The Mystery To Me

... was the group seemingly led by Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson). It certainly was a Shyamalan twist, right down to there not being enough development to understand it.

A secret anti-mutant society?

The whole drowning of Dunn didn't bother me (his son Joe said he was weak, water is his kryptonite), but why he was being drowned was like WTF, followed by not enough illumination to what drives this secret group.

What was the tattoo on the guys wrist -- a clover? Am I not remembering the reference to something in Unbreakable or Split?

I suppose the secret meeting in the restaurant was the best we'll get. But that was weird too -- they have to meet in a public establishment and wait for non-members to leave? (There was one in a flashback too, or at least I think it was a flashback). They can't just meet in a secret location? Or is there some kind of allegory to "they live among us" or something?



Or is there some kind of allegory to "they live among us" or something?
I think you nailed it.


In-universe, I can accept that the clover conspiracy people do a lot of things for symbolic, traditional reasons. Staple says they've been at it for 10,000 years (probably an exaggeration)

I mentioned in another thread that I think the clover represents "normal" people vs. four-leaf clovers who'd represent the "supers."

That's why I agree the OP "nailed it" with their restaurant meeting protocol - they have a need to validate themselves and their mission by gathering in public with their "fellow normals." So it's not so much "they live among us," as the clover people ARE us (and the supers are not).

But they're proven wrong in the end - the public DOES want to know the truth as the final scene shows. As Elijah's mother says, "we are let in on the universe"