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I've lived long enough to know that America governs by ridiculous pendulum swings, and the next time Americans give progressivism a crack at it, it will be far closer to socialism, perhaps even communism. "Respected" members of the Democrat Party are saying maybe it's time we just tossed the Constitution. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Then it will be, as we old codgers say, "Katy bar the door!" Both sides are forgetting that their ridiculous excesses are going to be capitalized on by the opposing side, and doubled down on. The divisions will get worse, because as Obama showed us, it makes political points. Even your post with statements like "brutal Gestapo tactics" (hysterical hyperbole, or a sure sign you flunked history) is divisive. We appropriate the language of division even as we decry it. But I've read the end of the Book, and there's no mention of America anywhere in it. This beautiful experiment in a republican form of government is falling apart. And it didn't start with Trump. But again, I don't think history is taught in high schools anymore. Yes, like the one that has done such a good job of protecting the Israelis -- the Iron Dome. Oh,"stupid." 🙄 I'm proud to say that I'm blocked by PETA on Twitter. They come out with some nonsense and I'd always remind them that they should stop killing puppies and kittens before they tried to pretend to a moral high ground and lecture others. Bless you, you went to his website and actually looked around. I couldn’t get past the two — count them: TWO — “DONATE” buttons for a guy who swore he was funding the whole campaign himself. 😂 Trump was stupid to say that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Great way to get idiots to vote for you, I suppose, but it’s not so smart once he’s in and everyone can see he’s a big, fat liar. “Tariffs will pay for it!” And that only shows he doesn’t know how tariffs work. Anyone who bought that lie should wake up to the fact that they’ve been had. Anyone who didn’t say, “Wait a minute. I don’t believe I want to vote for a man who’d tell a barefaced lie like that.” Of course, they took one look at the alternative and said, “What the heck.” Texas topography? Most of it is flat. A lot of the places where it can't be built is bordered by the Rio Grande, which either makes a natural barrier or slows people down. Fewer people would be needed to patrol the parts where they have the wall, shifting more people over to the places where you admitted the people would naturally try to breach. It sure is odd that there are so many people in Texas who want that border wall built, and they're the ones who know the topography better than you or I do. But it was a nice try at a walkback. Then we're back to my point: "Walls work at making people go somewhere where there's no wall." Yup. That's a good thing. See above. "What you are trying to say is if we all had walls around our property then criminals would give up." No, that was your silly argument initially -- that they'd come to the wall and just turn around. Can you remember back to what I responded to that? Nothing resembled walls stop all illegals trying to cross the border. It takes longer to scale the walls than to just walk in, and the added security that's also built into the bill will help take care of that. Again, Israel uses walls against terrorists because walls work. If your logic held water, no one would ever use walls as part of a security system. But they do. Checkpoints do work if you've got the wide open spaces walled/fenced off. That's why the Israeli's use them. I keep bringing up the Israeli's because they have to have the best security in the world. They're fighting for their lives. If they think walls work, I'm not too impressed what a keyboard warrior thinks. We're just going in circles here. I'll let you have the last word since it seems to mean so much to you. From what I can see, it'll be an argument you've used before, had shot down, and didn't realize it. Enjoy! 😉 Amazing, isn’t it? I particularly loved him in St. Elsewhere. They do have a Politics board: [url][/url]. And as I suspected, it doesn’t have as much traffic. I did NOT! 😂. I didn’t know about the classical music board. It would make sense to have a politics board here. Are you sure they don’t have it? Trump would still get most of the posts because he’s such a lightening rod. I’m going to look and report back. "Really missing our time on IMDb." It was fun, but there seemed to be more crazies there. Not that there aren't crazies here, but remember "makesmewanttoholler"? There were way too many of that type on IMDb -- the corkscrew logic where they'd start arguing one point then wind up saying the opposite simply because they wanted to keep the argument going. And then when you quote themselves back to themselves they'd start erasing posts? And, of course, they had the truly malicious folk who'd run in packs and try to get people ejected from the boards entirely. They were a real threat, as opposed to the garden variety mental cases who'd threaten to kill you. IMDb had its good points, but it also had its bad points. View all replies >