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I've seen almost all the horror movies, but this is the only one that actually made me afraid to turn out the lights for a few days. I was seeing slight movements in the shadows, and my hallway felt like something out of The Shining. I think it's all about set and setting. Maybe the difference is that you saw it in the theater with a bunch of people, and I watched it at midnight by myself in an empty house? Also, mixing the family drama with horror also had a huge impact on me because many of those arguments they had were similar to some of my own family squabbles. Those family scenes drew me in, took my guard down, and then the scary parts hit me over the head hard. Already knowing the plot, I doubt you can recreate this effect at home now, but for anyone reading this who hasn't seen it yet, watch this movie by yourself in a dark place late at night, and it should leave you deeply affected. I didn't like it as a kid either. It wasn't until later in life that I realized it foretold many parts of my early adult life that I knew it was in fact a great movie. Not necessarily. Maybe you're just someone who never moved to a big city, and had a bad relationship? :-) For me, i like movies I can relate to, and Bright Lights Big City reflects much of my own life. I moved to a big city, with a tedious job, and got addicted to cocaine for many years as well. I even have a brother who visited me during my dark years, and it went down pretty much the same as the movie foretold. My girlfriend acted almost exactly like in this movie, and my boss was also very similar. I had a friend almost just like Kiefer Sutherland's character as well. It's really great, realistic writing, and almost eerie how close to home it hits for me. Maybe the movie was only made for me? lmao? Anyhow, sorry if I assumed things about you. I was only trying to relay what it might take to enjoy this movie. peAce OP: No way, this movie is a "slice of life", but you have to have some life experiences under your belt first. Move to a big city, get a job, girlfriend, live there a decade or so, and and you will gain a whole different appreciation for this film. I agree, Mr Park helped Mr Kim by giving him a job, but once Mr Park was willing to let Mr Kim's daughter bleed out to death, Mr Kim snapped, and basically crossed the lines of sanity. It was definitely a crime of passion, and not justified in any way. But, this is "why" he did it, not whether or not he was in the right. :-) You're wrong. The main character Micheal couldn't go to the island because he had to wear his muscle shirt instead of a simple leather jacket that could have stopped this weak ass bite: [url] https://ibb.co/94xPgNK [/url] It's all about Navy recruitment. They will once again have the recruitment booths outside the theater. Once Trump gets a second term, just like Bush Jr did, he will be starting a war. I agree that it's easy to say that, but no one knows how they would react until they are faced with a near death experience. As the plane is cruising, he is so nervous, and fearful, but once he is faced that his death is probable, it changes his entire outlook. He figures if he is going to die, then so be it, and finds peace with the idea. Unlike the others, something flips in his brain, and makes him absolutely ready to die. After the crash, when he willingly eats the strawberries, and they have no effect, it only reinforced his fearless state of mind. Just like the Nam vets they talk about in the movie, he felt like he was invincible. He became addicted the fearless feeling, and showed it when he stood on the building top to regain the "rush". Once he completes his mission to help the woman who lost her 2 year old feel alive again, he feels deflated, and wishes he felt alive again as well. Then, at the end, just before asking his wife to save him, he eats the strawberry, and has the reaction. He was back to his old self. He was alive once more. Have you ever done a heavy dose of psychedelics? They can have a similar effect on a person. It is pure ego death. When you return to reality, you are changed forever. They say when you're close to death, the body releases a large amount of it's own psychedelic (from the pineal gland in the brain, aka the 3rd eye). This substance, known as DMT is the most powerful psychedelic on the planet, and can have profound effects on a person. So, it's not far fetched to completely change one's state of mind on the cusp of a dramatic death. From what i gathered, Janeway wanted to get the diamonds for himself, so he was cleaning house. He thought he could get all of them dead, and then march off to rob Szell himself. But, why didn't Janeway just give Babe a bogus location, and let him drive off you may ask? That is most likely because Janeway knew he had no choice but to kill Babe since he could eventually describe Janeway to the police. In Janeway's mind, "everyone" had to die, so giving Szell's real location was inconsequential. Or, there's also an outside chance that Elsa knew the Szell's location, and may have announced to Babe that Janeway was lying. Either way, there are explanations for what Janeway did. I can't wait for the extended cut!! Aster says that it adds much to the story as well. I loved Midsommar for what it was: A dark comedic fairy tale break up film for adults. It's not horror, and even Aster says so much in this interview: [url] https://youtu.be/1MSwudqdylA?t=596 [/url] View all replies >