Call this Crapfest

by its true title: "Amok Train" -- pure brain damage.

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I thought it was a very boring movie. I agree that it should be called Amok Train because it is not in the same league as Beyond the Door and Shock which I thought were amazing movies.

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I just finished watching the film for the second time, and I've slightly changed my opinion of it. I assure you that it is more entertaining the second time around. While it is flawed and I still don't think it's as good as the first two films, it is not the worst movie I've ever seen. The main flaw is that none of the characters seem to have any personality. They are there just to be killed in gruesome ways. I couldn't even tell you any of the character's names except for Beverly. This film is severly lacking in that department. But visually, the film was stunning. The camera work, filming locations, and makeup effects were all gorgeous. The death sequences were also very creative and the gore effects were convincing. The story was a pretty good idea, I just feel it could've been executed better. While this film does have flaws and is rather boring at times, I did see it had lots of potential to be a great film.

Come, fly the teeth of the wind. Share my wings.


I thought this film was a real schlocky hoot and a half.

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Would "Train in Vain" constitute copyright infringement?

This is indeed a crapfest, but a moderately entertaining one at that. I have no idea what door this was beyond, or how this even qualified as a sequel to the first two films, but then again, I've only seen the first. Nonetheless, I found some of the makeup and effects here fairly inspired, even though the plot and performances left much to be desired. I also was relieved to find some explanation for the bizarre birthmark on my torso I've kept hidden all these years.

This certainly could have been better, but it could have been worse. A lot worse. 5/10 stars from me.


One thing needs to be added to the Goofs section.

During the scene when the one guy is being pulled into the train furnace and the other gets decapitated underneath the train, in one quick shot you can clearly see a wire attached to the guy being pulled into the furnace. Oops.

But yeah this movie was a mess to watch. Almost looks like they were making it up as they went. The effects were good though. I miss the days of fake looking heads being removed from their bodies (the woman at the beginning and the above mentioned guy).

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It was a pretty stupid flick. Lame acting and sloppy cliché story, if any. Mindless (and headless) entertainment without actually being entertaining.

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