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“Beto” and the “Cult of Personality” Politics I'm sorry, but.... Will Smith? Our next President should promise in writing.... Yes, Carson was one messed up dude. But.... Could someone tell me... Video comparison of art vs. reality What will they do for the fifth version of this? Where does she live? You need to read this to understand why this is happening View all posts >


He's not a threat. He has so many negatives, and the only positive that I can see is that unlike the front-runners, he's not geriatric so he might appeal to the younger crowd. But then he does something goofy like skateboarding. He's never achieved anything, but there are Dems who think he's the next Bobby Kennedy, so hey! He deserves to be President! And before the Trope Chorus starts in, no, I didn't think Trump deserved to be President, either. Nor did I think Hillary did. We had the choice of worse and worser in 2016. Trump, at least, wasn't going to say that some boy who decided he was feeling female that day should be able to go in the girls' lavatories and be one of the girls in the gym classes. That was and is pure insanity -- we're not completely done with it, yet. But they've replaced it with murdering babies moments before they're born. Interesting side note -- we were told that we had to have abortion instead of adoption because, "If I carried the baby to term, I'd just naturally want to keep it!" Forty and fifty years later, you substitute "kill" for "keep" and that's why we simply must have abortion. Society is in a nosedive. I haven't heard it said he was brilliant. No one knows why pancreatic cancer is on the rise. It used to be a fairly rare cancer, and now we're seeing more of it. So far the reasons seem mysterious. Why are we seeing more diabetes, speaking of things pancreatic? More starchy foods in our diets? More fast foods with breading and French fries? Why are we seeing more illnesses having to do with the autonomic nervous system? -- and the pancreas is part of that system. It's no where near as simple as you're trying to make it. If there's an ANS component, why is the autonomic nervous system -- the basic infrastructure of the body -- so little understood even now by physicians? You'd think they'd want to know a little something about it and would have been studying it a bit harder for the past 100 years -- the era of more or less "modern" medicine. But nope. So pancreatic cancer patients wind up with ANS symptoms and it's just a mystery to the oncologists. Ask me how I know. No, one does not have to dig back that far. The first I knew was her snide "it's all about the Benjamins, baby" crack, implying that old, antisemitic trope that Jews influence governments with money. Then came her suggestion that Jews had an allegiance to another country. Both hateful, antisemitic tropes were said in the very recent past. But thanks for pointing out she has a history of this years' long. One Jewish Congressman felt he had to apologize to his constituents because of her behavior: [url][/url]; and some Jewish Democrats now feel "homeless" because of the defense they're seeing of antisemitism in the party: [url][/url] It DOES keep happening and that's why her apologies ring hollow. Apparently you don't know what a "Yaller Dog Democrat" was/is, and why I heard so many people say it with great pride. The horrible "name-calling" that I would "stoop" to is simply noting that you're Democrat through and through, giving them an impassioned defense whenever you can. I must admit it was also something of a litmus test for both age and political savvy. 😉 I notice the PM of Israel seemed to disagree with you on who was backing Israel and who wasn’t. Nice try. Thank you for playing, but you’re too angry to be amusing, too repetitive to be interesting, and too prone to Strawman Arguments to bother with. Welcome to the blocked list. You’ll find it a veritable echo chamber. And yes, I know you’ll still respond to me. But I wouldn’t block you if you didn’t repeat yourself and the same, tired liberal arguments I’ve heard for years. Toodles! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I quit reading when it became clear you didn’t know Omar is a repeat offender, too. You’re what they used to call a “Yaller Dog Democrat.” I got through part of that before I realized, bless your heart, you’re just repeating the same old tropes. Well, hun, if you want to put a party hat on a picture of an old lady then say you’ve “dehumanized” her, then expect me — an old lady — to be angry about it, you’d have a long wait. Hats don’t dehumanize anyone. 🤦‍♀️ The point of my post [btw, you should be a professional limbo dancer, because everything goes over your head] was that we’re living in an age of the “Cult of Personality” Politics on BOTH sides of the aisle. Oh, it’s Trump, TOO. Not “instead of,” but TOO. “Beto” to the best of my knowledge doesn’t even have one of those “It can mean whatever you want it to mean” slogans like MAGA. This!☝🏻 While I agree that the writers didn't seem to know what to do with that character, a grown up Frederick would be a different thing entirely. View all replies >