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Universal's hot streak continues Crisis in the halls of Marvel Total dominance in animation. Universal has YET ANOTHER box-office smash incoming! LOL the box office on this just won't stop! Hot, hot, hot box office... A studio in flat-out crisis Smiles all around at Universal this morning Universal has ANOTHER low budget, high profit horror smash on it's hands. Yet ANOTHER money-loser for Disney? View all posts >


Y s Avatar ended up a financial success but I was originally going on Cameron's insinuation that it would need 2 billion to break even. Judging by it's underwhelming opening weekend it looked like that wasn't going to happen. It pulled through like a champ! That "8 million" is now nearly 500 million ww lolololmao P.S..- on a 90 million budget What "agendas and propaganda" specifically? Wow...just wow. Universal just keeps mining gold with it's two animation studios. You're an idiot. Not one person in the industry is calling either Cabin or Cocaine Bear "flops". You don't have a clue about this stuff. Cocaine Bear and Knock at the Cabin both have production budgets of just 20 million moron lolololol As you would say..."not very impressive". "Breaking new"... Ant Man 3 worldwide gross STILL below Puss in Boots lol. AM3 budget =200 million Puss in Boots = 90 million LOLOLOLOLOL Hey what do you expect...I'm QUEEN FAN usa It's better than almost anything coming out these days. View all replies >