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Nationwide Commercials Andy's Dead? No thank you. The characters had no chemistry, if you want to be honest I'm sorry I just didn't buy Pacino as Hoffa He doesn't carry himself as someone who is broke Old Dude was right. How you take over a full building? The person who wrote Bad Santa 2...... Jake's life rested on a 16 year old being truthful C'Mon, this is not even a guilty pleasure, it's just bad. The Act View all posts >


And it's not like today where as you may just have a cold. Back then it would be like, my appendix just burst but I have to complete my shift at the mill. Hope I don't pass out by the end of my shift. Did he have sex with Slyvia? The Show was awful. OH my God. How TF did it last 6 seasons. That would be disappointing because that's not what the original premise was. So 2 gay guys on a crazy night separately and slept with a straight woman? For whatever reason, even though the Caruso episodes are what defined the show are the ones I can't rewatch. He comes on the screen and I am just like NOPE. No Thank You. My rewatches always begin with Smits. Oh he loved her. I'm with you, she was a lot of baggage. And she is mad lucky to have found Bobby. She is easily someone who would have a kid and marry someone that beats her. Nothing about her character made me think she was above that. and reminds the kids to not be pickle lickers. ...and the faces of everyone during that meeting. Queen Latifah was nominated for Chicago in 2002, and her performance didn't deserve it, so? Yeah, three was disappointing. I don't think I even finished the season to be honest. Put the Taffy Down Tubby Tammie. View all replies >