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Queries over the several series

I’ve just binged (albeit slowly) over the last couple of months all series on Netflix. It’s been on my watchlist forever and finally made the effort.
Obviously whilst watching, lots of questions came up, but here are the niggles I can remember that I wonder if others can help with.....thanks!

Can you explain to me....

in Hotel....
Who or what was that weird pale man-thing with the metal strap-on that buggered the heroin user to death? Is this what Sally was frightened of and what her deal with March was protecting her from?

in Roanoke....
What accent were the historical Roanokers trying to achieve? Bates and Bentley’s accents were terrible - a mangled mix of what I could pick out Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cornish among others! GaGa on the other hand was by way of Jamaica it seemed!

in Coven....
What was Queenie’s sexual tryst with the Minotaur slave in Cordelia’s greenhouse all about?

in Asylum....
What was the point of the whole alien angle? That seemed out of place, didn’t make sense or get explained.

in Monster House....
The baby of the Montgomery’s that died and was Frankenstein-ised by the Dr father, we never truly got to see, which was annoying.....but it seemed to not be a baby any more overall during the series. It potential should still have been small, bits of baby and animal etc sewn together but in some shots it seemed to have grown up somehow into a weird little human.....(indeed it was played by Ben Woolf)....but how would that be possible? Thoughts?


I guess it beats reasons over the several seasons.


Entertaining but logically frustrating.