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Okay, but is this a good show? So this ain't a kids movie and doesn't carry the same Charm. Do they make Indie Films anymore or does that Genre now go by a different name. This is not a good show, actually very Dull - My Review. Final 2 episoded up on HULU / Fox Another Season???? Any Non Fan gonna watch it? Am I the only one that enjoyed this because I was able to watch it as a binge. I still watch Hugh Jackman as the Devil / One of my favorite versions of the song Mother Love / Season 3, Episode 15, 1993 View all posts >


yeah but that was sexy in 1987. honestly I think that look may even pass today. Don't think of her in any other film, Just Fatal Attraction. One was across the street and the other was up the block. Its' about a specific neighborhood, so it's odd not to see a real dark hispanic. As someone who yes is bored with the let's count to make sure we have every ethnic group defined in non stereotypical roles to make this movie, I will say... Actually it is warranted in this film about Washington Heights neighborhood in NYC. The fact that there was maybe (I think someone said one) dark skin Hispanic in the movie is ridiculous. If you ever lived there or were raised there you really watched this film like where's my crew. It does not get the credit it should for the fact that everything cleans up nicely. Go 7 years after that and you've got him paying Joey Buttafuoco. Correct. It was the other way around. Still makes me chuckle. Also, yes there weren't many episodes in The Closer, but the Provenza/Flynn episodes were always a much need comic relief and the episodes were always so light hearted. Damn, this poor girl has been getting it all week. Whether comment is positive or negative, everyday I've logged on conversation is about her. I can't tell. The titties don't look right on either of them. laughed a little bit harder than I should have at this. View all replies >