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Modesto (S P O I L E R S) Non-PC Dialog and Actions So Funny! Two Scene Questions, beginning and near end. (Slight SPOILERS - maybe) THAT's the Finale? (SPOILERS) Bridges' Speech Defect Legal Points S3 FInale (SPOILERS) "The Old Man" on FX - US Version of this Show? US Version of "Mr InBetween?" If You Liked This Series, I think You'll Like... View all posts >


I'll bet that's it. Good recall! I like the epithets people use, esp. Rio and Bob. Scum-Suckin' Pig, Big Tub o' Guts, and of course, One-eyed Jack. Favorite scene is probably the big confrontation between Rio and Bob in the fishing hut. When Brando kicks that chair (which I took as improv) the look on Bob's face sells the whole scene. Even his breathing shows his fear. Saddest scene is probably the death of Modesto. I remember reading she had Brando's baby, but there was some difficulty with him about admitting fatherhood. Anyone else know about that? Thanks. I had that feeling. I thought he was great, too. Loved his lines, such as "[the whipping] might get rid of some o' that snot-nose." No one's mentioned his role as Claude Beynon in "the Getaway" with Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw. Slim Pickens is in that one, too. Arresting poem! I vaguely recall both a scene inside the prison and one in which two others approach him to escape. I think there's one where a guard bullies Rio who gets fed up and kills him. Even if I'm imagining it, it still sounds good to me! He seemed hesitant, even regretful that he let Freddie go the last time, so I'd think another attempt on him would seal Freddie's fate. Might also bring Ray back into the "biz," being bored with running a cab in the sticks. Well, she's someone's aunt. I will choose to believe this. I didn't catch that either! View all replies >