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OP: Liberals have said A LOT worse than Roseanne said but, since she supports President Trump....”SHE MUST BE DESTROYED!”, according to Democrats. Why is it when a conservative like James Woods says something, he’s a “maniac”? But, if a liberal says something, it’s “progressive” or “revolutionary”? Double standard much? No, cocksucker! You liberals have given me my comedy fill for the night! I thought the same thing! Have fun with another 4 years of President Trump! Why are you, unable to have a mature conversation without insults??? “Kid”? Shove it up your ass! Who the fuck are you? “I went to school for this kid”....Well, good for you! I never said anything about free speech.... But, since you brought up free speech, why does the left want to limit free speech? How are Republicans “tyrants”? They’re not forcing masks, lockdowns, social distancing.... Above all, they didn’t censor the Hunter Biden scandal on Facebook and Twitter.... That’s the left that did all of this. The Soviet Union would be proud! I’m just saying liberals are without a doubt the most intolerant people in the world! Yes, I do know what a democracy is....Do you? Last I heard, this is a democracy, unfortunately for the liberals..... Good for her! I’m sure the OP is. View all replies >