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a throw-away line I wonder about

Toward the beginning, when the storm's just starting. "They're keeping the big kids on the mainland, for at least tonight, the water's too choppy to send them back by water-bus."

Obviously we know it's a very small town. When those kids returned, I wonder if they were told the truth or kept in the dark? On one hand, the less the events are spoken of, the happier they'll be and all that, and why drag them in. On the other hand, seems like it'd be hard to not tell them, because it seems like they'd definitely pick up on there being more to the truth than the version created for the public.


That's an interesting point - I hadn't thought about it.

I suppose they'd have to learn what happened eventually. I imagine the parents would try and find one way or another to tell them, as it's not the type of thing that would be spoken of openly in public.

Either way, they'd eventually find out what happened, if for no other reason through osmosis, I feel.


That's how I think of it too. They'd overhear things. Otherwise, not publicly, but privately. Or even kids who were there, like Buster, I can see maybe 15, 20 years down the road, his mom elaborating to him what really happened. Because it seems like, knowing there was that kind of evil in the world, you'd want your kids to be aware.