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About the only place I disagreed with John---

Watching the Re-runs -- as we all are
At the part where John gets out of the hospital and goes home
Gets through all the trouble than gets out of bed showers, shaves and walks (carefully ) down the stairs

NOW I understand why he did what he did BUT

when the nurse confronts him he chuckles and fires her

He should have shown her more respect --- SHE was given orders as to his recovery, and had anything happened would have been fired or worse


I think John is a DB on a pretty regular basis, particularly to Jamie. He also lets Rip beat the hell out of Lloyd, even after he just faught Walker. And, he's well aware of the murders that take place at the "train station". John is kind of a dick, but I appreciate that the characters on Yellowstone are not written as being either 100% good or 100% bad. They are all flawed, and do both good AND bad things. The only characters that have any real decency are Kayce and his wife.


I don't think he treated jaime so bad until after the 1st son died and Beth came back full time.

Keeping in mind no on knew he was adopted till very late-- in life

All jaime wanted was to work the ranch, John applied and sent him to harvard because he wanted a lawyer in the family, for the ranch,, and Jaime did quite well as the ranch head counsel --- by the time Beth finally told her dad why she hated Jaime I thought John treated him pretty well, used him, politically, but pretty well... BUT by then Jaime was listening to his birth father instead of John, which didn't make any sense to me

You're right about them all being flawed --- Kaycee and his wife are about the best of the group


I vaguely remember that but maybe he fired her because he believed he would simply "cowboy-up" as he always did and no longer need to be fawned over and not because she was meddling or incompetent.


I understand that --- Just saying he could have handled it better, HE should know everyone has a job to do, hers was to take care of him--- MORE than he wanted but still


Just saying he could have handled it better..

That's easy -

John Dutton is a dick. Most of his family are dicks (Kayce and Monica are less dick-like but hardly perfect). Everybody who works for him are dicks. The NAs are dicks - except maybe Mo - he's the closest thing to a decent human on the show besides Kayce and Monica.