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Is this a comedy? Not awful but ultimately feels pointless (no real spoilers) That shot of Mickey Mouse... Do people realize there’s more to acting than impersonation and wigs? Why would Tyrion be so loyal to Daenerys ? Is she actually funny? Or just Melissa McCarthy funny? Should marry Jesse Eisenberg If you’re looking forward to this So is Arya going to win the throne? How many minutes into tonight’s episode View all posts >


Agreed So there were book shelves in the forest/battlefield? 1-4 were the reason so many loved the show you should watch. Honestly I don’t think there was an easy way to end this show. Season 8 was bad, but it was going downhill for a couple years. Anyway, this really wasn’t the kind of story that needed a finale with big battles and ultimate victors declared. I think even Martin himself doesn’t know where to take all this Total pussy trying to make the lazy hipster false equivalence I think both are half assed cashgrabs basically exploiting original properties. BR and this aren’t capturing the spirit of their predecessors only doing some lame impersonation Ffs look at the source for that article: there’s articles and comment sections praising Trumps space force. Lol total joke Those are fringe voices at best. They don’t represent any group. Don’t overreact to blogs. so what are these layers? No it goes beyond simple inflation. In movie theaters’ heyday they had lower ticket prices bc they expected higher sales So it seems like what people like most about this movie was the nostalgia? View all replies >