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One annoying thing.... Is this a continuous show or anthology? Why didn't he want to sleep with her? (Spoilers) Feels like long a long Twilight Zone episode, or more specifically, a Thriller episode... Wow! This is the original Kung Fu that was given to David Caradine. We are asked to suspend our belief in the first 20 minutes... First few minutes of movie made me think.... What's the one word to make me change my mind? I didn't know that was Dolph Lundgren Antique dealer, fake vase, split personality perhaps... help! View all posts >


I can probably name you a few episodes I don't care for, but I can't name a top five I like. There are too many I like. From 1 to 159, #159 has to be Once Upon a Time. I don't care too much for that silent film Buster Keaton stuff. Thanks for the reply, I actually get all that. I'm old school. I used to watch Black Belt theatre every weekend. I know the Wu Tang Clan gets all their references from old school kung fu dubs by Shaw Brothers and stuff. I always felt Hollywood tried too hard with Jet Li. Jackie Chan Hollywood movies did not push rap tracks like Jet Li flicks. The black community embraced all those kung fu dubs and Bruce Lee flicks in the 70's and 80's without hip hop music at all. I just thought some of the hip hop was out of place, and some scenes would have been better served with instrumental scores. We're just talking soundtrack here, in terms of plot, it made no sense. The driving force for all their actions is the fear that Uncle 6 is evil and wants to rule the world, but it turns out, he's a softie after all. Then later the driving force for all their actions was that they needed to stop the Irish healing Wu because he wanted to rule the world? Or, did he really? Seem to me, he just wanted to go to his family. SMH. Even though stupid, it was educational... I started googling "Decompression Sickness vs Nitrogen Narcosis." Never knew about these things. But the ship was intercepted by the CBS Galactic Ratings Federation. Not enough interest across the universe to see earth get visited, so ship had to make a u-turn. Feels like they were trying to bring back the buddy cop vibe of the 80's and 90's. I'm still not entirely sure what I just saw. LOL! I didn't think winning May queen was important. I thought the evil Swedish friend just wanted to lure the Seth Rogan looking dude so that his sister can have a baby with him. Dani wasn't invited until Seth Rogan On a Diet asked her to come. I'm not sure she was vital. Did you spot the easter egg? Nicolas Cage's burnt body could be seen in one of the barns. He was burned at the stake in the Wicker Man. Just kidding, I just made that up. That's mean. Marisa Tomei is aging gracefully though. She is smoking. No signature twists in any of the episodes so far. They getting lazy. A further clue is the position of the moons in those shots. Manilookgood is 100% correct. I don't think the romantic subplot is cute at all. All the sex innuendos was a bit uncomfortable seeing that these kids visually look like elementary kids. I know they're supposed to be teenagers, but the girl and the redhead look like 5th or 6th graders. Then they shoved a 1999 Leonardo Decarprio looking kid in the movie just for the heck of it. The movie was cheesy. View all replies >