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Becky being mad at Mark for hitting her boss

Anyone else think Becky was completely wrong about being mad at him for that? I mean the guy called her either a slut or a cunt, at least thats what i assume since DJ was asking if it was the F word or the B word and Darlene kept saying "worse". So he called her one of those then demoted her.

I mean if i heard my girlfriends boss called her a cunt, bitch or whatever i'd do the same as Mark, probably worse. I'm sure most guys here would do the same.

I mean her boss was an angry looking little bastard from the start of the episode "Your lines not moving..make it move" and he looked at her all serious and angry, i wanted to beat the shit out of him for that.

And i hated how Dan confronted him for like 5 seconds then it turned into comedy "Wait Becky hit you" then Dan just forgot about him and walked off to confront Mark, i wanted Dan to punch the little bastard damn it.


I just watched this episode too! Lol. Yeah, the boss was a dick but I think it showed Becky was more mature than Dan and Mark thought not thinking she was able to stand up to him herself. It is a comedy so they can’t have too serious too long.


But did she stand up to him? she got demoted to bag girl and it seems she just accepted it. You'd think she would have talked to one of the higher ups and got his ass fired or in trouble for talking like that to one of his workers.

Regardless if Becky stood up to him or not he deserved a punch in the face imo, dude was a major asshole.

It was nice seeing him pissing himself in fear when Dan said "But no one talks to my daughter the way you did, have you got that!".


If the situation was real, Becky should've quit. Hey, if you're that mad, why stay? In the show: Becky has zero life prospects. She's not going to college, has a high school education, and she dated/married Mark (an uneducated loser). Working at the supermarket is all she has. She didn't quit after being called a nasty name. Why hit the guy? What does that solve? You hit the guy. Now, guess what: This guy calls the police on you and Becky's work environment....that is, if she still has that dead-end job, is shot to Hell. You're going to deal with idiots on power trips everywhere you go.....DEAL WITH IT AND GROW UP!

Now, Dan hitting Fischer, that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY!


You say deal with it and grow up but if it was your wife or Girlfriend called the nasty name by the asshole i'm betting you'd have a hard time resisting going to him and punching him or at least intimidating him.


And the way she screamed at him in her usual theatrical (and obnoxious) manner, like if what he did was as bad as what her boss did. Not that Mark couldn't be slimy, but I think he was reacting like a pretty normal boyfriend here, or especially for someone of that 'rough around the edges' demeanor that attracted Becky in the first place. (Or else she'd be with a more David or Dean type you might expect.) Yet she acts so shocked, and essentially takes up for her despicable boss over her understandably protective boyfriend.

The job wasn't that much of a life or death matter to being putting up with such nonsense, either. (She's 16, is under her parents' care and surely that job isn't going to be her life).

Becky really got on my effin' nerves.