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Better than Season 1 so far... Wow... SPOILERS Diego Klattenhoff (Donald Ressler) Why have "Asian" accents with the English audio? LOL! Antique dealer, fake vase, split personality perhaps...Name this movie help! You will laugh, even at home. First few minutes in.. that father! LOL! Did the "diamond for nuclear codes" fight make any sense? Question about the chase after laundry mat scene... Kinda cheesy looking back... View all posts >


Can't take it literally. It's artsy fartsy. I knew while watching it, that it was a social commentary on family, brainwashing and conditioning of our children with tv, etc. But I too, wanted something tangible, like please reveal they're on a spaceship or something. LOL! We just realized there is a Mandarin audio option! This is perfect! Now I can go ahead and use the English subtitles, and she can have the audio. BTW, the Mandarin is fluent. It isn't broken Mandarin, or sound like a Korean speaking Mandarin as a second language. LOL! Thanks for the SMPlayer tip. They should make this feature available in Netflix, prime, Plex, etc. I'm not quite sure where you're getting at. I'm kinda lost. LOL! I wouldn't want Seven Samurais with a red neck accent, just as I prefer not have Kingdom with "fresh off the boat" or "English as a second" language accent. So if Bonanza, or any modern American show for that matter, were to be dubbed for a foreign country, lets say Vietnam. Then the Cartrights would be speaking Vietnamese, but like a white man trying to learn Vietnamese. I have some buddies with parents in the Vietnam war so I know what a white man trying to speak Vietnamese sounds like, and that's how Bonanza would sound like if Netflix did it for Vietnam. That makes sense to you? I've seen American movies dubbed in Chinese and Vietnamese for those audiences, and let me tell you, it's perfect Chinese and it's perfect Vietnamese. It doesn't sound like a white man trying to speak Vietnamese or Chinese. Why can't we have perfect English for the Kingdom? Why does it have to sound like a Korean who went to adult school in the US to learn English? You talk about a "connotation" to these accents. That's the connotation I'm getting. A sorta racist, unimaginative connotation. This is what Koreans sound like when they speak English in America, so lets apply it in the audio. LOL! Except it's unnecessary. The time period of the Kingdom, as well as it's people and language spoken has nothing to do with how Koreans sound like speaking English as a Second language in the US. So just directly translate it, no need for the accent "connotation." If they think it adds to the viewing experience, it does not. It doesn't add to the ambiance of the time period of the Kingdom, it only reminds me of liquor store owners in 2020 America. LOL! Talk about flawed analogies, weren't those Roman period movies, as well as Spartacus Hollywood creations with Hollywood actors? All those old classics like the Ten Commandments and stuff. They were Hollywood creations using Hollywood A-listers. Moses and Jesus didn't really speak English, right? If the Chinese had made the ten commandments, it would have had Chinese actors playing Moses and speaking Chinese. What If the Chinese did Spartacus? What if they had a big time Chinese actor introduce a Chinese accent from the region the actor grew up in? So what? What are we talking about? I don't see how those movies apply in our discussion. We are talking about how a foreign movie is dubbed for another country. In this case, a Korean show dubbed for the US market. Jackie Chan is an exception, not the rule. He was the only one doing his own voice. I just don't see the point. They are not speaking English, they are speaking Korean. So just translate it so I can understand the way you translate subtitles. If they are going to do this for the audio, why not for the subtitles? Should we purposely put n grammatical errors in the subtitles? LOL! Nope, makes no sense. If Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible needed to be dubbed in Chinese, it would be pretty weird to hear Chinese, but with a white man's accent trying to speak Chinese. LOL! Maybe this is the new trend and I've been out of the loop. Anybody remember Bonanza, the 60's Western TV show? Well, there is a Chinese character name Hop Sing, and he spoke with a very thick accent. There is an episode where Hop Sing speaks to his own Chinese family. When they are speaking, it is perfect fluent English. But the moment he goes back to the ranch where he works for the Cartwrights as a cook, his English is back to being broken. I always thought it was strange that his English would be perfect when he's speaking to other Chinese people, but broken when speaking to Americans. And someone explained to me that when he speaks to his Chinese family, they are supposed to be speaking Chinese, but it is translated for us to understand, so there is no need for faking an accent. When he speaks to the Cartwright, he's really supposed to speak English as a second language, hence the accent and broken English. You see, that's how it's been for a long time. Even the kung fu dubs in the 80's, the timing of the lip sync has been comedy throughout the decades, but nevertheless, those characters spoke perfect English, many even with an English accent since many were dubbed by British people. So I have thought about it. This new style doesn't make sense with my upbringing, but if this is the new trend, I'll adapt. LOL! I just enjoy the music, especially "Mama's child." But since you put it that way, I'm getting angry too. Lol. So you didn't love it? How do you love the first few episodes, but think these ideas are ridiculous? I think what they're talking about is a simulated universe. I immediately thought of that when Sergei said, "this changes everything," but the creepy co-worker said, "it changes nothing." Which is what I always say when thinking about a simulated universe. Even if you found out, you still need to wake up, support your family in this "virtual" world, make money, etc. They are using quantum TIVO sort to speak. LOL! If you can rewind, that must mean we're a simulation/software that's already been completed? So you can rewind, fast forward too. He kept talking about the universe being deterministic, no true free will. That would be consistent with a completed simulation. It's not ridiculous, it's fascinating to me. To pull footage of Jesus on the cross is very eerie. You took the words outta my mouth. I was taken aback a little by his response. Base on his initial question, I thought maybe he needed a little extra help. So for me to get that response, I was like... "Well, excuse me!" LOL! Exatera, you're right regarding the expression "for the benefit of," but I took it literally because just a minute ago you were confused about how the forged FBI deal was going to play out. You can understand from my point of view, right? Episode 1 reeled me in. Marty trying to talk his way out of death in that first episode. Awesome show. That Del actor always a baddie in movies. 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