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Sheldon Lettich forgot to include the action in this action movie

As Sheldon Lettich was the writer of Bloodsport, director of Lionheart and The Order, and writer/director of Double Impact, I was pretty excited about him teaming up with Van Damme again.

But what the fuck was this movie? In terms of directorial skills, it was, I suppose, adequate, but it certainly represented a big step down from Double Impact and even The Order. And supposedly it's an action movie about a bodyguard, but very little screen time is actually devoted to any action.

I wanted to like this movie, and I thought it started fairly promisingly, but by the end I was forced to conclude that it's actually pretty lame. I'm going through Van Damme's filmography right now, watching the movies that I missed along the way, and there's no denying that his career is WAY front-loaded with his good stuff. Second In Command is probably next after this one. Hopefully it is a little more exciting.