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What happens to the house now?

As much as I'm enjoying this series, I'm wondering what's going to happen to the place now that the reno is over. I'm in Australia and there are three more episodes to air. Do they say what they'll do with the place?

Making it into a tourist attraction seems plausible but it's in a normal residential neighbourhood, not Disneyland - so I doubt they'd even be allowed to make it a place where the public can visit. Maybe it could become a novelty b&b?

If it's just going to be sold and remodelled back into a modern home, it seems like an awful lot of time and energy was wasted....


Good question. I had heard that HGTV was going to have a contest and give it to a fan. But apparently all they are going to do is give someone a chance to live in it for a week. It's not zoned for commercial use so they can't use it as a tourist attraction. HGTV paid twice the market value for it so they'll take a big loss if they try to sell it.


If they sell it 'as is' with the reno, who would want to buy it?

As I watch this series (I have a few more eps on my DVR) I've always thought it's pretty nice that they changed the inside layout of the actual house to fit the Brady floor design, but they should have updated it to a modern feel - not the early 70s.