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Just think about how royally pathetic the Dems are Most Underrated Episodes “Democratic socialism” is an oxymoron peddled by Dem/Lib morons Quinnipiac Poll says Biden is at 53% to 40% over Trump There would have been race riots... Steel production up by 6.7 percent this year Trump has more female senior advisors... How Republicans & non-Dems... Trump's like a political rock star COMING SOON: 256 More Miles of Border Wall! View all posts >


My supposedly being miserable is irrelevant, a common Lib deflection tactic. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that what they say about "ignorance is bliss" is valid to some degree. Yet I don't get what your problem is concerning the data I cited on abortion/infanticide in America since it's commonly known. Even Lib sources like Kathleen Parker admit that [b]there have been [i]over[/i] 50 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade in 1973[/b], as noted in the second half of her most recent editorial: [url][/url]. Do the math, what's that come out to? About 1 million a year. It's not rocket science. The source I cited above -- which you claim is "complete bullshit" -- stated 1.058 million Abortions per year in America. Where's the beef? There is none, but you apparently work for Planned Parenthood so it's in your best interest to play down the actual facts. By the way, I live in a nice house with three properties, where do you live? It was probably an attempt to keep in touch with the commoners. I could see Mr. Howel saying something like, "Lovey, this is quaint. Let's try it; it's only 3 hours and it might be fun to observe how the other 99% function." She had good curves (but not fat at all) in the 90s as seen in movies like "The Rocketeer" (1991) and "Dark City" (1998), but then started getting too thin as witnessed in "House of Sand and Fog" (2003). AIDS was just beginning to make an impact in America in 1982 when the film was shot. See the graph here [url][/url] [i]But[/i] my post didn't say anything about AIDS, which was more a problem with homosexuals in the 80s, not so much heteros. All I said was that the depiction of prostitutes and prostitution was serious fantasyland. Would all these guys -- not just teens, but older males too -- seriously be so hot for these women who [b]have sex with several strangers every work day[/b]? Am I the only one who finds this gross? Wouldn’t at least SOME of these males be concerned about STDs (not necessarily AIDS)? Wouldn’t the loose lifestyle of prostitution negatively affect the women, psychologically and spiritually? Wouldn’t there be signs of “wear and tear”? Yet none of these realities are addressed. Lastly, my opening statement noted that it's an 80's teen dramedy where I emphasized that you have to roll with it to enjoy it, which I did and did. But I personally can't block out the false and irresponsible depiction of prostitution. It makes it look like a fun lifestyle with no chance of negative repercussions for the prostitute or client. Why Sure! General answer to the Leftie lemmings on this thread: It doesn't matter how long ago Stormy Daniels [b]admitted[/b] that she [i]didn't[/i] have an affair with Trump since most people are not aware of this news because the liberal media rarely reports anything favorable to the President. There's no statute of limitations on news that is still relevant. I said [i]almost[/i] 3000 (i.e. 2800). [quote]a right wing religious website that is complete bullshit[/quote] Says who? You? Prove it. A Rightwing (simple common sense wisdom) Christian website has far more credibility than a friggin' [b]LIE[/b]beral godless site. But, let's say -- for the sake of argument -- it's HALF of what I cited or even a third. They're all outrageous numbers. But continue on in your blinded, deluded Leftie fantasyland; nothing to see here. An exaggeration for effect, but I specified almost 3000 a day, so do the math: That's 1.058 million Abortions per year in America: [url][/url] How come this isn't emphasized in the lamestream media? Because Libs don't think human beings with heartbeats in the womb are babies -- i.e. human beings -- but rather fetuses with no rights that can be legally murdered at whim; it's the same thing with survivors of abortion lying on a table. Whenever someone resorts to ad hominem bluster they're losing the debate. Do you seriously believe these people are really seeking "asylum"? Do you know what seeking asylum actually means? These illegals simply want to get on the ridiculous welfare programs that the US provides thru loony Dems who are seeking a reliable voting block for the future. Also, I guess you missed the memo on how these kids aren't even their children in most cases. They acquire them to win Lib sympathy and help them unlawfully enter the USA. Answer me this: How come you're frothing in hysterics over [b]four[/b] accidental deaths on the border and not the [i]MILLIONS[/i] of intentional murders of babies every year in America? Blind fool! Well, at least you left a smiley face. :) It doesn't matter how long ago Stormy Daniels [b]admitted[/b] that she [i]didn't[/i] have an affair with Trump since most people are not aware of this news because the liberal media rarely reports anything favorable to the President. There's no statute of limitations on news that is still relevant. Furthermore, I'm not obligated to respond to every post. Who has the time? Plus I know ahead of time that Dem/Lib sheeple will hysterically disagree and mock. What do I care? I think you're all entertaining, which is why I don't put you on 'ignore.' And I wasn't being a "troll" with my initial reply to you above since I actually meant what I said -- "Origins: Wolverine" IS one of my favorite superhero flicks and so "Dark Phoenix" (which I haven't seen yet) is in good company if you say it's of similar quality or non-quality. At the same time what I said was a 'pattern interruption' to your delusional proclamations. Speaking of "troll," your obvious definition of this word is anyone who merely disagrees with you (rolling my eyes). Government is good as far as protecting citizens from criminals and foreign oppression, not to mention providing conveniences & recreations (e.g. parks), but "Big Government" is never good; it inevitably becomes tyrannical -- a false god that demands total allegiance & submission -- sucking the life out of the populace through taxes, overregulation and confiscation. View all replies >