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Totally forgettable movie without the music Which parts did John milius write? Sup Lmao “directed” by Beyoncé Horrible score Is this movie as lame, gey and 80s as it looks? Can you rewatch it? Does he love me? Good docs besides Last Waltz? Odd perspective View all posts >


Honestly it’s not a great film. Those seem like likely examples of things he’d write. He seems like a true fan of history. Similar to the first scene in Red Dawn where the teacher is describing Genghis Khan’s (I think) great hunt. Or the end could playing off that chess introduction where Mac is cornered… but has actually won. The band thought so That “theory” is complete horseshit Yeah sure let’s listen bubba and Jethros tips on how to handle the pandemic. They have all the answers Exactly! I even agree on Gremlins. I think it’s more of a Christmas movie than Die Hard but it seems more cynical than traditional Holiday fare. You could reasonably argue that it’s a critique of Reagan era unchecked consumerism, but Christmas plays a larger role in that story. A way to make more money??? Wtf... Thought you were referring to trump supporters ... View all replies >