legal then. Frankly it sounds like they had a lot of fun. Good for them. if they weren't goofy and the secretary wasn't stupid if might have worked. Like since the guys are enjoying retirement now they trained their best students to take over the job. Don't even go there I'm in the minority here but I like Sargeant. Yes York was working with a serious disability...which increasingly affected his performance. And this is why he left. Sargeant played the prototypical husband of the era....who wasn't supposed to be warm and cuddly. Actually he did a very good job hiding being gay...which was a no-no back then. it would have gotten him fired. he was the better actor out of the two. Mermaids aren't real though--so even though that story was changed around, it doesn't matter Kinda hard to argue that Indians are not real The project would not have 'helped' the poor blacks bc of climate differences. It was done to make herself feel good and promote herself. It was a throw away effort which would have little real impact. She was not even concerned with apartheid in South Africa--which yes was then existent!! It's a pretty safe bet she supported this too. She was crying in the end bc she had been hurt by an incident--not bc she had actually learned or grown from the incident. Really critical difference. That's probably what it was. My mom was the master at snap judgement. well we don't know if her luggage is in the/a car. View all replies >