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Pretty good, probably not movie of the year Is this a comedy? Not awful but ultimately feels pointless (no real spoilers) That shot of Mickey Mouse... Do people realize there’s more to acting than impersonation and wigs? Why would Tyrion be so loyal to Daenerys ? Is she actually funny? Or just Melissa McCarthy funny? Should marry Jesse Eisenberg If you’re looking forward to this So is Arya going to win the throne? View all posts >


Interesting point. I don’t know who this is supposed to appeal to. Younger demographic doesn’t know the original TV show, probably doesn’t care about the 90s movie. It’s another example of studios being afraid to just make something new. In this case an action movie with 3 female leads. They’re milking the brand but changing it to something they think is modern. It’s possible it’ll be good, but unlikely “ by not thinking too hard about it...” Read: I’m a fucking moron What a stupid statement Lol non American like me. Says it all Lol “got it”. You’re intentionally oversimplifying it. Corporate control hasn’t always been the same. Hammer movies relied on low budget moviemaking so even a modest box office performance would yield a profit. Theres always been the bottom line but at least there was some awareness of trying to do something different. The stakes are much different now. Huge budgets increase likelihood of outside interference and mediocre product. Now they’re not even trying to make something new or interesting, even with huge budgets and access to any talent. They’re just making movies with lots of pretty colors and explosions. Also, the people who didn’t like old monster movies etc still had other options at movie theaters. Now if you don’t like X Avengers Men United Revenge there’s not many options. Even if you include Joker (debatable) that is clearly an exception to what Scorcese is referring to. And don’t think Marvel is that different from DC, they’re both junk He’s spot on and someone has to stand up and speak out. Superhero movies are formulaic infantile garbage free of any artistic expression keeping studios from even trying to make quality movies made to last Hammer and Marvel etc aren’t close to the same thing. There’s plenty of universally beloved escapist fiction. Recent EF is corporate garbage So edgy. Why do you hate it so much? What is posey direction? View all replies >