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It definitely features an element of black humor, illustrating that Bundy enjoyed his perverse assaults/rapes/murders. The disturbing attacks & murders aren't funny, of course, but it’s almost comically absurd how this genial, attractive, educated man was able to effortlessly dupe so many intelligent people and get away with such gross crimes for so long, not to mention his two successful escapes. She's gorgeous! (And there's nothing wrong with her breasts). It was a good bit of black humor. At that point, the viewer looses any remaining vestige of sympathy for the warlock. He wasn't Amish, but Mennonite. Redferne <i>assumed</i> he was Amish, but he corrected him. I saw it last night and noticed there were no posts here. I thought it deserved a little lovin' (just a little). Yeah, I still enjoyed it, overlooking those lousy Quilty bits. Sellers was fine in some parts, like the dance sequence. <blockquote>i mean the guy attacks and kills the teacher after years of playing it safe? Nobody will notice a missing person, police wont come, she didnt tell anybody shes coming, his, boyfriend, husband family member? She didnt take a buss a car? Nope, he just casually kills her.</blockquote> Technically, he didn't kill her; he dragged her out to the barn where the cannibalistic dog girl killed her. But, I agree, what you say seems like a major script flaw. He didn't even know if the teacher had someone in her vehicle in the driveway waiting for her. It could be argued, however, that the misogynistic sadist came to his breaking point after his wife finally stood up to him and said she was leaving with their daughter. That plus beating his wife unconscious and his incestuous activities with the daughter about to be exposed publicly pushed him over the edge and he was no longer reasoning in a sane way. It starts out with promise, but becomes so contrived and complicated, it’s eye-rolling. The locations (Vancouver area) are good, there’s a lot of chase action, and Rachelle is an attractive protagonist (who wears the same purple pants for practically the entire runtime). Otherwise, this is a letdown due to laughable scriptwriting. Yeah, that was some horrible writing. <i>Then</i> you can't help but suspect that the father she talks to on the phone in the alley is innocent and Jeremy London's character -- the 'agent' she meets right afterward -- is the real killer. I felt the same; it's laughably contrived. View all replies >