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Top 3 roles? Top 3 roles? Now that's a solid headshot Reality = She's a doper Holy *beep* did Keanu really *beep* Carrie-Anne in this? disgusting propaganda Another U.S. Olympic embarrassment and failure. Yesterdays episode lol "This is too fast" Great! Finally a show about Americana and white people having fun! View all posts >


His real crime was murdering thousands of seniors during the pandemic I miss him and socialist parties. And also his intense hatred of commies. You'll be missed big guy! See ya in heaven someday. Oh 5 days? So over 600 cremation ovens. Math definitely checks out. How long and how much energy does it take to cremate 40,000 bodies? 2 or 3 days huh? Sounds believable. It takes almost 3 hours a body, so they must have had skyscrapers of ovens that were air bombed huh? All those pounds of ash. 4 or 5 per person. No way that much wouldnt literally form a dam in that river. Why you blaming him? There were other parties well into the 1800s No, you can't. You can look up his speeches about black people and he wanted them to leave the country because he thought they were useless subhuman defective farm equipment. He was also a tyrant who abused his power worse than any dictator ever did. Lincoln has worst president locked up. No one will ever top what that moron did to ruin this country. Besides all those that died in the Civil War, we're still to this day, dealing with the aftermath of freed slaves running wild, killing thousands of people every year for no other reason than being targeting for being white. All the crime, all the drugs, all the hell caused by freeing slaves. Great job ya moron. Totally worth it. Problem solved! LBJ is second. It was on film, so it must be true! Americans hated jews and the british. Both snobby elitist scum who practice nepotism and racism. The U.S. did everything to keep them out of power here since it's inception, but that all ended after the world, and nothing has been the same. A complete 180. No, it wouldn't be accurate. There is a wall in Washington D.C. that lists the name of every soldier who died in Vietnam. Where's the wall of every holocaust victim that was tortured and killed in WWII? Lots of names of survivors tho. All with a story to tell. View all replies >