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the Creep's voice. Who really did the voice? Romero or Savini? Nada being nosy about the church. None of his business anyway Roddy Piper's shirtless scene in the beginning. Damn he was buff The Brody family were probably cursed watching Season 2 for the first time. is it better than Season 1? Candyman and baby Anthony theory. Resurrection? Why would a ghost take a nap on an underground altar? Mary Reilly. Anyone remember it? In the flashback with young Leia, so she had a Force vision of Ben and Rey ? Jared Nomak technically a clone of Eli? View all posts >


I cant stand Kane Hodder. Ever since he got burned and he now has those burn scars, his head just looks weird. Plus Kane's not even listed in the end movie credits I think theres a long running in joke in Hollywood where certain guy actors like Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell get called up to sort of cameo in horror movies for unknown reasons. Guess Sam Raimi spread the word that Ted is a good decent actor stuntman after starring as Henrietta in Evil Dead II Has nothing to dowith her being asian. How about you go watch the Kill Bill movies. That one eye of hers is a bit crooked looking like shes got a minor lazy eye thing Im surprised they had to include Adi Gallia in the Force ghost speech at the end. She didnt do a whole lot in the prequels except get involved at Geonosis I think and then she got blasted to smithereens on her speeder bike in Revenge of the Sith the end of the movie credits show these for the voices Adi Galla - she was in all 3 prequel movies. Duh Luminara Aayla Secura Mace Windu Kanaan Ahsoka Obi Wan Qui Gon Yoda young Warwick Davis was british. Plus it was 1982-1983 back then where things were different back then while people like you make a big deal about it these days Two different characters. Not the same vampire character. Just like Rob Lowe in the bachelor party deleted scene in Austin Powers while later on he stars as younger Number 2 in the sequels. Different characters Rose was arrogant for a psychic "vampire" immortal. at the end of the movie she ended up as an idiot and underestimated not just Danny, she also underestimated the evil Overlook where she scoffed at the blood that came out of the elevator hallway. One of my favorite Tracy Chapman songs. But Fast Car while a good song its also kind of dark and depressing. Pretty messed up lol Police Academy 3 and 4 had moments where even though they're comedy screwball movies, they really didnt make sense such as ninjas being in a jail cell in the first place and then them escaping and being on a boat. That and the police academy just letting a known gang member leader such as Zed signing up at the academy where in the previous first two movies he and his gang members were terrorizing grocery stores and being a menace out on the streets etc View all replies >