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Could Disney-Fox FINALLY have a minor HIT? Lol...yet ANOTHER low-budget hit from Universal. Yup...this is hitting a billion... Looks like another low budget smash from Universal Oh me...already falling half a million below Joker Production budget? This may make quite a bit more than the first one. -42% 2nd weekend hold Lots of chatter that 2nd weekend predictions are way too low UPDATE:this is blowing up, guys Okay guys...the actuals are in... View all posts >


Looks like a really nice hold this weekend. Lol...this is just gonna play and play and play throughout the holiday season. Uh-oh...just saw this carries a 96 million price tag so this may actually be yet another money loser for Disney-Fox! This will probably have to make 300 million worldwide to break even. No wait! Using billbrown's financial model it only needs to make 200 million since he says marketing costs don't count against a film's profitability. READ I said "failure to do so would be considered a DISAPPOINTMENT". I didn't say it would be a "failure". Why would I be "vindicated"? If there was ever an animated film expected to crack a billion it would be the sequel to Frozen. Anyone in the industry would tell you failure to do so would be considered a disappointment. The Left has always controlled Hollywood and the news media...they're just more brazen in their messaging than ever before. If it doesn't that will be a huge disappointment. Did you think attendance would DIP 3% after spending over 2 billion on both lands? @sokar EXCELLENT only qualm is that their acquisition of Lucasfilm has been "a very expensive disaster". I wouldn't go THAT FAR as it started out with guns blazing but it HAS collapsed starting with The Last Jedi and has never recovered. They were well on their way to recouping that expense until then. I would rather call it an incredible "lost opportunity" with a silver platter that they knocked out of the butler's hands midway through. Everything they have done, starting with The Last Jedi HAS been an "expensive disaster" with the cherry on top being the Galaxy's Edge 2 billion+ expense at their domestic parks. Incredibly, they are spending ANOTHER BILLION + adding this thing to Disneyland Paris. Can you point to any passage in that article that comes anywhere CLOSE to proving they have made their 4.3 Billion back by any REASONABLE estimation? It sure as hell can't be what they have netted from the movies I'll patiently wait...*tick tock* Right on, Satan. View all replies >