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No, he did come home... and died. Or, one could think of the heroes' home I forget what it's called in this film, but it's the equivalent of Valhalla. That's the significance of the burning ship. I wasn't going to post it, but yes, from the first second. I wonder if it was intentional. Maybe Zemeckis knows him & is teasing. I had to come here to compliment you for your post. I thought that too. Reminiscent of his character in "Sexy Beast." I agree the purpose of the mermaid was to show Beo's weakness. I thought maybe the Mermaid would show up while Beo was under water for so long and help him revive to kill the dragon. Somethin' Freudian and maybe Oedipal about all this Mom stuff! (I mean in the film, not you!) Well, there's a golden man whom he touches as the ship sinks. To me, it's clearly not Mom. When Angelina/Mom shows up, it's clearly not the same figure. Plus Winstone got credit for Beowulf, dragon and golden man. If the golden man wasn't his son, who was he? Yes, good one. My imagined ending was not so bloody, but Wiglaf wins, too. He plucks the magic ruby off the horn and tosses the rest at her. She loses her power and has possession of the horn, so he's safe. ...and he gets both the young babe and the Queen, who are friends now and share him creatively. Hrothgar reacts that way because he IS Grendel's father. He made a similar deal with the mom that Beowulf made later on, not to kill the mom but instead enjoy sex with her and then power as king. Thanks. I was curious. Yes, Hrothgar was Grendel's father. Remember how disgusted the Queen was that he had "slept with HER?" You cleared up something for me. I thought the dragon WAS Grendel's mom, though I caught something before the fight when the dragon talks to, it turns out, the mom. Then I thought Beo killed the mom when he killed the dragon, so of course her reappearing in the boat had me hornswoggled. Then, the golden man in the boat... I guess... was the true form of Beo's drag-son. It also explains why Ray WInstone played the dragon and the "golden man." So now I get all that. View all replies >