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That shot of Mickey Mouse... Do people realize there’s more to acting than impersonation and wigs? Why would Tyrion be so loyal to Daenerys ? Is she actually funny? Or just Melissa McCarthy funny? Should marry Jesse Eisenberg If you’re looking forward to this So is Arya going to win the throne? How many minutes into tonight’s episode So glad this d bag is gone How is this really empowering anyone? View all posts >


Lmao the truth is these movies suck. First one wasn’t THAT great and the others were not good. Certainly not good enough to judge an entire generation by Wouldn’t be so sure. If everyone loved it so, we’d have seen a new furiosa movie every year since Road warrior Mad max (original) Thunderdome Spot on about the CGI. Really quite poor. Better off without it. I think that’s one of my complaints about her: the same roles, same jokes repeating over and over. Heavy girl trying to act sexy. I’ve seen it and there needs to be more than that before I’m convinced You could be right, Norton has a way of bringing out the best in his guests Fair Potentially disastrous though obviously What difference does it make? Post specific times for those videos. No one has time to watch 20 minutes to see one quote that supposedly proves a point. View all replies >