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The Title (SPOILERS)

Anyone else have ideas about how the title relates to the story?

"Bokeh" is a pattern made by out-of-focus light sources in the background of a photo. They help form the overall image, but usually are not clearly distinguishable objects.

I took it that the title is a parallel between Riley's style of photography, and reason for shooting the photo, and the cause of the new reality in which they find themselves. It's not clear what caused their plight (and that of the disappeared), but the result shapes the world as it now exists.

I think the word also links what Nils describes as a wished-for home that never was. That's more what Jennai suffers from, and I think led to her downfall.

Your thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


I think that he could focus on her, so he was mostly happy and their predicament was a background blur to him. She was unable or unwilling to focus on him, so their background desolation, even though beautiful, overwhelmed and crushed her.