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he Mothman's first movie Question about the professor's dubious Mothman experiments Bad first half, good second half Evil lurks in the foggy marshes of Land’s End, England Great Gothic horror ambiance, good cast, magnificent score, so-so story Lurid, comic booky circus flick with myriad beautiful women, wild animals and devious murders Low-budget, melodramatic witch flick shot in Dallas in 1969 What was the purpose of the scene where Kurtz reads TIME articles to Willard? Cutie Jane Asher invited her boyfriend, Paul McCartney, to the set for lunch Quality free version available on Youtube with brief host commentaries (intro, mid-break & outro) View all posts >


It's like the producers & director couldn't make up their mind if this was going to be a serious slasher or a campy joke slasher. They ended up walking the balance beam between the two and it's a weird vibe, but I got used to it and enjoyed the movie for what it is -- a schlocky early 80's high school slasher. The whole movie was overlong at 1 hour, 37 minutes, which is a tad too long to sustain a schlocky (but entertaining) slasher flick. Likewise, seven and a half minutes was probably a little too long for that one song -- "Gangster Rock" by Felony -- but it is a driving hard rock ditty and that sequence perks the movie up; besides, the movie kept switching between the live song/roller skating to the slayings in the nearby woods. Either it's assumed that the song ran more like five minutes or the band simply did a longer rendition for the live setting, possibly because it was their local hit. The beginning leaves the cause of her death a mystery until the third act when someone specifically says it was a blood clot. I can't remember which character, but missnat above says it was the coach. He plainly noted that she had been buried and everyone supposedly forgot about her, except him. So he got the body out of the grave and presumably covered the grave back up so no one would know her corpse was stolen. Since the body was embalmed it didn't smell because it wasn't a rotting body. What you'd smell is embalming fluid. Someone who <i>believes</i> the message of Christ and perseveres; the opposite of a nominal Christian or a hypocrite, aka pretender. Since all genuine believers are "priests" in the New Covenant era (1 Peter 2:5–9) any genuine Christian who takes ordinary tap water and blesses it -- <i>voila</i> -- it becomes "holy water." An official Catholic minister is unnecessary. Secondly, I'm <i>interpreting</i> a <b>fantasy MOVIE</b> by M. Night Shyamalan. It's a piece of art with a message and <i>not</i> reality. I can't say anything more specific on this particular issue at this time because I haven't seen the film for well over seven years. But, the next time I view it, I promise to pay close attention to the details on water. No; I've heard of it though. I tend to be more interested in movies than TV shows. Grand Canyon The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Can't think of any others. <blockquote>Another movie from the POV of a white man about the experience of a black man in America, made by white men</blockquote> It's not a movie about a black man in America in 1962, but rather a movie about a white <i>and</i> black man in America. Big difference. And the screenplay was not written merely by "white men" but by the son of Tony Lib, Nick Vallelonga, who personally knew both protagonists. Nah, the movie was balanced -- it showed plenty of poor, inarticulate blacks and vice versa. The message was to base your perceptions on the individual rather than ignorant generalizations. View all replies >