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Old Dude was right. How you take over a full building? The person who wrote Bad Santa 2...... Jake's life rested on a 16 year old being truthful C'Mon, this is not even a guilty pleasure, it's just bad. The Act It just shows you that when someone wants to do something they will find a way.... I hated Mara.......................her characther was awful. Renewed. Renewed. You better (explicitve word) renew View all posts >


although I will say, one of the funniest line in the movie, that made me laugh after being bored for a while... SPOILER <spoiler>when Chole's character saw her zombied grandma and ran out of the cop car to be with her. "I love you grandma" that was just so stupid, I honestly laughed for like a minute after that scene.</spoiler> I feel we we're writing about two different movies. My comment is about the movie the dead don't die. Are you on the right message board? yeah they made him a schmuck. I didn't think she was a week figure before, so I found this transformation very confusing. Networks don't give chances to shows anymore. I remember my kid lost maybe 3 teeth after he stopped believing in the tooth fairy, but when he lost those teeth, he brought it to me in exchange for money. I always get a chuckle when I think about that. He and I still had a business relationship. <spoiler>hello</spoiler> it's funny that I came across this thread I was just telling my sister that I can't hang with Madonna no more. She comes on the radio and I change the channel. Her music doesn't really hold up. And I am not one of these music snobs, I listen to everything. But if I have to choose best???????????? Live to Tell. Thank You!!! This could have been such great fun if it had a focus. I did like how the teenager plot played out That felt most realistic. I didn't need development from a group of kids driving through town. I don't want to give away spoilers... but don't even get me started with the mortician. I knew her character the minute she opened her mouth, So i thought maybe she had something to do with it all, but nope. Yes. I too think it would have benefited from a mini series, because honestly if felt like a tv movie, not a theatre movie. And old school mini series, back to back, not weekly. I enjoyed the film. I think anyone else may have had a hard time, but I honestly think the Soprano clan would have gotten over Vito being gay. Phil on the other hand not so much. Even though it has nothing to do with him. View all replies >