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Can this franchise just go away now? Nick Fury deserves better than this Better than Apocalypse Alternately breathtaking and dissappointing. Octavia is awesome in this Will Smith can't pull this off disappointing Actually not bad One of those exceptional action movies that come around once every couple years This was absolute shit View all posts >


how is it any of those things? I'm trying to get my channel off the ground, if that corresponds with a conversation had on message boards then why the hell not? It's hard enough trying to make it in writing nowadays even with promoting. I heard Eddie Murphy's name get thrown around recently. where was he when Disney was decided. this would have been awesome. it's ok, starts out well then peters out quick though. have a review here if you're interested- [url][/url] nope, I did not post this. and i'm trying to cut back on the cuts too i've somehow gotten to episode 8. it's been a struggle. what a huge mistake this show was just finished it and yeah, this was one of the worst final seasons of any show i've ever seen. My only guess is they are still trying to keep a spin-off for Robin Wright on the table but this was really bad. You're right, I don't know all the facts and I don't think Steven Avery is any model citizen and I do think Zellner has ulterior motives. But this would not be the series it is if the questions being asked were not worthy of discussion. I do think there was a miscarriage of justice in this case and I definitely think Brendan is being punished for absolutely nothing. Things need to be looked at here. I agree the episodes went on a little long but I think focusing on the parents and their continued failing health is a big part of the story. I fear these 2 will be long dead before something positive comes out of all these appeals. thought it was average at best. Have a short review of this movie if anyone is interested. Enjoy! Review here - [url][/url] it's not a very cohesive plot. I thought the gore and characters were fun tho View all replies >