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Yeah, a little drawn-out for my taste. I thought the acting was good, though some motivations were cloudy. Locations and sets were believable and effective. Very oppressive and Russia-looking. The guards, too. "Mistress Brixil" can punish me any time! :D It had a 5.9 when I checked in Nov. 2019 I took it that she was questioning and displaying other vices. If you liked this film, you'll REALLY like "Straight TIme," with Dustin Hoffman and Theresa Russell. Plus the sloppy shuffle Worm used with the cops and I think with the "trust-fund babies." Who would allow that? If you mean Jo, the character, yes I agree, though look at the figure on that woman! I don't know G. Mol, so no opinion there. I did wonder if H. Weinstein cut a piece of any of the actresses in that film though. Sadly, that'll be a factor from now on, much as wondering about minority or woman executives and "affirmative action." One of many plot holes and weaknesses. It's barely worth it to have seen it, I guess, but not in my top 200. I'd add one more thing: He says "He beat >> me <<" I think KGB realizes Mike "made" his "tell" of twisting the Oreo. THAT is why he's so angry. His own habit is what beat him. Gramma is just pissed that he doesn't get to crack another head. Good acting, by the way. That guy wasn't a cardboard thug. Poignant to see Landau in one of his last roles, too. RIP. Money. You know there'll be another Batman movie. I wonder if Mr Schlock lifted his pinkie to do what he criticized others for not doing. View all replies >