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Starts shaky with contrived teen attitudes, but improves and is moving Mark Lutchman, a black man, said: FBI Implicated In Destroying Evidence To Help Hillary Clinton The secret Conservative plot to make Dems/Libs look like utter fools WHY Dems/Libs continually suffer TDS Two earlier Westerns tread similar terrain and are superior... As a tribute: List your favorite movies with Peter Weighty, morose period drama with many gems to mine The good and bad NOT a terrible Western View all posts >


Ride the High Country and, less so, Hangman's Knot. I'm not saying either is his best role, just that they're quality Westerns with Scott. Labor Day and Little Children As usually, you Dems/Libs are all about [i]slandering/accusing[/i] innocent people, reminiscent of someone else (Revelation 12:10). See LordBAElish's nearby post for a quick example of why Trump is not a "racist" (rolling my eyes) and never was. As far as Obama [b]not[/b] being born in America, I don't believe he was based on the evidence, which I know you won't look up and -- if you did -- you'd go to Leftwing non-sources. This has nothing to do with "racism," but rather the simple facts of the case. Such an insightful post; thanks, Redart. 8/10 for me. You kick axx, Cal. Well, it's sadly pathetic and pathological when otherwise intelligent people continually and hatefully [b]LIE[/b] about a person and put a negative spin on everything he says and does -- not to mention brand him a "racist" even though he wasn't ever accused of that UNTIL running against the Dems -- just because he beat their candidate in an election. And THEN to refuse to accept the results of their witch hunt into "Russian collusion" (rolling my eyes), even after Mueller's pitiful hearing wherein it was clear that he wasn't very familiar with his own (allegedly) report. As they say, "the truth hurts." Yet as someone else has said: "the truth shall make you [i]FREE[/i]." But only IF you accept the truth, aka [b]reality[/b]. But an actor's garb & make-up in a role are very much part of the [i]acting[/i] -- the cinematic illusion to morph them into a wholly different person. We know Bridget was still quite attractive when "A Simple Plan" was shot since she looked smoking in her previous movies -- "Jackie Brown" and "Finding Graceland." So her ordinary looks in "A Simple Plan" are the result of the all-around acting illusion, which includes her attire, make-up and demeanor. Conservatives -- aka people with common sense -- are a much larger voting bloc and yet Dems/Libs have been grossly alienating [i]them[/i] for decades, e.g. Hillary's backfiring "basket of deplorables" comment. We respectfully put up with it, but we've finally had it with your perverse [b]fascism[/b]. It appears you don't like tasting a little of your own medicine. That might help explain your curious Trump Derangement Syndrome. View all replies >