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Naturally, it's damn depressing. Truth be told, I've not had much in the way of hope regarding electoral politics for years, but I still like to think somehow things can get better sometime in the future. What did I lose? I listed the six candidates who have announced a run in the GOP primary who I think people may know. No doubt some are higher-profile names, such as Trump and Nikki Haley, but all of them have either held elected position, ran for high offices, or have a significant personal income (which as we saw with Michael Bloomberg in the 2020 Democratic Primary, doesn't always amount to much, but is still worth consideration). I imagine once Biden announced, assuming he does, that's largely exactly what will happen. I find it sort of interesting he hasn't announced yet, but he certainly has time and the backing of the Democratic Party to wait. I didn't care for his comments or campaign strategy (refused to compete in swing states as to not hurt the Democratic Party), but he certainly has some leftist credibility (though does now possess a VBNMW viewpoint). Angling for a VP spot isn't a bad idea, but given his less-than-nothing name recognition for most people, and the fact he ran as a third party candidate in 2020 (even if he didn't compete in swing states, I have to imagine most Democrats wouldn't think much of his loyality), I'd think Williamson, should she somehow find herself to be in the position to choose a VP, could find better options. Like you said, though, in most cases, the DNC won't let her anywhere near the presidency. I think in a case like that, they might try and put Harris in Biden's place. I can't imagine too many Democrats would be excited about Harris near as much as Biden, but being his VP does give some clout. Technically, there is another candidate of minor note, being Jerome Segal (who also run in the Democratic primary for Maryland's Governor in 2022, along with running for president in 2020 under the Bread and Roses Party, which he has since disbanded). Though it's unlikely he'll ever amount to much in terms of polling, remember that Lawrence Lessig did technically get the poll totals he needed to in order to be on the debate stage back in 2016 (along with O'Malley, Clinton, Sanders, Webb, and Chafee), but the DNC pretty much shot him down without good reason (there's a shock), which pretty much ended Lessig's campaign. I think the same happened to Mike Gravel in 2020's Democratic primary, but I can't swear to it. With that in mind, I don't think it's impossible that Segal could replicate that, but I also think it's fair to say that no matter how the Democratic primaries go, if Biden announces, he's a pretty sure shot (again, provided his health doesn't fail him). I understand your viewpoints. Believe me, I spoke with a lot of people in 2015 when I said I wasn't voting for Clinton, and I spoke with a lot of people in 2019 when I told people I wasn't voting for Biden. I'll be happy to have a discussion about this, because I think people very much see and care about third party votes, especially in close elections. Look at how Nader voters and Stein voters are blamed for Republican presidents. Democrats definitely cared, and I definitely think people see and care about those third party and independent voters. It all comes down to strategy (not emotion, at least in my case). Strategically, in my opinion, decades of the "lesser of two evils" argument led directly to a Clinton vs. Trump situation, two highly unpopular candidates, and if we keep doing it, nothing will ever get better. By no means do I think those who disagree are foolish, because it's a simple difference in strategy. I vote the way I think is best for this country and this world, and I imagine that's exactly how most people vote. Yeah, that Red Scare, both in the 1920's and 1950-1960's, is certainly still applicable. It's hard to break people out of mindsets after decades and decades of propaganda, and like you said, that's damn sad. I was just here to talk the 2024 presidential candidates. I know my own views are controversial, and I've no interest in pushing them on others. If someone wants to vote Democratic, that's their right. If someone wants to vote GOP, that's their right. Same with Libertarian, Green, etc., etc. In relation to 2016, I know plenty of people who I respect that voted for Clinton, for instance. There are some whom I respect that went Trump, some who went Johnson, some who just sat out altogether. It's all an individual choice, and I respect people's rights to make those choices. So in short, I'm not here to convince anyone of anything. I just wanted to shine a light on the various candidates from the various parties running, because I personally find it interesting, and thought others may be interested to, from Democrats/Republicans to those who support other parties (Libertarians, Constitution Party members, what have you). Case in point, as far as misconceptions go, I live in a conservative area of Indiana, and a guy at my previous workplace was of the belief that "all Democrats were socialists." I've heard that type of thing before, of course, but in truth, I'd never heard it in person, so I was interested in talking to him about it. I let him know that I was, in fact, a socialist, but I didn't vote for Democrats, as they are a capitalist party. I also spoke to him about the various socialist parties across the country (SEP, SWP, FSP, SPUSA, WWP, PSL, Socialist Action, and Socialist Alternative), and went with the question of why were there so many if they could just get their socialist fixes from Democrats. In the end, I don't think much of what I was going for got through to him, but he also consumed Infowars and the Blaze, so it'd take far more persuasive people than me to explain his inaccurate misconceptions to him. I don't blame you for sticking to your guns, and I can agree that's not the point of the thread, but naturally, you think I'm wrong, and I think I'm not. If we can't have an actual discussion about it, then so be it, but I think that's a shame. View all replies >