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I krotty shop yaw head! Not as good as A Million Little Fibers At what weight is it okay for women to pose in skimpy outfits? These words he speaks are true. We're all humanary stew if we don't pledge allegiance to Who is Mysterion? Luke. I am... (spoiler alert) Chef Gordon Ramsey Why Hollywood won't cast Satan anymore. Flat block of two dimensions Will baby yoda appear in this? View all posts >


I disagree. Led Zeppelin is a very good rock band, but I think Donkey Kong is the best band ever. Like zoinks, ha ha! That's sounds pretty scary ole buddy ole pal! I always enjoy new discoveries about super ancient civilizations. NOOOOOOOO! Not the great Juice Wrld! Why do the good ones have to die so young? Who is Juice Wrld again? I'll give you 20 dollars cash money for it right now I think I remember reading somewhere that all Survivor contestants get paid something no matter where they finish - though those that finish higher get more. Maybe that qualifies as fulfilling the SAG requirements. Well what black person in their right mind would want to be around that many white people with violent tendencies wearing masks and carrying huge sticks! I think the infinity glove isn't like the monkey's paw where you have to super carefully phrase everything or it will come out kooky. So I'm sure that if he just thinks "All sentient beings" while snapping, that would be what happens. The magic glove will carry out the desired intent, not the specific phrasing. May I recommend the Soylent Green solution? in a world where money didn't exist, you'd probably be right. View all replies >