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Season 4 was the best season after the movie The Fireys scene. bad special effects her weird crooked lazy eye. Whats up with that? So the movie is about sex and eating disorders? How is this movie supposed to be scary/good? What was the point involving the sex offender subplot escapee? The Traveler has come. What if the people on the streets were thinking of Stay Puft? Season 2. What were the classic episodes besides Humbug? Laurie, Ricter and Doug in a love triangle competition? Odo was an asshole in Season 1 View all posts >


yes it was a frikkin altar and underground I didnt know about Labyrinth until it was released for VHS back in the day. I was 6 years old at the time and even when i was a kid i didnt have fun going to a movie theater since most of the new movies were all action movies and gory like Predator. Last time I saw a movie at the movie theater whether it was the drive in theater or regular movie theater when i was a kid back in the day i enjoyed Conan, Dark Crystal,Superman II,Superman III, Dune, Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark. 1985 to 1987 was a rough time for kids back then since Star Wars craze died down and yeah there was the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and 3 sequels but that was about it to actually enjoy. I cant speak for everyone else that grew up as a kid in the 1980s but that was my experience back then. I just didnt hear much about Labyrinth back then since I was still in G.I. joe, Star Wars and old WWF phaze at the time I think the Greenland movie would have been a great blockbuster movie with more hype if theaters were run last year but thanks alot to the covid. Im watching Greenland for DVD right now tonight and I think the movie is great even with Gerard Butler in it. in fact Greenland with other movies from 2020 would have done better at movie theaters before ending up as direct to video movies for the past half year she also had a funny looking crooked eye when she was on the show You do realize that they were still in town while they were at that motel. Other people would have heard gun shots etc where they would call the town's sheriff and deputies. Plus the Weboys are well known wether they're good or bad. The Blackledges while they are good people they should have just went back home instead of waiting for that ex daughter in law Its a Wes Craven movie. What did you expect? You want grunting sex scenes? Go watch gay porn or whatever, you moron I disagree. i saw the movie yesterday at the theater and I liked it. It was pretty scary and not gory or anything. Just a simple good plot. William Sadler though he's getting pretty old. I almost mistook him for that one actor from Dr Quinn Back then my childhood was the early and mid 1980s. Sure there were good stuff like Dune and Conan and Star Wars but then there was alot of weird stuff for sci fi movies such as these Metalstorm Solarbabies Mad Max 2 and Beyond Thunderdome. They didnt make a whole lot of sense and they wandered off storyline wise of what the first Mad Max movie was about. Just a plain old crime action movie of a town being harrassed by a biker gang My opinion, all 3 Mad Max movies dont make a whole lot of sense anyway. First Mad Max movie was a crime action flick about the cops and the town people trying to stay safe from a biker gang. The way I see it, I dont see any mentioning of the end of the world or whatever. Then comes along Mad Max 2 Road Warrior where everything's gone to crap for no reason You're wrong. Raiden did interfere in that fight. He brought those two pails of water in that one fight area View all replies >