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Just caught that today as well, and yes, goosebumps. Could this reality be one big script after all!? ;-) this is one of the big reasons i turned it off. it's better to watch movies from the 40s, 60s, and 70s. I watched about half of it, and lost interest. Knowing that the main characters both live took me out of it. There was no suspense. They faked the moon landing to fake a picture of Earth from space. They want to trick you into thinking you're on a spinning wet ball rocket so you don't adventure to more land. Yes, they are hiding more land. All governments are in on it (including the Russians). They all have a vested interest in keeping humans land locked to the existing continents, ensuring their artificial scarcity monopoly continues. In the 40s, Admiral Byrd flew his plane beyond Antarctica, and reported back that there was a huge land mass larger than the size of the United States. You can still see his interview on youtube: https://youtu.be/dDPCPTNV5WE Also, The Russians would have starved if not for importing grain from the US during that time. So, do you really think they're going to bite the hand that was literally feeding them? I bet that our society invents a self aware weapons system in our lifetime without the help of any chip or arm. We already have AI systems that were found to start writing code that humans couldn't even understand, so the humans had to turn it off (or did they?). did you really think that if steve jobs never thought up the ipad that no one else would have for the rest of history? they say that if you can think of a good idea, that at least 10,000 people already thought of it, and 1000 already tried to implement it. Yes, i thought this as well. I thought once he reached the camp, the attack would have already been called off, and he finds out it was another pair that made it before him. In addition to being more realistic, it would have been ironic, and really showed how expendable the men were as well. One more thing: Why didn't that battalion leader that he met up with on the truck give him one of his soldiers to aid in getting the message through? It seems that a message that important (to save 1600 lives) would justify sparing one of his men for the cause. After all, aren't the "allies" supposed to be on the same side? It seemed really odd (and selfish) to let him march off all alone while all those men just watched while he got shot at, and barely made it to the other side. yes, HIGHLY underrated. Great soundtrack, great acting, great action, and great story. View all replies >