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she just said anthony bourdain paid the kid she went full on nutso bryce dallas howard dino name would be thickasaurus daddario boobs stole every scene The Governor and Negan Would had rule the Survivors of the Fear of the walking dead easily! The Governer and Negan would had rule the survivors of The Fear of the walking dead So Thanos gave everyone the hand job so they have to drink grape juice to become black panther and have super human strength? So,Black Panther was basically Trump at first with Putting Wakanda people first and not letting in "foreigners"? Disney Should Stop using the Wilhelm Scream and Just Incorparate The Goofy Scream Instead now View all posts >


loved that show definitely Racist good thing johnny depp left her she was crazy but yeah the whole episode was laughable its grape DRANK its ok, some episodes are very slow buy a crypto dog she kissed finn with out wanting a kiss #metoo Also didn't she say we must not fight hate with hate or something to that degree. Yet she fought hate with hate when she was at that casino planet I was thinking about that. It had to be a trolling moment from them bump Crazy unstable Ben View all replies >