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Loses to Ted Cruz for the senate in Texas... Does she ever actually smile? The horrific creature was the obvious inspiration for... The Jap loudspeaker unit? Not great, but better than the 1963 original Interesting info on the film, plus my evaluation A (real) recent hate crime committed by the "tolerant" Left Severely Magaphobic Inspired by a real-life event in 2005 (read about it here) Smollett's crime shows how heterophobic and misandristic the Dems/Libs are... View all posts >


1. “The City on the Edge of Forever” (#28): Powerful, reverent and tear-inducing—television of the highest order. A plot so good they recycled it in “All Our Yesterdays” (#78) and Star Trek IV. 2. “The Naked Time” (#7): It’s got everything a viewer might be in the mood for—mystery, drama, comedy, romance, action and suspense. It also happens to be one of the best episodes to get to know the characters, seeing as how they all ‘let loose.’ 3. “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (#2): It’s a one-of-a-kind debut testifying that Star Trek was a winner right out of the gate. The momentum of interest, mystery and suspense mounts, culminating in the kinetic climax. 4. “Space Seed” (#24): Khan is a well-defined, charismatic characters. Yeah, he’s egomaniacal and chauvinistic—certainly no one you’d want to have as a friend or emulate—but no less an outstanding [i]character[/i]. 5. “The Galileo Seven” (#14): Spock’s struggle to logically command a small group of illogical humans is captivating. 6. “Arena” (#19): Unforgettable, gripping and eminently entertaining. 7. “Shore Leave” (#17): It’s great fun seeing the crew take a frolic through the park, and what a wild park it is! 8. “The Doomsday Machine” (#35): It has edge-of-the-seat suspense throughout and the grotesque doomsday machine is Jaws on a galactic scale. 9. “This Side of Paradise” (#25): It's amusing to see the stoical Vulcan happy & in love for the first time in his life, expressing emotions he’s kept pent up all his days. 10. “Journey to Babel” (#44): An exquisite combo of Spock's parents, a ship full of extraterrestrials, action, intrigue and heartwarming climax. 11. “Mirror, Mirror” (#39): Seeing the yin of the Federation yang is both fascinating and absorbing. 12. “The Devil in the Dark” (#26): Exemplifies Trek’s credo of exploring “strange new worlds to seek out new life,” its philosophy of respect-for-all-life-forms and the conviction of finding solutions that don’t involve needlessly killing an entity [quote]Bruce Willis is too cocky/arrogant in this[/quote] Yes, McClane was the cocky alpha male and this is [i]why[/i] he was having problems with his marriage. And yet at the beginning of the movie -- before he's seriously tested & humbled by Hans & crew -- he sits up front with the limo driver, Argyle, which shows he didn't think he was better than the common man; or racist. So he wasn't really arrogant. She looks her age now, but in a good way. This shot is from three years ago and tells you everything you need to know: [url][/url] I can't believe no one has mentioned "Ambush Bay" (1966) and "Too Late the Hero" (1970), two WW2 Flicks similar to "River Kwai." Okay, Malko, I sincerely apologize. I obviously took that one post you wrote for your being a staunch MAGAphobe (I also think I got you mixed up with a couple of extreme Leftists on these boards). Thanks for clearing it up; I edited my post accordingly. My main point on this thread is that Western "infidels" have way more of a reason to be Islamophobic than Muslims have to be Infidelophobic. Of course this is [i]NOT[/i] justifying the heinous murder spree in New Zealand whatsoever. I'm just saying that if we're going to talk about Islamophobia we first need to talk about Muslims' much worse Infidelophobia, which is backed up by the bloody stats, and I mean "bloody" literally. I don't think I need to cite all their attacks & death tolls in North America and Europe. I see I'm not the only one who noticed the drop in quality in the last 25 minutes. The first hour is great, as far as early 70's Gothic horror goes, but the film seems to lose it's mojo in the last act. It's like the director & writers didn't know how to finish what they so effectively set up. [quote]The script establishes that the alien is NOT the neanderthal, the neanderthal was simply the creature's last host. So why in the hell would the transference cause the Inspector's arm to change into that of the previous host?[/quote] The filmmakers obviously did this so that the audience would recognize that the inspector was now the creature. They didn't want viewers to be confused on this point. Two other possible reasons are that (1.) the beast-arm adds a horrific element to the (possessed) inspector that otherwise wouldn't be there, and (2.) it could be argued that the beast-arm is a vestige of a former possession that lasted for (supposedly) millions of years. They're both stunning, but Helga was 39 during shooting and Silvia 24. Helga's sharper while Silvia's cuter. MAGAphobia (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a far greater mind-disease in America today than Islamophobia. As far as "Islamophobia" goes, Gee, maybe people wouldn't suffer Islamophobia if Muslims didn't routinely commit outrageous terrorist acts against completely innocent people, like the San Bernardino massacre: [url][/url]. Since the 14 killed & 24 wounded in that massacre were "infidel" Americans, the attack was a result of the two Muslim perpetrators suffering InfidelAmericanophobia, which corresponds to your crying "Islamophobia" with the New Zealand killings. 9/11 was also the result of InfidelAmericanophobia wherein 3000 people needlessly perished, mostly Americans. So, to address your opening question, [b]if Islamophobia is a real thing so is InfidelAmericanophobia.[/b] [quote]A white male co-worker[/quote] But what if it's a black gay female that [b][i]identifies[/i][/b] as a white male? Would this person fit the OP's description of "a white male co-worker"? If anyone says "No" that just proves the utter SHAM of liberal "gender identity politics." Of course, anyone with common sense knows this already. View all replies >