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Question about the next day $2000 car job... So did he kill any of the dudes in the "revenge for Amy" loft scene? Epitome of CONTRIVED plot... (SPOILER ALERT) Reminds me of Steve Buscemi Name this movie about robbing a vase... please. Jake Gyllenhaal and Kevin Spacey = Jim Pace S04E01 An Exercise in Fatality... Plot Error? S03E07 SWAN SONG... is that young Jodie Foster? I didn't remember the title of this show, but this is how I found out... View all posts >


It's a cult... so there is no answering why. He's the Jim Jones of food. LOL! You are correct. I've bought several cars in my life, and they never took less than 8 minutes. There is a stack of disclosures to sign. She only had to sign one signature. LOL! But as an audience member, you forget about these things, you're caught up in the moment, and you just hope she gets out under 8. LOL! I thought it was pretty obvious the business was shady, and felt stupid to start the thread. But obviously, there are people, like you, who thought it was legit, so I'm glad I started this thread. However, I don't know who's dumber... Me, for starting the thread, or you, for your reply. LOL! I think we're Dumb and Dumber. First of all, the fact that the car came from Mexico didn't matter to me. What mattered was the location. It did not look like a car dealership. Who goes to such a location to buy a car? Secondly, "why would they ask Emily to purchase a car that wouldn't be worth anything once she drives off the lot?" Well, wouldn't the car be flagged either way? Did you miss the part where they say after 8 minutes, they'll know the cashiers check is fake? If it's a legit car dealer, then those sellers will call the police. That car will be hunted down. So whether the car was stolen or legit, Emily's people will probably break it down and sell it for parts or something, or ship it overseas again? I dunno, I'm not a criminal. LOL! Not only does it pay, but she also had plenty of time. Because she wouldn't do the crime, if she couldn't do the time. Yeah, #1 was strange. Why didn't she at least go with Jodi? Was he like, you're just going to slow me down. LOL! The sequence of the mother, then sisters, then brother leaving was so quick, almost cartoonish. You're left to wonder they all had the wherewithal to leave... but why didn't she, and why didn't any of her siblings think to take her? "Contrived" is the word because without it, there is no movie. LOL! As for #5, you would think someone that pretty that the whole town knows about, that she would have to fend off the predators. But for the most part, she just lived a carefree, completely safe life. Chase was also a predator, but he was only so because she invited him into her life. I'm talking about real criminals who knew where she lived, and knew she lived alone. Must be a very safe town then. No stupid woman, no movie. LOL! The plot from the outset is contrived, but yes, this as well. Regardless, I'll pick a lazy Sunday to watch this for pure nostalgia. I went back to watch the episode again, and I think I have an explanation why I didn't get this episode. You see, I had already subconsciously rejected the shoelace demo. So when I was recalling this episode and started this thread, that shoelace demo was out of my mind. I don't do my shoelaces the way Columbo demonstrated in the episode. How would you prove in a court of law Mr. Stafford's shoelace tying habits? A lot of emphasis is placed on where the first loop hangs, but once you're done tying your shoes, you got two loops. How would you prove which loop is the first loop, and which is the second? I think I'll play with my shoelaces tomorrow. LOL! I think if the episode extended and we see Milo in court, a good lawyer can get him off. Okay, that makes sense! Can't believe I couldn't rationalize that out. LOL! Thank you. View all replies >