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Black Phone part 2? Black Phone part 2? Hi I'm the mirror universe version of Okay this season has some of the worst players ever. Okay, that's gotta be a guy, right? Looks like Is that ScarJo and ChaTat in the movie poster? Say what you want about this movie, but it has one of the best scenes ever Albert "Little Beaklips" Ingalls Okay, LOLOL then. View all posts >


I'll chime in with Army of Darkness too No, and no durned confederate traitor deserves any publicity! A warm tauntaun myth seems like that would be impossible to prove or disprove. Tauntauns may be very different physiologically from horses or camels or other Earthly beasts of burden. Maybe their natural body temp is 120°F and so they stay warmer after death, or vice versa. That show was great! I can't believe that Grant died suddenly like he did. Whatever happened to the "She's no Aria Barekis" poster? I miss em. This time a ginger woman won. They were the only ones with a shot (and who deserved it) in the final four. Not sure why that weird lady was so deluded that she that thought she was going to beat anyone. I doubt she would have even got more votes than rocker guy Ben. Charlie probably should have won based on game plya, but I'm okay with Kenzie. She played a decent game. You've obviously never read the Shakespearian source novels. Dude probably should have died by 25. Yes. Some kind of war god View all replies >