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Looks great, but found it very inaccessible hope this gets Ahmed more recognition A delight Still great Wonder if Townsends missteps in the 90's have minimized this effort They don't make em like they used to One of the year's best movies Wall to wall funny Woody Allen Easily one of the best Coen Brothers movies underrated gem View all posts >


people there didn't want to see their deafness as a disability but Ruben not only continued to do so but he did a very impulsive thing like selling the van in order to pay for the surgery and I think that was seen not only as an affront to the work they were doing but also a sign of addiction manic thinking Yeah, I want to eventually go back to Youtube but for right now I'm really interested in just studying decades where they're was a lot of stuff I either missed or would love to do a review on. If people would like to read them, I post them here. If they would like to help me out by following me, that would be good too. I'm not forcing anything. And I'm not sure why I'm getting accused of spamming if the work I'm doing directly correlates to the movie itself. but yes, the movie is an all-time favorite how am I supposed to promote my writing then? It felt like the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan stretched out to 90 minutes. Loved it I ran into quite a few problems as far as life and such was concerned. During the pandemic I decided how depressed I feel without this though so kinda easing my way back into it, reviewing some older stuff, some of which movies, or stuff coming from directors, who made me want to do this in the first place. It's been cool. Wanna try to set up a decent fanbase then maybe I might start a channel back up again once the pandemic ends. But right now its just Nostalgia and Facebook page. I notice something new about it every time I watch. Best and most thought-provoking film i've ever seen I agree. This was a great mix with the twistiness of the plot, the outstanding action set-pieces, and mood DePalma creates It's tries to have it too many ways at once and in that hardly ever feels believable or anything other than some masturbatory fantasy. This is not how you write compelling television. yes, yes, this was clearly ghost written by David Mamet View all replies >