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I got a kick out of your James T. Kirk idea. Star Trek was full of such collectivist preaching, ignoring all the while that a) The Enterprise would leave and thus have no responsibility for the consequences of their meddling... the purpose of the Prime Directive. b) Fall into the old cliche: "Socialism is for the People, not for the Socialist." - A. Wilkow I agree with you. I got half-way and gave up, and I'm a Kasdan fan... sometimes. The story was cliche and half-assed in my book. It's as if a team of writers worked on it, like so many TV movies. I can sort of see why others like it, but I like so many other movies, including westerns, better than this. Was this shot in 3-D? If so, it'd explain the close-ups of shooting rifle barrels, spears coming toward the camera, etc. I saw that movie as a kid and thought it was very effective. Interesting concept, too, a gunslinger who can't be killed because he's already dead. Pate was charismatic. The first time I saw Michael Pate was when he played the Vampire Gunslinger in "Curse of the Undead." To me, as a kid, he was charismatic. Thanks for clearing up the "Attorney" part. I was puzzled as to why she'd visit one, and why Lewis would so angrily take her out of there... and have the power to do so. Yes. Both of them have funny takes on the line when they guested on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" show. Clips are on YouTube and worth looking up. That line is the reason I searched for this film. It was worth seeing, even though the line isn't key. Yes... and I'd hate to be his next parole "client!" Yeah, but I like to think that in spite of that, Jenny, Theresa Russell's character's love would've helped him in the long run. If only a mentor like Jerry (HD Stanton) had been reliable, that would've helped, too. I felt so sad for both of them when Jerry's wife goes inside the house and Jerry says "Get me outta here!" They're all doomed from that time on, Willie, his son and wife (Kathy Bates was great even back then), Jerry, and even Jenny. View all replies >