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Already profitable from domestic alone!!! Looks great but is it another Disney/Fox flop? Did WB get a "special deal" for It2? Looks like we have something big here guys... billbrown says that Disney gets 65% of TLK2019's ticket sales OMG this studio! Gitesh Pandya(Boxofficeguru) joins Scott Mendelson This unfortunate 2nd weekend crash (61%) Possible 820 million break-even point Looks like Universal may have another low budget View all posts >


"May be the most phenomenally successful comedies in years." Lol...ummmm...was I right or was I right? You're welcome. 200 million worldwide on a big budget film like this? Are you serious? That would barely cover the P&A cost let alone the production budget. That would be awful. Domestic or worldwide? Understood...just saying that Disney has lost gobs of money on 2 of thethree Fox films they released since they took over. I hope Ad Astra isn't another one. I'm looking forward to Ad Astra and I hope it's successful. Dark Phoenix? Stuber? Oh hi, furiousstyles! billbrown knows these things. He reads about "special deals" from "confirmed reports" that no one else can find. Well did it? View all replies >