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This is hilarious :) So you DO know how to post links! That's great news! Now be a doll and give us a link proving Disney bought tickets, thanks. I'm surprised this got only a "B", not that it's bad or anything, just expected better taking into consideration the RT and other reviews. Don't worry, everyone was wrong when predicting how much money CM will make :) Yes, they have enhanced powers. But I'm sure Spiderman would easily beat Captain America and Bucky. Black Panther, given his suit, would probably put up a fight. Now imagine they don't have their suits. Bucky and Cap remain the same, BP is now on par with Cap. Spiderman doesn't have his web shooters but he's still just as strong as the rest, probably a bit stronger, also there's his Spidey sense that gives him an edge even if he's just as strong as Cap. I guess it depends on the character. Spiderman Homecoming earned a decent 25M whereas GotGvol2 got 10M (which seems to be the average for CBMs). I sure hope so, I'm guessing Nebula's charge happened soon after the snap on Titan, but not sure they've already suited up in those white armored suits in first 15 mins? Is it true they'll be showing material from the first 15 minutes of Endgame ONLY? I'm sure Disney isn't expecting big numbers from Dumbo, otherwise they wouldn't release it between Captain Marvel and Endgame. The elephant itself looks somewhat disturbing, perhaps it's the overall dark tone but I don't think kids are the main audience. The cast is also comprised of excellent actors but there's no one that would bring in the millennials, more like their parents. That new trailer put Hellboy back on the radar, it looks crazy fun. And also Milla looks great. It remains to be seen how much Shazam will interfere, though it's a DC title I think Hellboy has a bigger appeal because of the lead. View all replies >