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You're probably right about McCoy. He would be the most down to earth guy to have a drink with. I wouldn't want to share his mint julep, however. I tried one in New Orleans once, in honor of McCoy, but I couldn't drink it -- too strong for me. "I thought maybe her daughter slipped some Spanish fly into Joan's drink! LOL!" Well, the daughter does want people to believe that her mother is (still) mentally disturbed, so doing this would actually make sense. However, the film couldn't show us this because it would give away that the daughter was up to something. The way to incorporate it would be to have it be part of the ending explanation. I think I'd be happy with either Picard or Mercer as captain rather than Kirk. (I've always preferred TNG to TOS.) One-on-one, I think Mercer would be less intimidating to talk to than Picard. Me too, but not so much for my childhood, but more for the places and people the way they were then (more polite, better dressed, etc., although civil rights were worse). Also, if I could be a teacher back then, I wouldn't have students on their cell phones all during class. Carol Burnett, Shelley Fabares, Michael Forest, Julie Newmar, George Takei "Penny For Your Thoughts. I just wonder what people are thinking around me." In hearing people's thoughts, you might feel as disappointed as Dick York's character did. For example, you might learn that people don't like you as much as you thought they did. Could be depressing. Seeing his younger self suffering would kind of duplicate Horace Ford, wouldn't it? It's [i]about[/i] that, but it's not advocating it. His father's speech at the end makes that clear. I'm not really a MASH viewer, but I have seen bits of it, so that may be where I heard the voice. Thanks. With three scoops. View all replies >