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I say "Nay" and here's why: (SPOILERS) Plot Questions (ongoing and SPOILERS) If You Liked von Sydow in This, See... Good Ending -- How It Coulda Been Better -- SPOILERs, of course! Plot Holes? SPOILERS of course! Biggest Plot Hole? S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S (of course) Ending? ( SPOILERS of course) Skip It Was that Tom Hardy's Body, too? What did you Like? (SPOILERS) View all posts >


You can go back and edit your previous "spoilered" post, adding in the blackout... ...except it doesn't black out here in the new home of the forum. Just say "SPOILER" above it. Well, it's February 2020 and I don't see anything about Season 2. I agree. I loved the Easter Eggs from the film... some of my favorite lines. My very favorite one was cut short. They sure did leave it open for a 2nd season, huh? I agree. After seeing the whole series, here's my theory: I think Frost later on accuses her of being a nymphomaniac. I thought that was just cattiness, but that Joubert saw him as a trophy, as some guys view women. I infer at the end that she actually liked him. SPOILER for "Three Days of the Condor" film: Her character reacted to Joe similarly to the male Joubert character in the original film. In that, he admires Condor's resourcefulness, morality and cleverness. He confides in Condor some secrets and warns him of dangers he would face if he stayed in the US. He only went after Condor as part of the original contract. That was canceled, as was the one in this story. That assumes a "good" CIA. Higgins' reaction - and apparent plan to kill Condor once he was "in" - show the CIA to be not so good. Sorry, I don't get if you're being sarcastic or... what. I'd guess for marketing purposes, so people would connect it and guess the subject matter and thus want to see it. It worked on me! I've watched the first episode and it did hook me, despite the difference in the basic setup. I don't think so, either. I like to think Turner goes to Europe after all, finds Joubert and joins his team... like one of the behind the scenes guys in "Sneakers." I might write a fan-fiction short story along those lines! View all replies >