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would you wear the crested blazer ? top 3 dj kat's sidekick top 3 10/18/20 die hard is back ? her reaction to the possibility of doing a duet with ariana grande 80's film fan top 3 i didn't like him just making up a direction and assuming it was west top 3 View all posts >


voodoo child (slight return) are you experienced all along watchtower wind cries mary valleys of neptune it provided something for those craving the die hard template. i did. i was with my brother and cousin and i was the youngest. i remember other older kids hanging out before the film began and some stole some of my popcorn. the theater wasn't packed but it sold some tickets. the film was cheesy but i guess i learned a few things. i'd be happy to watch her in anything scifi lava i haven't seen the happening watchable as well lol nice almost famous is watchable too. haven't seen 500 days yet. View all replies >