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Hobbit was in similar shoes as FB. It too came years after the original story ended, they were both prequels, Hobbit's story wasn't that much of a stretch compared to how poorly FB crew was mentioned in HP movies, an army of fans backing the franchise too. Hobbit had a decline, though much smaller than FB, between the sequels, and it earned significantly more WW than both FB titles. Yet still there were questions asked why was it filmed and its necessity. It was crazy to expect LOTR numbers but still a decline in profits wasn't expected, same thins is happening now. WB can't make FB3 with the plan they have now, they will have to make some radical changes. Audience "endured" Hobbit for its three title run, there's already market saturation to some lesser extent present with FB and it still should have three more movies. You're probably right with the multipliers, but you can't argue WB expected more from FB2 and it was a disappointment. If it was a standalone movie, or the final episode of a franchise then a movie earning +600M would be a success. But the engine is already slowing down and we're not even half way there yet. That's the problem here. It surely won't make much more in the States, it made less than 1M this weekend. Internationally there's plenty of better more appealing movies not to mention it has been out for more than a month so it made 98% of its money already. Christmas won't give it any significant push. A movie in HP universe, written by JKR and you're arguing about it covering its budget? We have a movie that's not that well accepted by either the critics or the audience (average rating 3.5 not that great, 61% liked it that's borderline rotten, critics' score 38%). That means this is not only the first HP universe movie that wasn't certified fresh, no it's the first that was rotten, also the least like be the audience. The situation on MC is pretty much the same. If there was more of the public's interest this would at least match FB1 but it underperformed. Rest assured the studio expected much more than what they got, they'll think twice about investing in three more movies. It's a risky business. That's very selective f you, talking only the parts of the RT you like but neglecting others. Critics' score was a valid measurement of the quality while it was at 78%, but it was "abandon ship" when it dropped. If the audience liked it better or the same as you then I'm sure it wouldn't perform so poorly both domestically and worldwide. Don't get me wrong these are nice numbers for say Creed2 or even some minor property of Marvel like AntMan, but for a franchise with that big fanbase it should've been better. They'll probably make another FB movie but if it makes the same numbers the chances are good that will be the end of FB. It's studios that make movies and they're in it for the profit, not to please the audience. If it was only up to the viewers and not the money the Transformers franchise wouldn't have so many titles as it does. If it wasn't opening against a DC film the ratings would be higher, audience score is easily influenced by crazy DC fans the same way anyone can vote on IMDb. What makes the difference is the critics score and rating on RT and MC. There it's rated much better than one Aquaman ;) FB is a cash cow, there isn't that much of a difference between it and stuff like Marvel, Transformers or F&F. Otherwise they wouldn't turn it into a five parter. But the problem of FB2 wasn't the villain or who plays it, if anything most of the critics gave Depp credit for his role. The problem was bad script that was all over the place yet didn't went anywhere. Also in the light of the HP franchise this changed quite a bit stuff from its history, I don't watch HP movies but a decent portion of HP fans weren't so happy with FB2 because of that. Kinda like what happened with the last SW movie. Okay thanks, but worldwide it's also trailing by almost 150M compared to FB1. What's its target audience then? It's trailing over 200M behind FB1. That's a huge difference considering FB1 didn't even cross 1B mark. View all replies >