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lol is this even legit? Doesn't Make Sense lol Is this going to work? One cross over they never tried---- It's going straight to HBO max ooh just hit skids Relic of it's time can't she fix the gap in her teeth? View all posts >


if it was made today in 2023, Hanks's character as an attorney would have been able to afford prescriptions to prevent contracting HIV in the first place. The movie was made in 1994 when this did not exist and/or was unknown. if you got HIV you still died of AIDS. That was it. We don't have that anymore for at least the wealthy with insurance because technology has changed. Now we have a gap in access to the technology, which has not been corrected. This is a privilege based on income. would have been interesting to see him in 'Who's the Boss' instead of Danza. this show died when it hit the 1980's--the needing to hide Jack's sexuality was really dated then. the typewriter scared me. I didn't know what that was growing up. Because that's a religious school. it's not a public school run and paid for with tax dollars. it teaches religious curriculum. The same way that there is Catholic...etc schools which teaches their Churches curriculum as a condition of enrollment. That's not segregation because nobody is 'required' to go there even if they are infact a member of the denomination. People go to those places with the understanding that they will have to take religious classes and get graded on it. Segregation means that somebody is forced to go to a specific campus and they are not given a choice if they want to go to another campus. They do not get a say in what they want to do/where they want to enroll. she might not have liked it if she actually had to do it. It's hard to walk in heels including in muddy ground, uneven pavement. 'Staying home' still means you ran unpaid errands. It wasn't easy. And then there's the issue of 'sanitary belts....which Jennifer would also have to deal with in 1955. Much harder to use than adhesive pads. Granted the pads they had in 1985 were still the size of a truck compared to now but.... Jennifer has a BIG problem with a lot of the stuff which girls are expected to do in the 1950's. First off in the 1980s....she's walking around in leggings and she has to wear a dress and heels every day. I can see why they ditched this to avoid appearing slapstick. it's mentioned, you just have to know how to listen for it. The film does cover Hoover dictating a letter supposedly from King stating that he was going to commit suicide because of his extramarital affairs And that he expected King to decline public awards. Eastwood didn't steer clear at all. He addressed it and showed that Hoover did very dishonest things. It's there. The problem is that people do not know American history true--after all Hougue said the kid got sick on it again. So find a way to keep the kid from continuing to get into it and getting sick. or at least place it on a high shelf where they cannot access it in the first place. Don't let the kid keep doing it. I just assumed schedule conflict--which does happen even if administrator is not evil etc. View all replies >