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Every morning I wake up and... Glo-BULL Warming The theme and the lack of the (supposed) gay subtext Hidden Indie gem about legalism threatening to destroy a family in a town that is thrust into the national spotlight Albeit made-for-TV, one of the better survival movies Celestial and mundane, beautiful and profane Climate Change -- GloBULL Warming -- refuted by ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC FACTS Time to investigate the fake whistleblower Rosie O'Donnell Deletes Trump Impeachment Twitter Poll After Embarrassing Results. Greta has joined a death metal band! View all posts >


Well said. Bullock's annoyingly erratic character -- Sarah -- started to seriously grate on the nerves by the midpoint and I felt the movie was marred by an almost anti-marriage bent. But the ending completely changed my mind and saved the film; it's bold, refreshing and even [b]revelatory[/b]. Here's a fitting (amusing) meme: [url][/url] I'm assuming because posts on Trump's board are to limited to him as a celebrity/host/whatever while political stuff related to his presidency is more fitting for the politics board. As for Greta, her being a puppet for the #ClimateChangeHoax is her only gig, as far as I know; so posts having to do with that go here. Check out how Climate Change -- human-made GloBULL Warming -- is easily refuted by ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC FACTS in this 12-minute video: [url][/url] You'll see why Dem/Lib Alarmists are [b]using kids/teens[/b] to convey their propaganda. You must be one of those Climate Change cultists if you think Greta represents hope (giggle). The #ClimateChangeHoax is all about creating panic for profit & control. Follow the money, which leads us to the climate "scientists" the EU uses to determine their annual budget for climate actions: [b]$60 freakin' billion[/b] [url][/url] Greta is really just a mini-Hitler puppet and should be named Hitlerita. Jean Grey Or she can play Hitler's daughter, Hitlerita. And blonde Nectar Rose (Delia) in a playboy bunny costume didn't hurt. As usual, FAKE "NEWS." Evidently you missed that I said [i]perverse[/i] bent. Besides, [b]you[/b] have said way worse things in private moments (and probably public moments as well). Don't lie. And didn't your prime choice for president, Hillary, say: "IF THAT F***IN BASTARD WINS, WERE ALL GOING TO HANG FROM NOOSES! YOU BETTER FIX THIS SH**!"? Worse, didn't she hammer & bleach hard drives and delete thousands of government emails AFTER being subpoenaed by congress? Yeah, she would've been a great president (obvious sarcasm). Simply put, Dems have no leg to stand on as far as morality and character go, so it's useless to even center an argument around that. (Which is NOT to imply that Conservatives don't screw up or that there aren't any Conservative hypocrites). View all replies >