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Insomniacs Rejoice!

When this coma inducing film becomes available for home viewing, melatonin and valerian root will be unnecessary.

It has the feel of an overly long, poorly executed SNL skit, and the subtlety of Leni Riefenstahl's preeminent work, Triumph des Willens.


I'm looking forward to it!

Then again, it sounds like the sort of thing hubby and I laugh ourselves silly over, so it might not work for us.


I'm curious to hear what you two think of it.. Got my foreign screeners today but plan to watch The Favourite tonight if time permits. Watched BlacKkKlansman last night and wished they'd cast anyone other than Adam Driver. It would have been great if not for him. For me, he is the next Keanu Reeves and I don't care for the original. Oops...wrong board. ;D

Stat: This posted twice.



Another person who hasn’t seen the movie