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Creeper effect (spoilers)

So, this movie had a creeper effect on me. At first, i thought it was just an artsy horror movie, but after learning what it symbolized, I must admit it's making a powerful statement about God, mother nature, and mankind. There are many other interpretations as well, but the following one hit me hard:

The mother represents mother nature
The father represents God
The baby represents Jesus
The house represents Earth
The outsider man represents Adam
The outsider women represents Eve
The people represent mankind

Therefore Adam and Eve entered the house first, then mankind. And, after mankind, Jesus was born. Mankind made Jesus to suffer. Mother nature stabs back at mankind. Mankind didn't know what they had done, instead they took everything from mother nature. God asks mother nature for forgiveness, for their sins. It all drove mother nature mad, turning the house into a ball of fire. Thus, in the end, the God might create another again


And the 2 sons, Cain and Abel.