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Is that Michael Moriarty’s clone? Homer mad! Homer smash! Why is Jesus always on this trending bar? Was there anybody better at creating atmosphere? Does anyone know what Hitler's favorite letter of the alphabet was? Instructional video for social distancing and interaction Sequel coming out involving the Coronavirus This is pretty crazy Question Yet another awesome Clancy Brown character View all posts >


Of course. God gave everyone free will. Hydrogen. Good luck being alive without them. Sounded more like “opper-toonity”. I think the original poster wanted various Morgan Freeman voiceovers throughout the movie explaining everything that occurred: “They called her Dollface, though I reckon she was as sweet as a bushel of nettles.” Maybe he had a self destruct program? Or perhaps Skynet programmed him with additional side missions to accomplish what they calculated would benefit them in the future. Use your imagination and old Termy could go on to do anything you dream of. He might have even become a Chip N Dales dancer! Hey! There’s no beavers in Africa! Well hello there Complainy Von Complainsalot. Nice to meet you. I like Gil Agreed, they had different styles for sure but King can set a pretty good atmosphere though he pales in comparison to Lovecraft. Lovecraft and Bradbury are neck and neck for me (but also pretty different styles as well) sounds like an awesome website! View all replies >