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hehehehehe Kanda Remember the time lol, the title of this cuts off on the trending bar above at "The Sterile Cuck" LDP! LDP! For Putin only He looks like Joxer the Mighty! KROM! About time they made a biography about Kawhi Leonard! He seems like such a genuine person View all posts >


In case you gotta poop too? I don't think they've been around for a couple decades now. Loved em as a kid though. That's not what the Oracle said! I think he did. But just like another very famous carpenter, he rose from the grave. <I>DUNT-DUN-DUUUUUUUUN!</I> I was doing that before it was cool. That's why I saved all my Burple bottles. I'm not a huge listener of Dylan, but I guess I would go with these: Desolation Row Like A Rolling Stone Series of Dreams All Along the Watchtower Highway 61 Revisited Well I think President William Henry Harrison sucks and I'm never voting for the Whig party again! So there! And people also say stuff like "I'm going to they house". Still sounds stupid. Well nothing can be cringe, since the word is not an adjective, but either a noun or a verb. And Daniel-san uses a secret Miyagi-do technique to kick launched nuclear missiles into the sun. View all replies >