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Haven't you ever heard of prerelease copies? Every artist has their lesser works. Spielberg had "Empire of the Sun" and Celtic Frost had COLD LAKE, so it happens. Even God created the cockroach. <blockquote>You assume he had a character change. He did not.</blockquote> By "character change" I meant some kind of change of heart/mind that had an obvious effect on his behavior, glaring enough to attract Claire to his non-charms in just a few hours of detention. He at least stopped verbally abusing her, which shows that he <i>did</i> have some kind of change by the end of the story. If he was still treating her like that do you think they would've been a couple at the climax? Obviously not. <blockquote>You imply that Claire is smart enough not to want to be with an abusive, selfish, manipulative asshole. There is no reason to think this.</blockquote> There's plenty of reason: In the first act it was clear that she <i>wasn't</i> appreciating Bender's atrocious, unprovoked accosting, to say the least. If she's the kind of girl you suggest she would've been swooning over his gross abuse. <blockquote>if you want to be condescending...</blockquote> Actually, I wasn't. Just because you're either (1) overlooking the movie's flaws or (2) making excuses for it because of nostalgia (or whatever), it doesn't mean I look down on you or fans of the film. I meant what I said: If you love the movie, that's great. I like some of it too, but was disappointed. I'm just conveying some legit criticisms. <blockquote>All because you wanted to sympathize doesn't mean that he needs to garner sympathy.</blockquote> Actually the writer (Hughes) could've had Bender become a serial killer, gutting people like a fish, and I could care less. My issue is: The story asks the viewer to accept that, after Bender atrociously accosts Claire on several occasions for no ostensible reason beyond his own juvenile insecurities and scumbag-ness, we are to accept that in a mere few hours he's able to have a character change so great that an intelligent girl like Claire would actually warm up to him enough to join with him romantically. <i>Why Sure!</i> I call that bad writing, but if you think it's great scripting and love the movie, that's great; more power to ya. That's why I put 'redeemed' in quotes. Forget redemption, after it's plainly established that Bender's a piece-of-sheet abuser the viewer <i>has</i> to see something worthy enough in Bender that would attract Claire's romantic interest by the end of the detention period. As it is, it's thoroughly unconvincing, even laughable. I hear ya. <blockquote>I imagine most people are carried away by the intangible Vibe that BC has. Kids meeting, kids overcoming their differences, kids having fun together, kids figuring things out.</blockquote> Yes, that explains why I'm able to appreciate it to some degree. Yet that doesn't change the reality of the criticisms I've voiced -- particularly Claire warming up to Bender by the end of detention enough to date him. <i>Why Sure!</i> In other words it's not just a "personal" criticism; it's a glaring flaw in Hughes' script. I'll take "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" over Hughes' other 80's teen flicks, followed by "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Sixteen Candles." The segment you're thinking of is from the second half of the first season and is called "Repo from Hell" (117). The victim and an older man, an actor, go out to a trailer in the desert to repossess a Bronco (or whatever it is) when this crazy guy comes out of the trailer and chases them on his ATV. Personally, I thought it was one of the lesser segments. Totally unrealistic He's obviously a fan of Shue and wanted to know how significant her role was with particular interest in her "hot scene." View all replies >