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15 Years Later, We Owe Constatine An Apology...



Rotten Tomates, you owe an apology. You're the one that cherry picks reviewers that despise this movie. The same ones that place Black Panther as the best movie in history, followed by Avengers Endgame and Us. The ones that place Citizen Kane at the same level than BlackKKKmans and the ones that name Jordan Peele the greatest director in history (I wonder why...). Indeed, you owe so many apologies that you could barely write about anything else for a while.

Other people, like me, we always said that Contantine was a very good pop-corn movie. Damn, this is one of the few movies I have rewatched more than once.


I like Constantine.
It had Shia, I like the dude, ignore me, he was coming off Even Stevens and hit with this and I, Robot. It had Tilda, love her. It had Rachel, absolutely love her, maybe the best looking gal in any movie ever in The Mummy. Djimon as well, superstar coolness to that man. And Pruitt Taylor Vince, talk about a southern name.

And then we get Keanu.

The movie was solid. Loved the popcorn.


Shia is a very good actor. The problem is that they tried to launch him as an action hero after Transformers, and that's not his type of role. He's gone now, even though he reinvented himself last years ( but sadly Hollywood often behaves as a capricious child.

Tilda was simply brilliant. She fucking stole every scene.

I can't think in one single actor/actress in the movie that wasn't good. Good story. Perfect rhythm. A solid popcorn movie.



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