Slowing down

Dynamite opening weekend, but slowed down after, earning half of what its predecessors did after their OW. What's wrong with box office? At least internationally it will do solid numbers, probably less than Part2 but still great. Mojo has this at $32M for this weekend but I think that's unreasonably high.


Almost all sites are predicting only a 35% drop this weekend(or less).

You have to remember that the last installment was released in the summer so it's weekdays were a lot stronger.

Take heart...this will end up earning more than the second installment easily and has a good chance of earning more than the first.

P.S.-You're right about international grosses...they're on fire!


Also of note...Fandango is reporting very robust sales this weekend and is easily the frontrunner.

That Madea Funeral movie looks to nab 25-30 million this weekend so the fact that HTTYD3 is easily beating it puts it firmly in the 35-40 million column for the weekend.


Guess I was right, this was projected for a ridiculously high 2nd weekend, BoxOfficeMojo changed that to 25-27M and it's now a question whether or not Dragon will be number one at all. Yikes, a Madea movie.

It seems HTTYD3 will be the weakest part of the trilogy. 2019 doesn't seem like a very good year for cartoons so far, HTTYD3 still needs to leg out and that poor Lego Movie is a bomb, three weeks and only 140M on a 100M budget, talk about a flop.