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Thanks for the info on the YouTube download. That restoration is wonderful. I watched it tonight on Svengoolie on MeTV and it was not of high quality. Anyone wanting to watch this, watch it on the YouTube. denny tango channel. Enjoy your day. Where the heck does A&W still exist? I used to eat them a lot when they were in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois. LOVED THAT PLACE! You don't have to answer, I'll google it. A&W was way better than the McD, B King and such options in my opinion. The best option ever in fast food was the Wendy's SUPER BAR! It is a FANTASTIC film that should be shown to EVERY young child on the planet, to show them that no matter who the F you are, if you study it, and love it and learn it, you can do it! I have not thought of When In Rome for over 20 years, LOL. Even when watching Napolean it didn't click. I can hear it now "If you need a friend........." If you like them you might like Alphaville's album Forever Young or Then Jerico's The Big Area and maybe the First album. They have a similar sound to When In Rome. Same time period, lesser known bands out of England I believe. Didn't really make it but had a few songs of note, especially Alphaville's Forever Young, I like the more up tempo version. If you haven't ever listened to them, give those album's a shot. Have a good day! I found out about my sighting. It was Starlink. They are positioning for global internet access among other things. What I described was spot on. Although they do travel in different patterns. They are called "night trains". It's made the news around the globe by now. It's quit a sight, especially if you see it at new launch, they are closer together and brighter for the eye to see. I saw your link and Starlink satellites are a different breed of satellite. They are clustered or a train of many. Have a fantastic day Not even and I am correct in that they were ALL satellites. It's called Starlink. Enjoy your day Yeah, they come after twilight or before dawn. I put my hands up around my face to inhibit light sources. It's cool to see. There is a site I found that has the schedule to see all satellites in the sky. It's pretty much spot on. Have a great day Um......... You are wrong. What I described was ABSOLUTELY correct and not even close to a meteor shower. It is Starlink. Look it up. I've done more research and found out it is pretty easy to spot satellites. Not HARD at all. There is actually many sites that list the time of night, early morning to view such objects. Enjoy your day There are many Star Trek fans that disliked those movies. I started to watch the first one and just got disinterested. Have yet to see another new Star Trek movie. I am not a Star Trek fan. There are many Star Wars fans that disliked TFA. I for one dislike TFA, it was not original at all. Same as I've seen before. Some of my family said it was great, they are easily amused, I said it's the same story new character. They (disney) had no idea or a plan on what to do with the franchise. They just wanted money. Super 8 I liked. MI3 I liked as well. Enjoy your day Should have typed .497% View all replies >