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Mrs Kravitz this was far better I suprisingly like this Why?? And I doubt it's being made saw the reeses commercial Saw it last night This looks good Not interested View all posts >


I think they got away with it since they did not clamp down on pot until Nixon. Series was made/ran before Nixon think about when he grew up---also DC was still racially segregated.So it was hard for him to admit that the country was changing and he neede to change too. Yes he needed to do this as part of his job and it increasingly put him at odds with the rest of the country, other parts of the justice department, the courts and even younger men (women were not admitted until after he died) who were coming into the bureau. Hoover was gradually left behind . but they're also fully clothed throughout that whole movie. The most dangerous thing which happens is smoking in an elevator--yes that makes me cringe. the league was only one dream for Marla....if she had not joined she never would have met a guy who loved her just for being herself, who thought she was lovely as is who wanted to have kids with her!! She woukd have been stuck with her dad on a farm they weren't paying attention then. my boyfriend is a Christian (I am religious in general) and he is not the intolerant person Cameron is. it was pretty much a given. yeah and the psychiatrist talks about these people to his family too...I am sure this is unprofessional/violates confidentiality laws. Jason Seaver getting sued and loosing his license to practice would have been a great special!! Gee perhaps they should think about this name change thing a little further then There was no need for her as a character. View all replies >