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I agree. This was a great mix with the twistiness of the plot, the outstanding action set-pieces, and mood DePalma creates It's tries to have it too many ways at once and in that hardly ever feels believable or anything other than some masturbatory fantasy. This is not how you write compelling television. yes, yes, this was clearly ghost written by David Mamet in a way I blame Tarantino's movie for this. I wanted to actually see these things say something about Hollywood, not see what he and Murphy wished would have happened. It was really awful. Like some of the biggest bunch of bullshit i've ever seen. Like it says it doesn't matter how untalented you are, if you only believe in yourself and make the trip to Hollywood-you'll be a star. Even worse: it says that all you need to overcome racism, homophobia, and any sort of discrimination is the same spunky attitude. It was like Glee or High School Musical got transplanted to Tinseltown period of the 40's and 50's. None of this was believable or made a bit of sense. It was just Ryan Murphy's masturbation fantasy. I know it's not a movie but if you're interested, i've been trying to start up a facebook page with my writing and reviews and if anyone is interested in joining, or even checking it out, i'd appreciate it: [url][/url] Yeah, I did think there were so many times in history that he did live through and there were only so much that the movie could touch upon. I have not seen the sequels (or are they prequels?) yet but I was very curious about some of the other stuff he may have lived through. I believe his discipline does come from the Connery character and just keeping in mind that the focus of the task at hand is for the good of the world as a whole. I'm sure he's been tested several times though and i'm sure those would make interesting films. As of right now i'm just posting my stuff on the facebook page. Been thinking of maybe restarting a Youtube channel but that may be down the road a bit more. I will always post here to get those extra eyes so you will probably see me around regardless. Thanks for reading my work. It's very much appreciated. Yeah, they jump around quite a bit. Another error was in the season opener of season 2 in which she says her and Barry saw Dangerous Minds, which was summer 1995, during the summer but then during the school year the kids are going to see American Pie, which not only came out in 1999, but also in the middle of the summer of that year and no where near school months. The opening act is fairly brutal but it does have a point come later on, and a good one, so I don't see a major problem with it. Have a short review of this movie if anyone is interested. Enjoy! Review here - [url][/url] I liked both but yeah, Tim I think is the victor here. Have a short review of this movie if anyone is interested. Enjoy! Review here - [url][/url] Not all the time but I thought there were quite a few times that offered quite a few prolonged, excellently choreographed scares and moments of suspense. The scene with the old lady from the first trailer they released- that it 10X better here. Have a short review of this movie if anyone is interested. Enjoy! Review here - [url][/url] View all replies >