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What if the main character said "Shazbot!" instead of "Shazam!" I heard of the internet fad of people Bird Boxing after this movie came out and I tried it The worst thing the Whisperers do. Strap in and get ready to take off! "The only thing we have to fear... He fooled all the people with magic. Eh I'm actually glad that Joe was voted to EI The older he gets Hot, but View all posts >


Not sure about Mork, but Williams was. On behalf of my fellow Americans, when broadcast in the U.S., can you please change the title of this to: "They All Gone, Brah." Thanks in advance. I hope for the final survivor season, the contestants are made of only past winners. That would be a good way to go out if they could get enough winners to come back (at least 18 I guess) I do remember seeing it on TV once and enjoyed the line "Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river and came out clean on the other side." Well what's so amazing about that? Rivers are full of water. If it's 22 years later, wouldn't Red be close to 90? I think so. They should call it Zombieland: Double Tap. You have forgotten the face of your father. I checked out the first episode on YouTube and damn it really does have the look and feel of the original Trek. Though it’s gonna take me a few episodes before I stop chuckling whenever McCoy comes on the scene because I’m thinking “Man he’s really let himself go. Way too many extra trips to the desert table for sure! And also whenever the Mythbusters guy talks I keep thinking he sound like a cross between George Takei and this voiceover guy: [url][/url]. And I definitely hope that new redhead doctor sticks around. I would enjoy the walker tweets: “AAAARRRGHHARAAAAAR!” @virginiawalker23874 “HHSSSSSERRRREAAAAA!” @biter4life And sadly, those tweets would be more coherent and intelligent than any ever posted by any of the Kardashian clan Both of us should probably be more careful though. Since we’re not dead, I’m not sure we’re allowed to use the “W” word. View all replies >