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"I couldn't get into the color series they replaced it with for the summer." Likewise. I just stopped watching it until TOS came back. Restricting this to five is very difficult: Walking Distance Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up The After Hours A Hundred Yards Over the Rim Ring-A-Ding Girl Honorable Mentions: The Last Flight; Death Ship; To Serve Man There's lots of discussion of this on Reddit, as you might imagine. Apparently, there are several advantages for the show itself, but the great disadvantage to fans is having to pay for the streaming service if you don't already have it (which I don't). Some people say they won't pay it for just one show. I can't really afford it, but I will pay it anyway if that one show is The Orville. (Unfortunately, Picard will be on yet another streaming service that I don't have.) I can't really relate to the profile picture because I primarily know him from Dial M For Murder, so that picture doesn't fit at all. Actually, he's the #1 reason why Dial M For Murder is my favorite Hitchcock film. I thought he was absolutely perfect in that role. Indeed, it is funny, but I wasn't expecting a joke so it went right by me. I thought you were saying that Ajax was a similar alternate channel. I have heard of Ajax cleanser. (My family used Comet when I was a kid.) And who had the biggest career prior to appearing on The Twilight Zone? Buster Keaton? I just looked this up and all I could find was a Dutch channel that appears to be mostly football. Comet is doing the same thing this year. You're probably right about McCoy. He would be the most down to earth guy to have a drink with. I wouldn't want to share his mint julep, however. I tried one in New Orleans once, in honor of McCoy, but I couldn't drink it -- too strong for me. "I thought maybe her daughter slipped some Spanish fly into Joan's drink! LOL!" Well, the daughter does want people to believe that her mother is (still) mentally disturbed, so doing this would actually make sense. However, the film couldn't show us this because it would give away that the daughter was up to something. The way to incorporate it would be to have it be part of the ending explanation. View all replies >