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The thing they don't mention is viruses evolve in response to counter measures we take (masks, distancing). Giving the dying anti-virals allows more mutation. They would evolve differently if we lifted all restrictions for those under 40 during the summer, which would result in very few deaths but herd immunity. We know humanity would survive whatever we do, it's not the black plague. Those over 60 could be separated from the general population until vaccines are available. Right! The OP is literally Hitler and wants to bring back slavery for woman and the white-challenged. Do you work for CNN? Title reveal, December 17: Stop reading Marx! The guy was lonely, miserable and unhappy. Oh look, three idiots chime in to show their ignorance. The left wants equal outcomes, the right wants equal rights. They're incompatible. Jinkx thinks far left means social welfare! It obviously means Marxism. thinks the is single dimension political spectrum that you can put fascism on. Japan, Italy, and Germany only had one thing in common. See Wikipedia. I only use reliable sites, not Fake News. You may have noticed the quote marks. You don't have a fucking clue, do you! A spokeswoman for the website told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that it would no longer be allowing sellers to list six books that have been deemed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company that preserves Theodor Seuss "Ted" Geisel's legacy, as containing racially insensitive imagery. "At eBay, we have a strict policy against hate and discrimination to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers," eBay Corporate Communications Specialist Parmita Choudhury said. "We're currently sweeping our marketplace to remove these items. It can take some time to review all existing listings and provide education to impacted users. We're also monitoring the newly published list to be reviewed." Bill Burr is old. Set in the 70s. Preview Here's some gurl violence for the Snowflakes. Opens today! Junk Science! No longer on YouTube. Vimeo Conventional war means chemical explosives, not nuclear. You can't destroy every city with just 1 ton bombs. About 3 hours ... First movie to an Isopod/woodlice as main character. No, he's attacking The Lorax movie. The Lorax was written in 1971 during the Hippy Infestation of California. It's one of dozens, so FNC did NOT rail against the "books"! For a Good Time, google "Lena Dunham nude"! There are names for "RV parking grounds". RV Park and Campground. They are normally outside city limits because of zoning restrictions. Tiny Houses used to be 8x20' buildings to avoid building codes. Then they put them on wheels. Both were cheap when owner-built. Now they are just overpriced RVs for elites who look down on regular RVs! Stop picking on Jens Stoltenberg. He's a peace lovin' Commie! The Blu Ray is 2:1, also known as univisium. Small top&bottom bars. IMDb lists: 1.85 : 1 (intended ratio) 2.00 : 1 (SuperScope)