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Rose was an idiot at the end of the movie because of the Overlook Hightower being let go from the academy when a riot was about to happen. Pure luck? Crockett in Land of the Dead. He survive or die? Anyone have a mother that still has a crush on Sam Elliot? Legend helped create Legend of Zelda. Do you agree? Dan's father's "son" What happened to Lonnie or whatever? Did Wydell even know about Tiny or not? Going to Bixby. What makes them think Bixby would be safe? the vegetable gremlin. would you eat it? George Bailey is a bit of a stubborn jerk with one deaf ear View all posts >


Rose was arrogant for a psychic "vampire" immortal. at the end of the movie she ended up as an idiot and underestimated not just Danny, she also underestimated the evil Overlook where she scoffed at the blood that came out of the elevator hallway. One of my favorite Tracy Chapman songs. But Fast Car while a good song its also kind of dark and depressing. Pretty messed up lol Police Academy 3 and 4 had moments where even though they're comedy screwball movies, they really didnt make sense such as ninjas being in a jail cell in the first place and then them escaping and being on a boat. That and the police academy just letting a known gang member leader such as Zed signing up at the academy where in the previous first two movies he and his gang members were terrorizing grocery stores and being a menace out on the streets etc I dont care if my mother still has a crush on Omar Sharif or even Sam Elliot, but why? lol Do women such as mothers why do they still have silly crushes on Sam Elliot? Because of the Sackett movies or something? I have a little crush on Mary McDonnel due to Dances With Wolves and Sneakers and Donnie Darko but Im not gaga crazy about her or whatever Well im pretty sure the graboids would travel through or under some parts in the mountain to get to Bixby. Didnt look like the whole "mountain" was made from hard Episodes 4 and 5 i feel like they were slow filler episodes. Especially episode 5 where they were on Tattooine. The only thing interesting was the sign language with the Tuskens and that a bar was taken over by a droid and they never did say if that was Mos Eisley or some other town yes I think they would have shot and killed the boys for running and trying to escape with an alien that they know nothing about You must have been the teachers pet back then. Go fuck yourself Go watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles tv show. There is a Terminator that gets involved with a woman. Dark Fate isnt the first time younger folk suck then if they think the new seasons are "funny". the original older seasons of South Park were and still are funny. Starvin Marvin episode along with the Pinkeye zombie episode they're still funny but i wouldnt be surprised if younger people today would think that episode is racist and offfensive etc but screw the younger folk. Merry Christmas Charles Manson i just watched last night for the first time and i never knew that Cartman had a big family where he had a grandmother, great grandmother, cousin, and that uncle that escaped from jail. View all replies >