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How many minutes into tonight’s episode So glad this d bag is gone How is this really empowering anyone? The depiction of his execution No noms? WTF great movie Moving cities??? How does that make any sense? Great movie No way that’s the last we’ve seen of Chuck the garbage can POV shot View all posts >


Always felt like Mendoza was shoe-horned in there. She played softball(?) and reads stats someone hands her. Not bad at broadcasting but not great. she should like him, but that would actually make their storyline interesting. they're forcing her character to stay exactly the same and it's past lame my thoughts exactly. checking off boxes, reuniting characters. but the reunions were mostly little more than the 2 characters facing each other, spit a couple lines out, then shuffle off as if it never happened, especially Hound/Arya. It really feels like they're running on steam at this point. So many great characters and stories but haven't figured out what to do with all of them. So casting people of color is more expensive? Why should being popular or lucrative obligate the show to hire based on anything other than artistic choice? Does GOT instantly lose their right to make their own choices once it’s popular? I really think real world things like employment, housing, equality etc should be concentrated on more than a fantasy tv show Why? Not exactly what I’m saying but why should a popular show on a big network be held to different standards? The only reason people start demanding certain things from shows like this is bc it’s so popular. Stop policing art! It seems like the only properties that are held to these high standards are the most successful ones. No one cares if a lowly YouTuber fails to strive for equal representation. That audit is reserved for GOT and Star Wars “we are in an era where women empowerment (which in and of itself everyone should support) is taken to supercharged heights everywhere we look, to the detriment of story narratives and other characters. “ Firstly, ^ this Also I agree they seem to gloss over the moral ambiguity of Dany and still paint her as some messiah. That’s what I loved so much about earlier seasons: even good guys had a dark side and even the scumbags had a relatable motivation. I can’t see any interesting follow thru with Dany. I’ll be absolutely shocked if she isn’t on the throne at the end. I understand the premise it’s just absolutely and completely ludicrous He’s absolutely right View all replies >