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Your take on the ending (spoilers)... Did anyone else think that the goat looked... Loved this movie! Parts of it seemed unrealistic... Same theme as recent movie "Dark Waters"... They also touched upon this topic briefly in... Fine and earnest performances... The most interesting aspect of this film... At its core this movie is not so much a thriller as an intense movie about... I wish I understood... View all posts >


They deal with Tesla vs. Edison a bit too in "The Prestige". Got to admit I thought about that too. I forgot what happened in the first film with regard to King Stefan's kingdom, which Princess Aurora was meant to inherit. But did they even mention this kingdom (Ulstead) as Prince Philip's home in the original? Watch "Dark Waters" with Mark Ruffalo. Same theme but more realistic. If you're interested in the topic, sure. It's not riveting but a decent account of the war of the currents and how Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, Morgan, et. al. played a role. And the birth of GE. Too bad he didn't get his name or mark on a company like Edison & Westinghouse did. Yeah, when I first heard the title I thought it was about a war that is going on right now somewhere. Yeah, Weinstein's huge in Hollywood. Seems he's unstoppable. [quote]The whole damn movie was pretty far fetched. Yes people of all colors get shot by cops but even when it's a questionable shooting they are shot while reaching, running, etc. As you said, her getting shot just standing there is pretty unrealistic. It's not like the cop saw a gun in the car or something and they surely didn't seem dangerous.[/quote] Not quite correct. She wouldn't get back in the car and then was reaching for her phone when he grazed her. Can't say I disagree. I can kinda see why she got out of the car but the decision to run was just stupid. She didn't even kill anyone. Just gave up her whole career like that? Yes, there have been many movies with white men and black women. To start Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington in "Lakeview Terrace". View all replies >