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Possible 820 million break-even point Looks like Universal may have another low budget Okay guys...Variety says 140 million OW What happened to all of the "record breaking presales" talk. Can you say " low budget hotplay"? Hot, hot, hot box office. 183 million production budget! Weekend 4 and plunging 56% again. ...aaaannnnd it's now falling below IW and BP's daily grosses. this a record-breaking loss for a third weekend? View all posts >


Since Disney spent 260 million on the production and probably anther 150 million on global marketing, I don't think THEY would think that's funny. LOL Yeah, I saw that. Scott Mandelson said that there is a local, family pic that is slaughtering The Lion King over there. And assumed this had a production cost of 160-200 million. WRONG AGAIN. Try 260+ million before marketing. LOL...I see you lowered your prediction from 180 million OW to a range of 170-180 million now. You still haven't explained why this "Monster hit" won't even match Beauty and the Beast's domestic total(according to YOU). Why is it so difficult to explain your prediction? The Lion King has ALWAYS been a MUCH BIGGER property than BATB and yet you have it falling short of it. Is it the poor reviews? Remake fatigue? What? Nothing in that article points to 650 million domestic total. It DOES point out that it has a 260 million dollar production budget, though. No it's not tracking that high...only is saying that. They routinely overproject on Disney films...sometimes laughably so. They projected Mary Poppins Returns would end up making 360 million domestically. It didn't even make that globally. *red alert* *red alert* Just did another check on showings in my market. It's dire. Many showings at 6...7...8...9 p.m. for it's very first FRIDAY NIGHT are COMPLETELY EMPTY. This is a repeat of the Toy Story 4 scenario and yet my warnings were dismissed and/or laughed off. Look've been warned. Now...does this mean I think it's going to open as low as Toy Story 4? No. I think it will open higher, but not astronomically higher. Disney is projecting a 150 million OW. Let's not forget they projected a 140 million opening for Toy Story 4 and it fell short of that by 19 million. @darkpast I admire you putting it out there and that's a bold prediction. The highest I've seen is at 201 million and they overproject on Disney films routinely. I'm looking at a lot of things here and am not ready to make a SPECIFIC prediction...yet. Have you noticed there have been no more "record-breaking presales" reports since the initial one when they first went on sale? Hmmmm...i think I recall this happening fairly recently with Toy Story 4. I even started a thread on that board a week before it came out questioning that VERY phenomenon that seems to be happening here. I even gave an, admittedly, anecdotal report of theaters in my area showing very little presold seats. And whaddya know...the same thing is happening again. I'm hardly seeing any sold out showings on preview night or on Friday. Most are less than 1/3 full and many are COMPLETELY EMPTY. That's not the stuff 200+ million openings are made of. And yet...Toy Story 4 was getting hyped up, in the days leading up to its opening, everyone was predicting at least 150 million on the low end and over 200 million on the high end. Actual opening? 121 million. 215 million? Wow. View all replies >