trouble-plagued movie?

in Kim's bio it says this was a trouble-plagued movie.Does anyone one know what they mean by that?what were the troubles?i


Only just come across this board, hence the late reply. Neil Simon said with his previous films he'd just had to please himself and his director (usually Herbert Ross, who understood his work), but with this film he had to please 19 different executives, including one who'd only ever done animation. Plus Baldwin and Basinger kept telling Simon what they would and wouldn't say.

Still it's not a bad movie for all that.


Yeah, supposedly they were both a pain in the ass to work with, and I hear Disney and co. sort of screwed them over by not really putting much behind the release of the film.

A shame, I thought it was a really great film.


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Baldwin and Basinger made enemies out of both Neil Simon, Jeffrey Katzenberg and everyone else at Disney. Director Jerry Rees was making his first live-action film (before that he directed The Brave Little Toaster -- one of the best animated movies ever made), and one person from the set claimed that at one point Basinger pushed Rees aside and tried to direct a musical number herself. Both stars regretted doing the movie.

Rees appears to have been fond of the experience, though, and on his website he says he's proud of the fact that he got Basinger to do her own singing in the movie. Interestingly, his first choice for her role was Julia Roberts. Katzenberg is the one who wanted Basinger .


The Worrying Man of 'Marrying Man' : Movies: Producer David Permut's feelings about his troubled comedy can be summed up in T-shirts he had made: 'I survived the reshoot of "The Marrying Man." '

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I remember the old Premier magazine wrote a wild piece on the Marrying Man with Alec Baldwin & Kim Bassinger from the early 90s. Both on runaway ego trips.
I recall reading at the time that the crew detested Basinger and Baldwin who would spend lots of time in their trailers fucking one another. Allegedly, the crew mic'd the trailers to record them having sex and they then played them back so that B&B could hear (or something like that).

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, Spy Magazine did a legendary behind-the-scenes takedown on Baldwin and Basinger in "The Marrying Man", where apparently their diva demands drove the budget through the roof and drove everyone else involved nuts - neither of their careers recovered for a long time. I don't remember many of the details, but in addition to fucking and fighting, they'd demand that the studio spend endless amounts of money on them. Like when Basinger had closeups she didn't just have her makeup touched up between takes, she'd have her makeup removed and entirely redone each goddamn time, so retakes took hours instead of minutes. And I also remember a quote from a crew member: "You can have diva behavior, but you've got to back it up with more than hair!".


Q: The press was pretty brutal with you and Alec.

A: This is another subject that’s been talked to death. It was all about deception. I’ve heard so many awful quotes from “a source, a crew member.” How we fucked in our trailer and they tape-recorded us, and my washing my hair with Evian, and the Brazilian psychics that I go and see. Things that are so unbelievably untrue. I’ve never washed my hair in a trailer before, not in Evian or any other kind of water. I don’t know what “psychic” means. The only psychic I have in my life is God, if He’s a psychic. I’ve never dealt in psychic phenomena. I don’t know how they make this crap up.

During The Marrying Man I had to go down to Brazil, and this guy printed in an article that Disney threatened to charge me $85,000 a day for this trip to see my psychic. In actuality, before the movie started, Disney said I’d have two weeks off. So I decided to go out of the country, to Brazil. I didn’t want to tell Disney who I was going to see, because it was in my best interest not to. I was going to see a man named Mauricio de Sousa, an animator who’s known all over the world. I had written an animated film that he loved so much that he was going to help put it into production. He came to California to meet me and in return I said that one day I would go to Brazil, and this was when I decided to do this. It became a smear campaign against me. And the crew had no idea what Disney was doing to Alec and myself.


They met in 1990 when they met for dinner at Morton's restaurant in Los Angeles to chat about the movie they were going to star in together . The title was already premonitory: The marrying man , She always says yes in its translation in Spain. They had already spoken several times on the phone, but that same night it became clear that the relationship between them was going to go far beyond the strictly professional. They arrived separately at the restaurant and left together. Kim would tell: "He kissed me and then asked me if I wanted to have children . " She told him that he was psychotic and to focus on the movie. It is seen that neither of them could do it at all. Alec and Kim began a passionate romance that led them to have sex loud and audible to the rest of the team , and not only that: they yelled at each other, fought in front of others, slammed doors and performed numbers worthy of what they were or wanted to be or were about to be, two divos from Hollywood. The filming was defined by those who participated in it as hell. Alec suffered recurring fits of rage in which he smashed phones and threw chairs through the air; Kim for his part delayed the days by refusing to shoot in the sunlight, demanding to put on makeup again 20 times, refusing to pronounce lines from the script written by Neil Simon arguing that it was not funny, washing his hair with only Evian water - with fabulous results - and saying dirty things with wakie talkies running, perhaps precisely to shock the technicians. One of them would sum it up like this: "I swear to God, if I was homeless and living on the streets without food and someone offered me a million dollars to work with Alec and Kim, it would pass . "