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I agree. I've gone back and forth with people about this before. The documentary would have been my favorite part. Was it a new one, or one that had been included on the DVDs? I wasn't able to go because I was at a conference, but I totally would have gone if I'd been home. I agree. As I said in a reply to another post yesterday, this episode makes me angry. I see it as beginning miserably and ending happily. I've never liked "The Dummy," so I switched over to the Monty Python mini-marathon on IFC. I need to force myself to go to bed soon, though. It's difficult when there's so much good stuff on. I was on the IMDB board, so I guess I qualify as an old timer. I love Keenan Wynn in this episode. Don't care for the wife, though. Even after he proves to her that he has this ability, she still says she wants to have him "put away." He's better off with Mary. I'm not very familiar with Thriller, but I would like marathons with the original Outer Limits and One Step Beyond. I have both schedules in hand, but I'll be watching SyFy more often because it's on cable in my room. To watch Decades (which is over the air) I have to go to a different room in the house. SyFy is actually running more of my favorites today, beginning with "Sixteen Millimeter Shrine" and "Walking Distance" about 20 minutes from now (Mountain time). I don't use the word "babe," but I would name Claire Griswold in "Miniature." Where I live (Mountain Time) the two marathons are running as follows: SyFy: Tue. Dec. 31, 7:00 a.m. through Thu. Jan. 2, 5:00 a.m. (with 3 more at 7 a.m.) Decades: Tue. Dec. 31, 5:00 a.m. through Thu. Jan. 2, 5:00 a.m. I've pulled both schedules from the websites and pasted them into Word documents for comparison purposes. View all replies >