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Finally saw it tonight... 153 million OW So...some of you say Disney "runs the media"... Big 3 million preview and heading to 65+ million OW Disney's Memorial Day Weekend curse WB's marketing team can turn shit into gold. Yet ANOTHER expensive money-loser for Disney? Meanwhile... First DreamWorks Animation release since being bought by Universal. This ain't no Wonder Woman box-office wise. View all posts >


One of the few times I think you could actually be right, bill. Will it have The Last Jedi's disasterous-sized drop? No. It will be very hard to hit Infinity War's numbers yet again, though. I agree with you that it will experience the normal, moderate erosions most sequels experience after a record breaker. "After Endgame I'm done." Just curious what your opinion of Aquaman is? Did you find it to be fresh and removed from tired formulas? Glad you finally saw it, bill! Yeah...I knew that's exactly what you meant. If you "gave a shit " about Aquaman...I think that's all I need to know about you. It's a hell of a lot better than Aquaman. That's a different story. I'm saying it's a money loser from it's theatrical run. was definitely a money loser like I originally stated. I don't know why you would think it wasn't. Promotional campaigns for a film this size are always at least 100 million. It couldn't be less than 100 million. @billbrown I don't want to keep dredging up old feuds but your argument for CM's break even point at 550-600 million means that Ralph Breaks the Internet is exactly the big money loser I always said it was since it's budget was 175 million and it's worldwide gross is just 520 million. LOL Remember you stating unequivocally that it would make "a LARGE profit"? View all replies >