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Why?? And I doubt it's being made saw the reeses commercial Saw it last night This looks good Not interested Over the rainbow and under the bridge Rats And the hook is?? He turned out good looking View all posts >


The girl's name was Sara. A combination of things did it in. Lack of toys. Early/uneven time slot across market. washed out color in the animation. Complex plot, without the toys it expected 5-8 year old girls to follow along re the storyline. they were 'professional women' who owned their own business but it might be more watchable if they were consultants in general. I don't like them being interior decorators. if you got rid of that it would be more watchable. what main cast actor from Growing Pains had a successful film career? Michael J Fox easily is a legend. engineer is different though and this is pre computer era---where stuff is still largely paper. The records are in the office itself. why on earth would the state allow a psychiatrist to operate an office from his house--where presumably his kids could wander into his office where the patients are/the records are? That may be why it hasn't aged well dad's lurking in the bushes @night?? that was disgusting, My brother would never have done that. good point living single and I am sure in a couple of years blackish will be considered 'odd' too. View all replies >