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Great Actor Isn't Micheal Pena Mr. Roarke? How is he not listed in the cast on MovieChat message board, LOL? Hold up! Your brothers didn't whoop Marc's butt... S4 E14_The Cabin (SPOILER) They Guy who played Louis B. Mayer S21 E13 Redemption in Her Corner - Surely I'm not the only one that guessed the whole episode (SPOILER) Soundtrack So many Questions!!!!!! Pretty Much Renee....................(SPOILER) OH FVCK NO! Why is it characters either didn't drink or were alcoholics? View all posts >


22. Mr. Holland Groped us. Yes, this is one of my favorite movies. The one liners are great, "you heard me" I know where you are going with this answer, but I do appreciate that you thought of Regina King. 1970's for ya. In the Heat of the Night. I watch this movie like once a year. I really wish he would have had like a cameo in some ridiculous comedy. But I guess he is too cool for that. A lot of movies end like that. Curious? Did you just watch it? Testing, Testing, 1,2,3. Really, Birds of Prey instead of the Wolf of Wall Street? Once Upon a Time in Hollywood instead of Focus? I agree with I, Tonya, but other then that I guess we were raised different. Nah, breaking the fourth wall will always be trendy. They don't make good clean comedies anymore. Everything now is about masturbation or trying to get laid or extreme cuss words. Maybe I just haven't found it so I am open to an education. But when was the last time there was a just ridiculously, stupid, clean comedy. And don't get me wrong. I don't mind modern day comedies. I'm old enough to laugh/enjoy a swear words or inappropriate behavior comedy. I just wonder where the gut laugh comedies went. View all replies >