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Season 9 Premiered on Hulu yesterday. Anyone else binged the season by 1PM. Dr. Armond Sooo, we're just going to skip the Dana Carvey years???? Lonely at the Top Episode: S1E8 Started out Slow, but Wow, great show. But the Swapping of the Kids meant nothing (SPOILER) Hilarious on Barry! How does a doctor not know Auto brewery syndrome? (Season 6 Premier Spoiler) I miss him. Based on the Picture I thought it was Suzanne Somers. View all posts >


He will be in it? Or it's about him? <b>One thing that amuses me about this show is everybody they need to talk to is always just standing out on the street while they drive by.</b> Yes, LOL! Not even walking to a destination, just standing at some part of the sidewalk. what a blast from the past. Well Paul Walter Hauser is an excellent actor, he didn't play the character wrong, it was just a bad character. No way would high school kids hang out with an overweight or normal weight 35 year old loser, doesn't matter how down he tries to be. I don't care if the character of Stingray was played by Leonardo DiCaprio, character was way too cringey. whoa, trippy $hit. I just went to the Shield Message board and came upon this post.....This you. [–] nutsberryfarm 4 years ago he needed some xanax. The food I've liked in my time is American country cookin'-Colonel Sanders 🇺🇸 don't know why you chose the BH:90210 message board, lol, but yes. What cha need? Okay, not tonight, but I will have to follow-up on the movies that came out in 2020 to post a more accurate list of what I have watched. I did watch, The Invisible Man (really enjoyed) and who know how man Nic Cage 2020 straight to DVD movies. yeah, it's a really good film. But LOL every re-watch I hate Tom even more. With Booze and Drugs like everyone else. Sir, this man doesn't care. I agree with this. But then again, Good Times is TV G. Um, no its not. View all replies >