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Good movie except for...(SPOILERS)

So this was a good movie. It held my attention. I enjoyed the twist at the end...didn’t see it coming. Although now that I know the twist I’m surprised I didn’t recognize that Virginia was the mother all along.

Anyways, here’s the one thing I didn’t like, and it’s a big deal...

Adrian and Laura, when driving down the road, are engrossed in conversation and Adrian isn’t paying attention to the road. At the last second a deer runs in front of him, he swerves to avoid the deer ends up driving over the lane and causes the crash that killed Daniel.

It was an accident though. It wasn’t intentional at all. They weren’t driving drunk or driving under the influence of drugs. It was an accident. And if they had just called the police and said what happened Adrian and Laura wouldn’t have been found guilty of anything at all.

The fact the movie wants me to believe they would have covered up his death, driven him somewhere and dumped him in a lake is very hard to believe. I don’t feel any normal person or any person at all would do this.

Like I said, if they had done something illegal like driving drunk then I could see it as a possibility but it’s just so hard to believe anyone would do this when they wouldn’t be in trouble at all.


That was what I was thinking early on. Eventually Adrian's character gets filled in some more though and it becomes clear he just had to have it all his way. Not a hint of blame. If they talked to the police, then his affair would have been unveiled, as he was supposed to be in Paris. For him, that was all that was needed to get the ball rolling.