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People of the world, take heed! I am Haru of the Takagura Dojo. I think this guy dyes his hair. He drives around, all over the town There’s only one Shogun round these parts! I’ve invented a new dance. It’s called the Penetrada. Hello. My name is Human. I just realized how Gollum could have won the riddle contest 5000 Posts Have I! 80s cliche episodes for long running TV series’s View all posts >


Yeah well he missed his opportunity. He’s way to old now for the role. Nobody wants to see a wrinkly pussy on film. Give me all your money and you will have nothing then. All right! All right! I know your damn words! Yeah, Snow White was not the fairest in all the land. She looked like a chipmunk with Down’s Syndrome. He’s always had that pudgy, boyish face that looks super young. As for his voice in the movie...well, prior to filming he had to practice that crane move a lot, and let’s just say he didn’t always stick the landing on that pier post. How dare you post for any to see using the ancient secret language known only to the Ninja! You are cast from the ranks of Ninjahood. Begone, sir! Heed might not help with that panic, but Weed certainly would. Some of them are, but very very few are all that and a bag of chips. An elderly Elvis, still alive and residing in a Texas nursing home teams up an also still-living JFK (who has been dyed black) to stop an ancient Egyptian mummy from sucking the souls out the arseholes of the nursing home patients. A dead person in real life? Seems like that would be an oxymoron or paradox of some sort. If the universe explodes, on your head it be! View all replies >