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Nanette? What was going on in this movie?? What was Ray/ Peter's age when Una was 13? OMG! So many questions!! *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD* Frackin' lizards ruined it for me!! Need help with the ending! *SPOILERS* *Major spoilers* How did Vidya Balan's character... *SPOILERS* I have some questions... I cried so much... Why did some of the nuns... View all posts >


Aha... thanks for the clarification, Entwickler! thanks for your detailed reply, kabukiarmadillo. yes, the movie was quite interesting, and is now even more so thanks to your explanations. =) cheerio. True that... Thank you so much for replying, SaintPauly! Movies that have a postmodern feel or that are about non-linear timelines usually go over my head. Thanks for taking the time to write back and give me the summary. Cleared up a lot of things for me. Re: The Return Watched it and loved, loved, loved it! =) Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your perspective.... Eden Lake is better. View all replies >