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183 million production budget! Weekend 4 and plunging 56% again. ...aaaannnnd it's now falling below IW and BP's daily grosses. this a record-breaking loss for a third weekend? Will this only have two weekends at #1? 59.2% drop Regaining it's footing on Tuesday. Largest bump of the top ten As the dust settles...we are seeing a bit of a scaleback. Deadline says 43 million tonight. OMG...this studio! View all posts >


It lost money. Not as much as the others but still lost money. and Ralph Breaks the Internet...and The Nutcracker...and Christopher This is bound to have a long and healthy life on home media. ...aaannnd we're about to see how yet another super-expensive Disney movie performs. It's not looking good, folks. Presales are very soft just hours before the first showing. While pieces of crap like Secret Life of Pets and Sing! got even better reviews and REALLY SUCKED. Lol Probably right but we don't know for sure. ;) Agreed filmbuff...I'm also very excited for Ep.9. Pretty big. It was good and is worth seeing on the big screen. View all replies >