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His head seems tiny In the picture for this movie are Daniel-San and Mr. Miyagi One thing better about the prequels over the original trilogy Hey! There's a guy who's been going around on Moviechat recently named Louis Cyphre! All his books Why would she wear her hair like in the picture above? You come see me Now that Luke is dead Yeah The savior of humanity is Juan Valdez View all posts >


He was pretty mellow after he smoked weed that one time Plot hole! Maybe it’s in your bum-bum. Probably for the same reason that you’ll never get any kind of literary award. I do always get them confused with Johnny Sako and Spectreman though, so I'm not positive if those guys are from Space Giants. Ah, the fond memories of watching that show when I was very young. Goldar and company, and Rodak (?) I think was the villain. Clearly photoshopped. In the earliest conceptualization of this cartoon, it was actually 3 words - Trans for MERS. It was originally going to be about a group of transgender people championing the cause of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome. I think the form-altering robots from space concept ended up being a wise change. Aw man. I was hoping we could talk next about what a jerk Mark Twain is for using the N word in his literature. What's up with that? Sorry, I thought we were only including military men concerned with ab workouts. View all replies >