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My words, too! I love Goldsmith's work (e.g. "Capricorn One"), but this sounded like quickly-written TV trash to me. Four violins, some percussion and a cheap synth, plus lots of reverb. It was produced direct to cable when that was a new thing. They didn't expect there to be a theater following for this film. I've taken the Universal Studios tour. The house is on the tour, up on the hill just like that, with the motel as a partial facade below. It looked to me that the background was matted (same clouds looped every time). The interiors I believe are on a sound stage. Someone may have constructed a look-alike somewhere to suck in the tourists. I don't see anything helpful on that link. It's just a new page on IMDB. Franz is a pretty good actor, but for me, not in this film. Waaay overacting the sleaze. I only partly blame him. Some of it was on the page and the director was right there the whole time. I agree. The celluloid would've benefited the world more as guitar picks used in Guitar Center to play "Stairway to Heaven" over and over and over. I saw it as contrived and dumb. I don't understand the clamor over this movie. They thought it was a quickie, produced direct for cable (Oak Industries helped produce). I forced myself to watch the whole thing so no one could tell me I missed the best part. There was no best part. I did appreciate Perkins' acting, and Miles' a bit, though her character did a 180 from #I. She played her 60s TV movie bitch role very well, though it's tiring for a feature-length film. For me, Tilley's acting was ruined by the cheap looping. There's an interview with the writer on Rob Ager's YouTube channel. He was gonna kill her with tea, as you saw Norman start to do, but wanted a "bigger bang ending that would keep the audience talking as they left the theater." Now me talking: He needed a twist of some kind, and a death at the end. He'd already killed off Lila, so I believe the Spool character was invented out of whole cloth to provide a death and to get Norman onto a "really crazy" track for the next film. To me, it was contrived, makes no sense, had no foreshadowing and, along with this movie, was amateurishly written and produced (for cable, BTW). Meg Tilly's acting was ruined by the poor looping, the soundtrack by Goldsmith, usually a master, sounded hollow and quickly written and produced (four violins some percussion a cheap synth and lots of reverb.... screams "TV movie" to me. I was most disappointed. I felt that, too. Nicely done! View all replies >