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They didn't try to win that war on drugs. Now, if we'd just close the southern border, we'd get rid of a lot of those drugs. But if you think that decriminalizing drugs would help, allow me to invite you to Portland, Oregon, where the sidewalks are literally littered with the casualties of that policy. As for where the money is going, there should be an accounting for every penny of taxpayer money spent. On anything. I adore Bugs Bunny cartoons. But I still have nothing in common with some 19-year-old guy. And even as sexually experienced as kids are these days, teens are still figuring out how it all works. I was talking about the girls having low self-esteem, but it just hit me that a teenaged girl is going to be impressed with a guy that has all his ex's getting together for some white wine and some mad giggling and eye-rolling over his ineptitude. The teen isn't going to know any better. And if she does, she'll still hang around because his name and his gifts will give her bragging rights with the other girls her age. Golly. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for DiCaprio. When I was in college, the guys who'd date teens were considered losers who couldn't get a date with a girl his own age. DiCaprio has always dated young. 🤷🏼‍♀️ That was when he thought he was going to be back on GB News. Things changed since then. Yes. He was one of the producers, and he'd had several warnings about how dangerous the set was. He was also the fellow handling the gun. People mistakenly think all of the responsibility for whether a gun is loaded with real bullets rests entirely with the armorer. But in the chain of custody, everyone checks the gun. The last person to hold the gun, the actor, is the final one to check it. After all, they'll be the one holding it if it mistakenly or purposely goes off. They'll be the one who possibly maims or kills someone, so they would have the most reason to check the gun. With all that on the line, would you take someone else's word for whether the gun was loaded with blanks or bullets? It was his final responsibility. But, the armorer bears some responsibility, too -- though, truth be told, she wasn't qualified, and the producers shouldn't have hired her. Once hired, she should have been fired when the other crew members were complaining about unsafe conditions on the set regarding firearms. Still, she didn't do her job. And Baldwin didn't do his. He's rich. He can be led around by his handle. And he's not very bright unless you give him lines to read, so much younger women are still interesting to him. For the rest of the guys out there, it's "Hey, nineteen...." My husband knew a guy who was dating a 19 or 20-year-old. "The sex is great," the fellow told my husband. "But we have NOTHING to talk about." And 19-year-olds date older guys because they either have really bad self esteem and are looking for an approving father figure, or they're manipulative narcissists who are in it for the money...and the stupid guy who can be led around by his handle. Neither kind of woman does a sane man want to have anything to do with. One of the things that turned me off of this show was he always seemed to "remember" just the right skills needed to get the writers out of the hole they'd written themselves into. It's got a dumb plot and dialogue so stupid no one can finish a sentence without dropping at least one F-bomb in it. The acting by the "bad guy" who used to be in sitcoms was so awful I don't see how anyone can sit through it -- especially when you add in the dumb plot and stupid dialogue. Other than that, it's got a cool and completely unbelievable ending. I like to forget about this movie and think of Die Hard with a Vengeance as the second Die Hard. And I like to forget they ever made that awful last one. One thing I can say that's positive about this movie -- it's not as bad as "A Good Day to Die Hard." I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. As you know, it's progressive, and possibly Bruce is merely in the early stages. But he may not even have the kind of dementia that, sadly, your Grandmother has or that most people have heard about, Alzheimer's. That's the one that Glen Campbell had. One of the members of Monty Python, Terry Jones, died recently of a different kind of dementia -- Primary Progressive Aphasia. Robin Williams suffered from a different disease called Lewy Body Dementia. I think with all of them, though, once it's progressed far enough, it's as bad as what you described. Thing is, the family is being pretty tight-lipped about exactly WHAT is causing Bruce's aphasia -- and that's all they're copping to, aphasia. That means he has trouble with words -- understanding them, recognizing their meaning, remembering the right one. A stroke could do that. Sadly, so far as I can tell, nothing that he could recover from could do that. I'm praying for your Grandmother! And for your family. As Glen Campbell's song, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You," points out, the person with the dementia has it easy compared to the family. Hang in there! (And sorry for being such a snot in my earlier response, but I feel protective of Bruce in his current condition. Fanthink and all that. Not that it's an excuse.) GB News, it turns out, wanted him off. He'd gotten too "truthy" for them, and the British censorship organization, OFCOM, got after Mark for his "Victims of the Vax" special. (See if that's still on YouTube, because it's good.) He is now doing his show on his own website: If you're just interested in seeing why he's not on GB News, that starts at the 19 minute mark. I'd been wondering if I should renew my subscription to the Mark Steyn Club, and this decided me. He's going to need money to fight censorship in Britain. He retired. Now he spends time with his extended family. View all replies >