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This wouldn’t have happened with an iPhone… Zombies and windows If I have to be a zombie… Great atmosphere The Little Tamale Girl Team Building Exercise Great movie but the very end... Touchy feely kills scary More movies like this, please! Good until... View all posts >


I don’t remember how I first saw Evidence, but I just bought it on iTunes to watch again. I still think it’s as creepy and mysterious as the first time I watched it. The story The Thing is based on was written in 1938, so I’d say no. The reason she was aware of what was going on during the ceremony is because she didn’t eat it all so was only partially drugged. I don’t think Mrs. Gardenia was part of the cult, she was just growing herbs for Minnie. Then, once she discovered the evil intentions of the cult, she tried to cut them off. I loved it when I was a kid. The demons were there because of her guilt and torment for not being there to pick up her son because she’d been having an affair with her lover. This led to her child’s death. The light, the angel, the god or whatever it was, was whatever lay beyond her agony—forgiveness instead of guilt and anger and revenge. I usually don’t like thus moral dilemmas in horror movies, but I think it worked well here. I wish I could. Yeah, he was. Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, and the entire Republican Party. Now, for sure. View all replies >