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Is this about the chair? Seems like a hack as a director Pretty good, probably not movie of the year Is this a comedy? Not awful but ultimately feels pointless (no real spoilers) That shot of Mickey Mouse... Do people realize there’s more to acting than impersonation and wigs? Why would Tyrion be so loyal to Daenerys ? Is she actually funny? Or just Melissa McCarthy funny? Should marry Jesse Eisenberg View all posts >


This is absolutely the dumbest shit Ive ever read on the internet. Completely meritless. Objectively meritless. She’ll get one crack at a leading role post SW. if it fizzles, she’s on her way out. Success, then she’ll stick around. I still don’t see any acting ability or appeal Spot on. Not really an awful movie as at least there was an interesting concept. But it really fell apart as it tried to expand on that idea. I agree. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Maybe deniros best work in years. Scorsese still has it. I’m Also a huge fan of goodfellas and Once Upon A Time. How was this a combination of those? Interesting point I’m just curious. Saw it last night and couldn’t go straight home, I had to think about this movie. A) don’t blame audiences unless you have stronger proof B) when you say international, does that mean the two movies have been released in the same number of theaters and countries? Maybe the lack of promotion was because they knew it sucked. It’s not like there’s good word of mouth about this movie. How do you give it such a near perfect rating while having 2 issues with it? Bump You are reading way too much into this I think this film tried to appear like a sophisticated art film but I don’t think esteemed film critics of any era would praise it. View all replies >