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Busey in your attic? Now that’s a terrifying idea!

this movie was hilarious,and actually kinda well acted.

hmm, dont know what more to say,its a thriller gone wrong.


I know right. The thought of Gary Busy in my attic is a terrifying thought! That alone is enough to send me into hysterics!!!

But to be serious this movie was very well acted. Gary Busey is a bery believable crazed stalker psycho (.. I wonder why?). Mimi Rogers pulls off her role wonderfully. Michael McKean who I thought looked really good in this movie, did a decent job as well.

The one character that I wanted to get knocked off (that didn't unfortunately) was that creepy weird looking next door neighbor.


Yep, Busey up there prancing about. This is a good film, I've got it on VHS somewhere. Needs a rewatch.


if it was the actual actor i wouldn't mind.


This Movie is great.

I love 80's movies that went straight to DVD.

There was nothing better then finding these type of gems at your local video store.