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How is this really empowering anyone? The depiction of his execution No noms? WTF great movie Moving cities??? How does that make any sense? Great movie No way that’s the last we’ve seen of Chuck the garbage can POV shot The ever present green lights... Not at all like Die Hard View all posts >


Um the non white male market isn’t the demographic, people who will go see activist movies are the demo. That’s niche Lol gotta call out this nugget of dumb: Live and let live ...but it only goes one-way if you're a liberal, leftist, fascist....don't feel the need to go after the beliefs of others and change others views, especially when they really don't effect you. My pantries aren’t in a bunch. I’m just asking a question. You however already seem content to assumptions. Meanwhile the question remains unanswered. Lol very relatable for real people you're making a lot of assumptions. Learn to write ffs Were you alive back then? Another person who hasn’t seen the movie A) it IS pessimism porn. All they want is attention and there’s nothing to lose. Fox News has lied non stop for decades. Still going isn’t it? B) HUGE difference between upsetting news (ala local news) and what this movie shows. This movie suggests the American political system is hopelessly broken and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do until red stated wake the Fck up. Btw it sounds like you haven’t seen Vice yet. If that’s the case maybe move on. The warp speed might be forgivable if the payoff is worth it. But I very seriously doubt they have a great finale planned. Probably just a big dumb battle, then the blonde messiah wins. Yawn. So many more interesting things happening in the first 4-5 seasons. Then it went to shit View all replies >