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Better send-up of the art world culture than a horror film

Really liked the over the top characters in this and thought some of their deaths were pretty hillarious too. Toni Collette's was great. But as horror I felt it fell back on a lot of cheesy, B-grade material like cats jumping out of nowhere for a jump scare (shit like that). Good movie, but still I wish Gilroy had stayed with the original concept rather than old cliches.

Have a short review of this movie if anyone is interested. Enjoy! Review here -


I was telling my wife, the 1% run out of ways to spend their money. That is why the high-end art world exists. It is so these people can spend their money on something. Some hot artist could take a picture of a rock, and these art people would dissect it to death. Meanwhile, the "artist" is laughing secretly, "it's just a rock man. LOL!"