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Paula Patton & Rebecca Ferguson, those are some nice choices. But we will maybe (and that's a big maybe) see one actor from this list in MCU, perhaps Emilia Clarke in case DC doesn't snatch her sooner. Most of the other actors are too old now, let alone having them wait a few more years till they get their chance on big screen. Marvel should probably play this the same way they did when they started MCU: don't throw all the characters simultaneously (like DC did with their universe) but one or two characters per movie tops. Sure Black Panther has plenty of strong female characters to choose from but why not introducing Storm with BP2 or BP3? SpidermanFFH will arrive soon so the whole multiverse concept will probably be better explained, maybe Xmen will be from alternate timelines, maybe not. Who knows perhaps all the snaps affected certain individuals mutating their DNA? That scenario would change XMen's origins (Magneto can't be a holocaust survivor), but we've already seen pretty much the same story twice and this way that topic could be covered without prequels or flashbacks. Reminds me of Peta Wilson. DOFP took place in the same universe where Cap lived a happy life with Peggy, whereas Dark Phoenix didn't. Yeah but Joker, even if it's a good movie, is rated R and not very well received among the CB fans. The trailer looked bad too, though in theory a CBM it's meant for a completely different audience, that will probably cover its budget and make a 100M profit at best. Taking into consideration WB's slate of 2019 that's a success, but so far they had one big flop (Lego2) and two breakevens/modest-profit-at-best (Shazam, Pikachu) looking at the titles that had bigger budget and were parts of a bigger franchise. Godzilla is shaping out to be a flop like the LegoMovie. If you look at WB's 2019 calendar other than It2 they don't have any potential hit or huge earner, just some low budget drama/horrors. And It2 comes later this year. What are their plans for summer, am I missing something? The Stones follow their master's biding. Thanos started wiping 50% of all life planet by planet. But that was too slow I guess so he used the gauntlet. Since half of Asgardians was wiped out at the beginning of IW the survivors were safe. Agreed, if it was up to me and I had enough IM suits, I'd recruit anyone that knows how to operate it. No matter their age or gender. It's not like Pepper was asked to take part in the Civil War conflict, though she wasn't a mother back then it wouldn't be believable still. The fact she has a child is an argument why she fought Thanos and his army. By original line you mean the line from the original Iron Man? Cause that was the last line in that movie. Dr Strange rallied the troops after he was brought back with Hulk's snap, there was more than enough time during the Thanos vs Thor/Cap/IronMan fight for Strange to explain what's at stake and what they're fighting for. Also I'm sure Pepper knew who Thanos is, if she turned to dust five years ago during the first snap then it would be a bit farfetched having her all suited up and fighting, but spending five years with post-Titan Tony I'm sure they've talked what happened there and why half of Earth's population perished. I think using a character that's too powerful is a problem, because it's difficult to juggle him or her in a fight when the rest of her team mates are significantly weaker. That was handled very well in Thor Ragnarok where everyone had super strength and some other trick up their sleeve. View all replies >