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Did they film all 3 seasons together as if it was one season

the kids didn't age as much as the stranger things kids so did they just film the whole series like it was one season?


I only just finished S2, so I don't know what they look like in S3.

But there was dialog in the first S2 episode about how much Sunny had grown. Also, lots of "It seems like we've been sitting here for months". So there was probably at least that long between filming (months).

Also, Malina (Violet) seems to be filling out a bit. Though her and Louis (Klaus) still look like children, they seem just a wee bit older than they did in S1.


Sunny definitely looks older in S3, and she can actually say some of the words she's speaking now.

It looks like the dates between S1 production start and S3 filming start were about 18 months apart, with filming possibly taking about 3 months.