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Because, often, <b>less is more</b>. <blockquote>but they have yet to show anything of any sort of widespread fraud.</blockquote> You're intelligent and yet willfully ignorant of the gross, brazen Dem voting fraud. Biden wasn't elected president and the lamestream media doesn't have the power to coronate. In other words, it's still a contested election despite fake "certifications." The Dems clearly cheated but, like all criminals, they made mistakes and got caught. The weighty evidence shows that Biden "won" by 6 suitcases, a USPS trailer, pallets of fake ballots, a few hundred thousand Dominion switcheroos, dead voters, vote till you win voters and fresh Biden ballots run many times, not to mention illegal votes, etc. According to the current data (if you include the fraudulent numbers), Trump won 2,497 counties to 477 for Biden & virtually every bellwether county in USA, plus key battle states (e.g Ohio & Florida). As such, it's NOT possible he lost the election; he won in a massive landslide. Conclusion: The election was stolen and cannot stand. Biden's not actually the President Elect and is, more accurately, the Prison Elect. We'll see who's sworn in in 2021 but, mark my words, it won't be Biden. Like I said, the attack on the Capitol was totally set-up by the Left for obvious reasons and KLANTIFA/BLM agents led the way. The fact that it was staged is documented. To be expected, some understandably pissed-off Trump supporters were lured into the manufactured event, so what? Meanwhile COVID was a plandemic, brah; the virus was intentionally created & released via Wuhan with the Deep State Dem's approval. Why destroy a superpower's economy with a virus that has a 99.7-99.9% recovery rate? The "cure" is a 10,000 times worse than the disease. This explains why Conservatives mock the made-up "rules" you speak of. There's a colossal difference between these scamdemic "rules" and the rule of moral law, like don't Burn/Loot/Murder. With Biden's illegitimate inauguration imminent, suddenly Dems want to open up the country because they desire Biden to get credit for a rebounding economy. In other words, <b>this was a political shutdown</b>. <blockquote>I'm not saying that the left is innocent here. I honestly hate right and left terms because I think people are far more complicated than A or B.</blockquote> I'm an Independent myself who leans Right. What I aid was a <i>general truth</i> about the glaring characteristics of those on the Left and Right. The only time Conservatives turn toward violence is when lies, corruption and tyranny threaten their lives, freedoms, honest voting & livelihood. But keep defending the corruption/fraud of Demonic-rats & LIEberals and their lawless ground troops; you're competent at it with your spinning of the facts. Here ya go, brah: <url></url> I agree that both the Left and Right can get caught up in mob violence, but we're comparing literally <b>months</b> of KLANTIFA/BLM-led riots (not "protests") that burned down blocks of cities, killed some 19 people, wounded hundreds & destroyed myriad citizens' businesses with a <b>one-day</b> Leftwing-manufactured attack on the Capitol to set-up President Trump's second phony impeachment. Plus your comparison of Left and Right is glaringly erroneous in light of the facts: Conservatives tend to support law & order whereas Liberals incline toward lawlessness & disorder. Please notice I said “tend toward.” Hence Conservatives have morals & restraint and naturally desire order & tranquility while Liberals are creatures of impulse with a lust for immediate satisfaction. The Leftist mindset is that of an immature, rebellious child who wants it their way or no way at all and as fast as possible. The only "Nazis" in the current political arena of America are Democrats & their puppet sheeple. It's so obvious that the Capital attack was manufactured by Demonic-rats to set-up President Trump's second phony impeachment. Note how poorly staged it was: <url></url> Concerning the election, nothing says “illegitimate” as forcing Americans to accept the fraudulent election with an inauguration held under martial law surrounded by thousands of armed troops. (Notice how Dems were sure to get 25,000 troops to DC by last night for their illegitimate inauguration, but refused to get ANY to Benghazi in 2012). Meanwhile the low-attendance projection has zero to do with COVID. Nobody is showing up to Biden's fake inauguration simply because the guy with (supposedly) 81 million "votes" can't draw a crowd. Speaking of Nazism, only Loony Lefties could think they are fighting fascism by silencing their political opponents like they've done to Trump on Lib Big Tech. For someone who's supposedly leaving office in a few days, the Dems sure are scared of President Trump. Gee, something must be up. (<i>lol</i>) She's listed as 6' Statuesque, nice 'n curvy. Talk is cheap. Katt is 5′5″ while Quentin is 6′1″. I'm pretty sure Tarantino isn't shakin' in his boots. I'd live there fore sure, but I wouldn't be able to function within the box of that esoteric cult, so I guess they'd have to (try to) lobotomize me. View all replies >