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Assassin's Creed + Any bullet sponge enemy game (Division, etc.) [Mini-Review]

I like how they delved into the Assassin lore from the Middle East like what Assassin's Creed Origin did. The Hashishin. Even Wick cutting off his ring finger reminded me of AC 1-2 where they had to do that for show of loyalty.

While I loved the action, it got repetitive to the point where, okay, we get he's super ace shooter that never misses on the headshots but they do it in a way where you're about to get tired of it before changing it up a bit. Seeing two people doing it at once though makes the legendary Wick look somewhat non-special, especially when the Manager in the Middle East (Morocco), Sofia, could do it with 2 dogs at her side kicking butt. Those Blood Oath Marker's sure come in handy at least.

My only beef is the somewhat slow choreographed fight scenes and the fact that certain people had to wait for the other in order to do their stunts. Literally some scenes had two people where Wick is handling one, the other person has to stand there or pretend to be doing something until Wick finishes his move before he can jump in rather that outright jumping in. It's like a ballet dance where every move has to wait its turn and not all at once in which a real fight dictates. It's also not as smooth as I hoped but passable since Wick was out of the game for 5 years so I let it go. < - Smooth fight scene

Overall it was entertaining, funny in certain scenes, and over-the-top with the full body armor that required armor piercing buckshot that could clean shave a head off. I love seeing Neo and Morpheus interact with one another as if we're in the Matrix again. Can't wait for Chapter 4 when the Bowery King rises from the underworld with the assistance of John Wick. < - Anatomy of a Scene < - Behind The Scene

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This is funny. My wife and I saw it today and thought of Assassin’s Creed.