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Great movie but the very end... Touchy feely kills scary More movies like this, please! Good until... Other creepy 70s films? Burnt Offerings Great scary film Any other forgotten 80s horror movies to recommend? Is this movie scary or political? Cool movie View all posts >


Yes. Great movie! I did. I was 18 and had already read the books a couple of times. I enjoyed it, though I can’t say for the over-the-top Jackson films. I still love the books. I think it’s an hommage to the 1985 New Zealand film The Quiet Earth, which starts the same way. A man, lying naked in a bed, wakes up to find that everyone is gone. Yes. It’s on Amazon now. Yeah, I just finished reading the book in French. It seems to me that in the book, the entire first part is just some delusion he is having as he lays out in the water contemplating a gruesome suicide. None of that other stuff in Paris ever really happened except in his head, and in reality, he is on vacation in Macao with his wife. He actually only shaves off his mustache once, in the end, when, in real time, he goes back to his wife in the hotel room, shaves off his mustache and then keeps slicing off his face and slits his throat. The brutal ending of the book is much more disturbing, almost upsetting, than the movie, which is more mysterious and puzzling. It’s a good book, but I think I prefer the way the movie ended. That’s how it was with me, when I was in elementary school in the 60s and early 70s. A bully or two, and the rest of the kids either watched or cheered. I imagine it’s still that way. I love it. I just watched the film and was ready to hate it, but I ended up really liking it. The soundtrack was great too. This. View all replies >