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[quote]The man who fathered her child doesn't look like "young Jane," nor like the barkeep (Ethan Hawke). Hawke's face is the reconstructed burned face of Jane AFTER she had the surgeries which turned her into a man. The man who fathered her kid is Jane AFTER her transgender surgeries, but BEFORE she had the burn reconstruction.[/quote] I don't buy that she doesn't know what she looks like all those years after the operation. She would have seen herself as the new man at some point and recognized herself as the mysterious man she met when she was still a woman all those years ago. How is Robertson the same man? Totally different looks/individual. No, I think what the OP is saying is that the John who tells the story to the barkeep in 1970 would remember that when he was a female the man he met that "ruined his life" and could never find was himself (how he looks now as a man), because he knows what he now looks like and would realize it is the same face. How could you leave out one of the biggest mindbenders of them all, "Triangle"?! No you explained nothing. You repeated the point we made and then went on to say a bunch of BS that made no sense. You sound like some weird Internet troll so keep talking to yourself. You are now on IGNORE. Get a life, it pays off much more than trolling. Uh, probably because your skull is a little thick if by now you haven't figured out how pointless your comment was in the first place when I had already made the point that for some weird reason you felt the need to make again -- and then go into dumb ass troll mode to try to argue the point, LOL. Yes, and that was my very point and what I said. We don't need to know anymore because the experiment proved it already. That nature is a HUGE and maybe even more critical influence. to elaborate on why or were you just looking to make a negative comment in general? Exactly. Now I don't believe the equi-sapiens are happy, or at least they seem to regret their decision. Or if they were transformed without their knowledge or against their will I don't condone that. But the equi-sapien program was separate from the "power callers" and even the regular life-long workers. In that case the equi-sapiens were abused or forcibly put into slavery. That's why they revolted. Except it's different than slavery if people [i]elected[/i] to do it. They are getting paid and taken care for life in exchange for loyalty and a pledge for life. How is that slavery if it's a choice and they are compensated? Some people are homeless or starving on the streets. It's not such a bad deal for many. I honestly meant what is wrong with it? Basically it's what many people do anyway except usually for more than one employer over time. View all replies >