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Is Godzilla supposed to be a mutated iguana or komodo dragon? Fear the Walking Dead. the show any good? Obadiah having the injuction on Tony. Was he doing the right thing? How did Kane get his burn scars? Deathstalker. Why is it so weird? Nev and Max tend to act a bit stalkerish on the show Zordon says kill Rita. Zordon says its time to morph. Why dont you do it then, Zordon The houses being built over the graves and Phase 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Still complicated Bulimia eating disorder hints came on a little too strong etc Dawn's house. anyone else notice this? View all posts >


yes I know the movie is a little goofy. I wasnt born yesterday. Ive seen the movie since late 1998. Its been awhile since I saw the movie back then. as for the French guys, I was watching the movie earlier today and they were making a big deal about the coffee and the donuts. Im not French so I dunno what the big deal is about the coffee Fuck you, boy. I did ask a simple question and I was being nice about it. Question shouldnt been that hard for YOU to understand. Did he do the right thing by doing the injunction on Tony? Business wise, was it the right thing to do or could Tony have countered it? yes from a frikkin business perspective. Jeez Im asking if the injuction was the right thing to do Dont be a whiny bitch about flying spam ads or whatever during the movie. If you were watching the movie then thats great. Hope you like the movie. I watched Endgame free online on Wednesday and I enjoyed watching the movie. Can wait for it to come out for DVD blu ray Well movie Zordon was a bit too pushy and pretty wanted forcing a group of teenagers who technically they didnt know each other that well to have them go kill an ancient martial arts warrior. That and forcing them to focus to activate their battle armor which they couldnt since they didnt know each other and they had personal problems. I dont care if movie Zordon was a face in the wall, if he wanted Rita dead and all that jazz, he couldve done it himself that badly What bothers me about old lady ghost Amanda Krueger is that she never once threatened Freddy to a ghost fight while she returned in Elm Street 5 as her younger self to help Alice. Who died in the movie? Im sure its hilarious if you're an immature man child frat boy you can put other stuff in an empty case or lock box besides frikkin "Magic" sci fi stones for crying out loud View all replies >