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Joker 2nd weekend comic convention Just 46% decline in 2nd weekend. Oh my...just 68 million worldwide opening James Clyburn stepped forward and spoke today. Okay guys...micro-budget blockbuster incoming! The nation weeps for Kobe and Gigi today Tracking for $44 million opening The Wokeman Where are the anti-SJW... Scott Mendelson loved it... View all posts >


Not a huge fan but I have to say that 1979 is one of my favorite rock songs from the last 30 years. dmac...I know you didn't intend for this to happen but since you got involved in this whole "comic convention" thing you have ran off two nasty blights on this board and I just want to say thank you. All Fired Up Promises in the Dark Shadows of the Night You can't go wrong with her first four albums In the Heat of the Night/Crimes of Passion/Precious Time/Get Nervous. It's not a good movie. You've got some 'splainin' to do, don't 'ya bill? Ya know I looked through my posting history with you and there isn't anything remotely true about what you said about dmac popping up and "agreeing with me whenever I said something to you". But you knew that already, didn't ya. Now that we've established that was a complete LIE you still can redeem yourself by keeping your promise to dmac and give him the convention name. I certainly can't find a comic convention that fits the timeline you gave just like I can't find ONE "confirmed report" about Disney getting a "special deal" for The Lion King. You claim there are multiple "reports". I CAN easily find them on Avengers and Star Wars but NADA on The Lion King ...but you knew that already didn't 'ya. What's your next creepy lie gonna be, bill? It's the long-awaited return of bill"sorrydmacisblocked"brown. This is the longest you've ever hidden, bill. wouldn't make sense to close the wet markets down. Hmmm...seems no one else could find even ONE ""confirmed report" let alone multiple reports as I was told that existed. Say...I was also told by someone on this site that marketing costs don't count against a film's profitability...even if the marketing budget is as high as 200 million. It's all paid for by home media I was told. Anyone else ever heard this before? Ok...I was afraid no one else could find something to fit those parameters. 'bout this...anyone have a link to a confirmed report that Disney got a "special deal" for The Lion King last year where they get 67% of domestic ticket sales and 55% of International? I'm told there are multiple reports but I can't even find ONE. Thanks in advance. @furiousstyles...he's wanting you to elaborate on just WHY you think it's overrated. View all replies >