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Have you ever seen the reception he gets on The View? They wouldn’t care how handsome he is/was is he wasn’t something of a RINO. "Hopefully this virus can get worse." I would have to look at your posting history to see if you're for real. Unfortunately, I've heard people giddy over the economy tanking because "that's all Trump has," immune to the fact that it meant people would suffer. So it's actually possible that a liberal could think that people dying of COVID would be a great thing, so long as the Democrats won in November. "Also another George Floyd killing example would really energize progressives even more" Again, liberals are on the record with "Never let a crisis go to waste," so it's quite possible that a liberal BLM supporter would be hoping for another senseless killing of a Black man by a cop. I so hope you're just trolling. Exactly. All that to hide Bernie and The Squad's agenda...and Biden's gaffes and racist past. But it didn't start out as a soap opera, that's the part that's so awful. It dealt with important issues. That first year was a complete gem. I tuned in for Ed Flanders, who always was such a great actor. By the end of the series most of the people wanted to kill him, it seemed. There's a site for St. Elsewhere: But maybe you've invested more than enough time in it. It haunted me over the years. Now I guess it was because of the promise it had that was so unfulfilled. That's pretty much their brand anymore, isn't it? That and Antifa. SPOILERS GALORE: Peter White was complex, and in the first year he was able to say what a lot of people in America were thinking at the time. They turned Shirley from a sweet but occasionally testy girl into a tough psycho. It only got worse in the fifth season. Cathy Martin was a sex-crazed space cadet turned catatonic looney turned skilled psychologist, all in record time. Axelrod started as a lovable schlemiel, he turned into an angry, almost hateful fellow, then back to lovable in time for a senseless death. Seth Griffin (you did miss him) was a monster of manipulation, didn't want relationships with women, just as "receptacles." They turned him into a sympathetic character so we should care that he possibly got AIDS. He also became another in a long line of Hollywood cartoonish Christians. Bobby Caldwell was a nice guy who suddenly turned into a freak for dangerous sex, just so they could write him out with AIDS. Jack Morrison, boy ingenue with a perfect moral compass, suddenly decides to cheat on his wife. He doesn't consummate it, but not for lack of trying. In short, they used people as pawns on a chessboard. And they wonder why people got tired of it. Ouch. Um...I just saw the whole thing on Hulu. I'd obviously forgotten a lot of it. That first year, the one available on DVD is perfect. Then it got to be sort of a soap opera. For awhile it sank into quirkiness like Northern Exposure. I'd forgotten they'd ended one episode with puppets of Erlich and Craig singing "You Gotta Have Heart." The second year, in-between the soap opera elements, was a shrill lecturing tone. And did I miss the capture of the Angel of Mercy, or did they just drop that story arc? To top it off, the Hulu version doesn't have the famous -- or is it infamous -- kitty flat-lining at the end. I kept thinking as I sat through one "Jumping Jack Flash" joke after another and that total swindle of an ending that, doggone it, at least they're bound to have that flat-lining kitty. We sat through all of Fiscus's dark jokes in the ER, one could think that wouldn't have been such an anger-inducing finale. As I recall, I busted out laughing. But no. Swindle on top of swindle at the end. I miss IMDb more. But I prefer reality to a sugar-coated memory that wasn't accurate. Did love the trip to NH though. Forgot all about it. Drat. You can't go home again. One of the cast called it a "swindle perpetrated on the viewers." People rose up an howled. 🙄 I think one of the reasons she's fallen so far so hard is that she has this "nice" persona that apparently she'd affect. She was known for it -- we may disagree about whether or not she's funny, but she did seem nice. Now even that perception has gone. I read something this morning about how she had all these Hollywood types that supposedly were best friends with her, but now they're nowhere to be found. Even Hollywood knows that the liberal mob will suddenly turn and destroy you like piranha. View all replies >