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Singing. Dancing. These folks can do it all. Don't the natives know For a movie that took place in one room and nothing really happened A Million Little Fibers As bad as people say this movie is Something I just noticed after rewatching the early Sandler movies I thought this was going to be about something else Remake news! Did this ever air? View all posts >


Now, now Mr. Cruise. What would L-Ron say about such negativity? You’re demoted back to Wizard of the Third Ring for that! You’ve given up, haven’t you? [i] HAVEN’T YOU![/i]. You muppet! You’re behind the times. Transsexuals are so 2018. It’s all about werewolves and other lycanthropes this year if you wanna be with it. They are but that was probubbly before they prefected teknobabble. At that time, they just threw out any sciency sounding terms without rime or reazin, especially Pikkard and Dayta. Or maybe Jawdee was just an insubordinate punk! Lol. Word on the street is that he is going to play Wilt Chamberlain in an upcoming biopic. Normally that would be a double no-no. Unless you have as high of thetan levels as Tom Cruise does. [quote]Maybe if a Joe Dirt 2 every gets made they can bring in the whole family and shape the story without that kind of jumpy move. Still lots of room they can develop.[/quote] I've been to the future, and Joe Dirt 2 does not go this direction at all. It will be sort of a cross between Forrest Gump and The Time Machine. I thought the downfall was because of the high levels of douchebaggery of the main cast members. Good, because I only will see a movie if it makes at least 9.5 btg. Or if a lot of critics and hipsters rate it highly, I'll see those movies as well. That's quacktastic! DONKEY! View all replies >