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Looks like another VOD smash just like Trolls 2 Standing by her man....Joe "fingers" Biden Joker 2nd weekend comic convention Just 46% decline in 2nd weekend. Oh my...just 68 million worldwide opening James Clyburn stepped forward and spoke today. Okay guys...micro-budget blockbuster incoming! The nation weeps for Kobe and Gigi today Tracking for $44 million opening The Wokeman View all posts >


Of course. LOLOLOL Nice counter-points. Well hopefully we can get those discussions up and running in a couple of months! Not true. Disney is actually my favorite studio by a country mile. But thanks for participating. LOL...yes billbrown the biggest , pathological and PROVEN liar on these boards has the balls to tell anyone to "be honest". Ol' creepy, storytellin' billbrown. Btw...hi dmac...good to see you again and hope all is well with you. Oh hi furiousstyles! Long time no see! I've missed you, actually! I still think the vast majority of the populace has no problem whatsoever with clowns. Everything today seems to be annoyingly motivated to be trendy and it became "cool" a few years ago to profess a fear/hatred of clowns. Ahhh...i forgot...there IS someone else here. Unfortunately, it's the "mediator", Norrinrad. The one who said he's "neither pro-billbrown or anti-queen " but saves all of his pointed commentary for me while he PM's billbrown. So I'm the one "trolling" billbrown, huh? You just quoted my response to his following me around or as he calls it "haunting my dreams"(lol). I'm telling him to give it up and get lost because all it's devolved into is me chasing down his endless stories and lies and without an "audience" to share it with...frankly it's boring. It's not like he's ever going to own up to any of it so the pursuit is fruitless as well. But of course, the "mediator" calls me the "troll". Not once do you have a question for bill and all of his obviously fake stories and lies but you DO like to speak to him in private. You know...the same kind of "back-channel communications" you accused dmac and I(falsely) of engaging in. You never answered my question months ago when I asked you what you PM'd him about. Still not going to? Disney IS my favorite studio so I don't understand your "question" about that, either. Always "questions" for me but seemingly zero curiosity about anything billbrown writes. That's very un-"mediator"-like of you. Also, could you just post like a normal person for once instead of wording them like pretentious riddles? Ok...let me break my word just ONCE and tell you the REAL reason I have no desire to continue to engage with you. If this was the old IMDB boards and there were tons of people on it and they were watching our exchanges it would be fun. You have told one fake, creepy story on top of a lie and another creepy fake story on top of another lie to cover the other lie that if there were OTHER PEOPLE to laugh and call out and converse over this it would be synergistic fun. But there's no one here...just me and you and me chasing all your creepy lies down only to be met with more creepy lies. It's tiresome and boring. View all replies >