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Is that an eighthead? Let me tell you about his horrible policies! But they picked me up in 1922, EhhhhJimiiiiiiiii Though there has been a lot of railing against the recent push towards eliminating gender identity Is he using his mental powers to explode someone’s head in that picture? How did the editors miss that? Believe it or not, he's walking on air. Could a Calvin and Hobbes movie work? Was this a Twilight Zone episode? The best thing about having a bird View all posts >


I’ve heard that before. I think it was because the general consensus is that these movies sucked balls. They-Person: And The Non Slave Owning Residents of the Universe There were a couple I think That depends on what the definition of the word “Was” was. Hell, Farley reading a set of assembly instructions would be funny. I’m more annoyed by the forced alien / human pairings on shows like Star Trek and such. Like aliens would even have the right shaped wang. Or even have wangs. Lol I believe that they do, and all three live, love, and enjoy Taco Tuesdays until the end of time. Lol that’s crazy. I’m just going to learn Esperanto. At least then I can talk with Captain Kirk. How progressive of them. They’ve come a long ways! View all replies >