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Feels like long a long Twilight Zone episode, or more specifically, a Thriller episode... Wow! This is the original Kung Fu that was given to David Caradine. We are asked to suspend our belief in the first 20 minutes... First few minutes of movie made me think.... What's the one word to make me change my mind? I didn't know that was Dolph Lundgren Antique dealer, fake vase, split personality perhaps... help! For some reason, I thought of DiCaprio's Romeo and Juliette... Help me name this movie please.... We leave friendly fire to the Yanks! (Spoiler alert) View all posts >


I'm still not entirely sure what I just saw. LOL! I didn't think winning May queen was important. I thought the evil Swedish friend just wanted to lure the Seth Rogan looking dude so that his sister can have a baby with him. Dani wasn't invited until Seth Rogan On a Diet asked her to come. I'm not sure she was vital. Did you spot the easter egg? Nicolas Cage's burnt body could be seen in one of the barns. He was burned at the stake in the Wicker Man. Just kidding, I just made that up. That's mean. Marisa Tomei is aging gracefully though. She is smoking. No signature twists in any of the episodes so far. They getting lazy. A further clue is the position of the moons in those shots. Manilookgood is 100% correct. I don't think the romantic subplot is cute at all. All the sex innuendos was a bit uncomfortable seeing that these kids visually look like elementary kids. I know they're supposed to be teenagers, but the girl and the redhead look like 5th or 6th graders. Then they shoved a 1999 Leonardo Decarprio looking kid in the movie just for the heck of it. The movie was cheesy. I have a 6 yr old, and thought this looked like something I can show him. I watched it first to make sure and my goodness, you are correct in being confused. A bunch of kids saving the world with cheesy dialogue doesn't hold an adults' interest, and at the same time, you can't show it to your children because of all the stupid sex innuendos. They should have made it completely clean and allow little kids to enjoy this, or go with adults and make a more serious movie. This movie seems to target the junior high population? I know this is 7 yrs old, but I just watched it. Well, in horror movies, the Dad is that stupid disbeliever. He was the ultimate cause of his Ivy's death in the end. The movie is obviously swaying us to Hoover's side. He was right, and they were wrong. They stood there with their thumbs up their behinds because they caused Ivy's death. They wouldn't listen to Hoover and the Mom's pleading to not go along with the hypnosis. There was an acceptance that Hoover was right, that Audrey Rose is indeed Ivy. They let him have his moment with her. You're saying we need to suspend disbelief, but you're not doing it. You're not buying this reincarnation thing, and you want the people in the movie to lynch Hoover despite all the evidence. The burning hands in the window, the fact that she only responds and calms down to him, all the coincidental dates of the death of Audrey, then the birth of Ivy, etc. The movie was obviously pro-reincarnation. So I'm not sure what you're NOT getting in terms of the reality in that movie. You want everyone to lynch Hoover, to not believe him, etc. Then there would be no point, and no movie. The original post was 15 yrs ago. WOW! Anyway, I enjoyed this movie very much. Seems like people who don't like it have an issue with the topic. I thought it was an interesting movie. And in 1977, was his stature that great yet? It would have been a great opportunity to phuck with the fans of both franchise. Either they love it or will hate. Imagine sitting there till the end of John Wick 3, and when Bowery King asks, are you angry. Wick/Neo says Morpheus, I know what you're doing. Without saying a word, Morpheus with his classic grin looks up to the sky and says, Link get us outta here. Credits roll. Audience mind blown. View all replies >