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Why Can't they Make movies like this again??

Now I was just a kid when this movie came out along with some of the others, but I just remembered loving them. They were very original if you think about it, they weren't a book adaption, remake, tv series adapation, or sequel, they were orginial. Movies like Prayer of the Rollerboys, Solarbabies, Little Monsters, and Alien from LA were decent films in their time, why can't we have that again?


Back then my childhood was the early and mid 1980s.

Sure there were good stuff like Dune and Conan and Star Wars but then there was alot of weird stuff for sci fi movies such as these

Mad Max 2 and Beyond Thunderdome. They didnt make a whole lot of sense and they wandered off storyline wise of what the first Mad Max movie was about. Just a plain old crime action movie of a town being harrassed by a biker gang


Alien from LA was fucking garbage even for its time.