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The Stones follow their master's biding. Thanos started wiping 50% of all life planet by planet. But that was too slow I guess so he used the gauntlet. Since half of Asgardians was wiped out at the beginning of IW the survivors were safe. Agreed, if it was up to me and I had enough IM suits, I'd recruit anyone that knows how to operate it. No matter their age or gender. It's not like Pepper was asked to take part in the Civil War conflict, though she wasn't a mother back then it wouldn't be believable still. The fact she has a child is an argument why she fought Thanos and his army. By original line you mean the line from the original Iron Man? Cause that was the last line in that movie. Dr Strange rallied the troops after he was brought back with Hulk's snap, there was more than enough time during the Thanos vs Thor/Cap/IronMan fight for Strange to explain what's at stake and what they're fighting for. Also I'm sure Pepper knew who Thanos is, if she turned to dust five years ago during the first snap then it would be a bit farfetched having her all suited up and fighting, but spending five years with post-Titan Tony I'm sure they've talked what happened there and why half of Earth's population perished. I think using a character that's too powerful is a problem, because it's difficult to juggle him or her in a fight when the rest of her team mates are significantly weaker. That was handled very well in Thor Ragnarok where everyone had super strength and some other trick up their sleeve. I really don't care about anything, the fact that The Ancient One was here made me really happy. There's something about that character and the actress playing her. Of all the characters that were brought back, either by re-snapping the fingers or by time heist, I liked her the best. Nice to see her again, if only Marvel would make a prequel with Tilda Swinton. Regarding your question, yes I'm sure she knew everything about Strange even though the two haven't actually met, and that if he willingly gave up the Stone he had a very good reason. So she trusted his judgement. It was obvious after IW that Stark had an important role in that one scenario when Thanos was defeated, otherwise Strange wouldn't trade his life for the Stone. Even with a 10 year school holiday Justice League would barely break even :D On topic, aging thing is much more difficult for youngsters than for the adults. For instance we did see aunt May in the SM:FFH trailer but who knows if she got dusted? It's easy to say "He or she is holding well for his /her age". Kids can't pull the same thing, I mean compare AntMan's daughter from AM&W with her in EG. The only feasible explanation is they ALL got dusted. He saw Ant-thony. But we do see most of them in the final scene of the trailer and they all look the same age as they did in HC. Actually he looks like he didn't get dusted and aged five years, kinda like AntMan's daughter. View all replies >