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Lmao “directed” by Beyoncé Horrible score Is this movie as lame, gey and 80s as it looks? Can you rewatch it? Does he love me? Good docs besides Last Waltz? Odd perspective Sorry but I actually liked it? Will sequel be called Amtrak? Objectively dumb movie View all posts >


Lol perfectly stated Absolutely spot on. I normally detest remakes and reboots but after rewatching it there’s so many things they could improve upon. As much as I want to love it, the original just falls flat despite their efforts. They don’t even have to get carried away with special effects set prices but just do more with the story They explain it in the book What money? Stop watching newscorp Fwiw on point 3... There is deleted footage of papagallo leading some cars off the road. Been years since I’ve seen it but I think it was slow motion footage of cars jumping over dunes. Tbh they weren’t great scenes but maybe that was their attempt to show PPGs purpose. Other two points seem kinda nitpicky How stupid can you possibly be? Lol wow Please link Beyoncé sex video See that’s actually funnier than any simpsons episode after 2002 View all replies >