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I've actually never seen any of the Insidious movies. Heard great things about the first one, of course, but somewhat lukewarm reactions to the others. Halloween had a lot to live up to, and I think it did a decent job, but a few things bothered me about it, so I didn't fully love it as much as I hoped I would. I'll be honest, I didn't love Hereditary. I liked it, but it doesn't reach that "great movie" level I was hoping it would. I can see some similarities between The VVitch and Hereditary, but I enjoyed The VVitch a hell of a lot more. There's a lot of things I like about the It re-adaptation, and I agree that it's better than the mini-series. As It was one of those movies/mini-series that I grew up on, and helped grow my love of the genre, it's a hard thing to look too critically on. As a giant fan of the original novel, the 1990 screws up and leaves out so much, but overall, I can't help but sort of enjoy it. I agree that the 2017 version is much better, though. It really is a good film. Definitely a contender for best of the decade, and of movies of the found footage style. Basically that some viewers may not be willing to look past the gore. They may see Hostel just as a gory movie and nothing more, without taking an interest in looking past that and seeing what else the movie could present to them. I don't really see how Saw is distinctively different from Hostel. Personally, I think Saw's a better story, but obviously that's just my opinion. Human Centipede was more a gross-out movie over 'torture porn' in my view. Really, when it comes to 'torture porn,' I think the genre has such a negative baggage to it that it makes it hard to subjectively decide what'd fit into it. The creators of Saw don't think the Saw films are torture porn, but I don't know how much that means. The problem is that films like Hostel, Saw, Captivity, Human Centipede, A Serbian Film, and Turistas are, to me, just new-age slasher or splatter films. Given the highly negative baggage behind 'torture porn' as a subgenre, I generally don't use the term at all. I mean, both of the primaries are on Super Tuesday, so it's moderately early on, but at the same time, with the massive amount of candidates, I sort of wonder how many will drop out before they even get close to Super Tuesday. O'Rourke would probably be on my list of top ten candidates most likely to drop out beforehand. Therein lies the problem - Castro, along with such candidates as Hickenlooper, Klobuchar, Inslee, Delaney, and Gillibrand, aren't going to be able to appeal to that many people, and definitely don't have any enthusiasm behind them. Can you imagine someone being enthusiastic about Castro or Klobuchar? Because I sure can't. And just in full disclosure, I'm not a Democrat, so there could be moves or trends within the Party toward more centrist candidates that I may be unaware of. To be fair, Castro's campaign was done when he announced. He's literally gained no traction from what I can tell, and along with about eight other people, will only benefit from dropping out now as opposed to prolonging their utterly pointless campaigns. I don't know much by Welles, nor have I seen almost anything with him in it. I do really appreciate his 1953 short ghost story Return to Glennascaul, which he narrates: I love so much about the second movie. I just wish the story was a bit more cohesive. View all replies >