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Fine It has also been announced that Wolsey will be played by a bluejay. Where is he now? Time was not kind to these 28 celebrities Why the title? STEVEN! Coming out of nowhere, driving like rain Samson was the strongest man anywhere. Then along came Delilah and cut off his hair. Wouldn't it be something if they released the movie under the name Untitled Indiana Jones Project. Watch for free View all posts >


That is, without a doubt, the greatest musical performance in history. I liked KPAX a lot. Matt Damon! The chicken and the egg, Will! The chicken and the eeeeeeeeeeeegg! I never knew that, but it does make sense. Otherwise, at some point, Scotty would have flipped off Kirk. "Arre ya daft, man! I cannuh fix the shep in ten minutes! We just ejected the entirre warrp corrrrrre!" No space funeral for him! Just an unceremonious airlock dump, like you said. And somewhere floating out there in the vacuum of space is his perfectly preserved feathered head of hair. Well la-dee-da Mrs. Fancypants! Hear him! Hear him! Aerosmith has to be the quintessential example of this. Their stuff from the 70's was incredible. After that, not so much. Here's something most people don't know. On the original Star Trek series, there were, in fact, two senior medical officers. Who was the other, you ask? Well, you're forgetting Dr. Spock. You know, the pointy eared fellow who was always tormenting Boney with his cold, volcano logic. Aaaaah, now you remember. View all replies >