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It was shot in 7 weeks in Hudson, Québec, from July 16th to mid-September, 1984. While set for a summer, 1985, release, producers could not find a distributor due to the second film's poor box office performance, although it had a limited release in the USA in late October, 1986. It was officially released and distributed by The Movie Store in early January, 1987. <blockquote>I figure 1990 was still, for all intents and purposes, part of the 80's.</blockquote> It was shot in 1989 so, yes, it was definitely still the 80s. And I agree that Leonard's dance was amusing. Actually the entire flick is creatively written and hilarious. It's three years later and there's a whole new class of seniors for Mary Lou to hassle. The students from the previous movie are old news. <blockquote>It’s never explained why she didn’t hurt him when she first came upon him</blockquote> It's possible that she found herself attracted to him, but for sure she wanted to use him as a physical houseboy to carry out her diabolical whims at the school. <blockquote>Then comes a supernatural sequel with no connection to the first.</blockquote> There is a trivial connection as both stories take place at Hamilton High in the Cleveland area. But only Parts II and III involve the spirit of Mary Lou Meloney coming back to the school to wreak havoc. <blockquote>She's only sexy in the once seen where she undresses. But wow!</blockquote> Yeah, sexiness is limited to when a woman undresses (rolling my eyes). <blockquote>The movie would have benefited from being having a simple story about some people finding a box with diamonds in it and gradually going to great lengths to keep this discovery a secret,crossing and double crossing each other,slowly unraveling the monster inside them and ending with the least expected person to walk away with the money.</blockquote> I thought this was where the movie was heading, which is reminiscent of "A Simple Plan" (1998). The supernatural angle is disappointing because the movie didn't need it. But, like you said, it's still a fun ride. I give it an easy 6/10. <blockquote>Chloe cuts off the limbs and head of a dead body with nothing but a meat cleaver with minute splatter of blood on her face and a rather small puddle on the ground which is easily cleaned with a mop.Last time i checked human bodies had bones which are almost as strong as cement,i don't think you can cut cement with a meat cleaver.Oh and not to mention the fact that all this happens in less than 15 minutes.</blockquote> Due to her studies, she had detailed knowledge of the human body and experience working with cadavers. Couple this with her newfound greedy obsession and the fact that she was using a freakin' meat cleaver and she was able to cut the body up effectively and efficiently. As for the amount of blood, it splattered all over her face and they clearly had to mop up what was on the floor, so I don't see what the problem is. Would it have been messier in real life? Would it have taken a little longer? Probably, but not necessarily since they were in the throes of avaricious obsession. Besides, it's a <i>movie</i> and movies always condense time and leave out irrelevant or mundane details for the sake of the viewer. No, I'm not. But you're obviously part of the cult of <b>LIE</b>beralism since you unswervingly insist Jussie Smollett is absolutely innocent of staging that hate crime to support the Left's false narrative. America is so great that minorities have to hire Nigerians to fake being oppressed! (LOL) <blockquote>I saw it as action versus inaction Allie believed in hard work and reaping benefits from labour, Spellgood believed god provides you with all that you need</blockquote> I don't know about religion, but biblical Christianity does <i>not</i> support laziness or the idea that God provides everything while the believer just sits on his/her derrière. Rather, the LORD is the believer's <i>helper</i> (e.g. Psalm 121:2). Being your helper is vastly different from being your do-everything-for-you-so-you-don't-have-to-do-anything-at-all-er. For instance, God called the apostle Paul to take three missionary journeys in the eastern Mediterranean and set up assemblies from Judea to Rome over the course of almost two decades, which was an in incredibly arduous task. The LORD <i>helped</i> him accomplish this, but certainly didn't do it for him. Paul had to get off his rump and carry it out, suffering many persecutions and hardships in the process. As for laziness, the Bible is expressly against it, e.g. the proverb "The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied." Meanwhile the church in Thessaloniki had a rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat" (2 Thessalonians 3:10). In the movie, Spellgood & his people are the furthest thing from lazy: His village is clean, orderly and happy; they have built a magnificent facility and comfortable housing; his people are clothed and fed; they sing so sweetly that Allie's children mistake them for angels. They had a thriving, disciplined society, which wouldn't be the case if they were "inactive." Spellgood's diligence and success naturally gives birth to a great human evil within Allie's heart. He becomes so <b>envious & hateful</b> that he literally tries to incinerate Spellgood's jungle utopia! No, I'm not. I cited fairly detailed data from the film for evidence. However, it's a work of art and you're free to interpret it as you will. View all replies >