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No Trump fan, but if he was convicted of money laundering, why didn't he serve time? 👍🏻 My whole point was that if they're not nominated, no way they can run. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Today I saw that whatizname started trying to throw some lefty red meat to the base in hopes of rising in the polls. I think he's peaked. He seemed to think that being gay was going to be his ticket to win. Nope. It takes more than that. I think most people are going to think Biden is moderate. He used to be somewhat, but I remember who he served with. He'll run as Obama II, even though he doesn't want Obama campaigning for him. Then if he gets the nomination, he'll try to move center. That's where Hillary went wrong. Her husband tried to tell her how to campaign, but she knows everything, so she wouldn't listen. But that IS how you campaign, on both sides -- Republicans need to be ultra-conservative in the primaries, and more centrist in the general. Plus a few of them realized they over-played their hand with Obama, and that's what got us Trump, who's more populist than conservative. If they wanted to cement a Trump win, impeachment proceedings just might do it. That, and they'd need both Houses to pull it off. The folks with the real TDS can't seem to see past their noses. They either don't even think of Pence, or if they do, they assume he's going to go down with Trump -- that is to say they're not even grounded on planet earth. Do you know how American politics works? I don't buy their romance for a second. I know we're supposed to, but they give off a brother-sister kind of vibe. No sparks fly, and as I've said elsewhere, they've just become the Bickersons. As for that wedding, we have no idea if someone stood up and said they had no intention of holding their peace, or if they started a food fight at the banquet after or what. There was no wedding, just Eddie getting walked down the aisle by (zero surprise) Frank. You're right about Will Estes' acting range, btw. I think when she left, so did a lot of the warmth of the show. Well, the network not having enough confidence in it beyond one year speaks volumes. Exactly. It was epidemic in the gay community. So let's act like they do with the TSA and NOT focus on the most likely candidates. Insane. And while a lot of people got thrown out of work at the beginning of the Reagan administration (suppose we could blame Carter, like Obama blamed Bush?), under his administration, the economy eventually was booming. A rising tide lifts all boats. Of course, liberals hate it when Republicans can keep an economy booming, which proves they really don't care about the country or their constituents -- they just want the power. AOC makes plenty of stupid posts. Now she's saying that her Henny Penny-like "The world is ending in 12 years" tweet was obviously "satire," and that people on the right owned themselves by proving they can't understand a joke. Now, if you're serious about Climate Change, I could believe "hyperbole," but "satire"? Seriously? If you're trying to sell something as sweeping as The Green New Deal, you don't do it with satire. But that's AOC for you. And I have zero idea what Fox News had to say about it. I rarely watch the channel. For my money, people on the right should just ignore AOC. Completely. Let her rave in the corner and say inane things and let the other media run with it, and the vast field of Democrat candidates comment on it as if it actually makes sense. But conservatives should just ignore her. She's doing what Trump taught people to do so well -- she says something outrageous; the media comments on it; and once again she's seen as the most important person in the House of Representatives. Ignore her and it takes away her power. Then she learns what every Representative learns -- you're easy to primary if the people feel you're more interested in promoting yourself than promoting the interests of your constituency. And at the moment, she's more interested in promoting herself. View all replies >