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Seasons 1-4 are still the best and better humor Betty Brant the school news reporter. She's just a little baby Why did Celie tell Harpo too hit Sophia? Jerry and his sister and the other vampires were bisexual or something? Movie is still great, but Black Widow whines too much about her file having red What were Jane and Selvig doing out in the desert in the first place anyway? The kids having clean water. Are they just lucky? Is Street Trash really bizarre and wild? Rewatching Smallville Season 1. the good old days Ice Cube's son as one of the soldiers. Why? View all posts >


younger folk suck then if they think the new seasons are "funny". the original older seasons of South Park were and still are funny. Starvin Marvin episode along with the Pinkeye zombie episode they're still funny but i wouldnt be surprised if younger people today would think that episode is racist and offfensive etc but screw the younger folk. Merry Christmas Charles Manson i just watched last night for the first time and i never knew that Cartman had a big family where he had a grandmother, great grandmother, cousin, and that uncle that escaped from jail. you think Goonies is 2 hours of screaming and yelling? Whatever. Go watch Return of the Living Dead. Now that movie gets real annoying where two characters are screaming, yellin, and moaning when they're slowly turning into zombies. Return of the Living Dead while still a great funny movie its also frikking annoying at the same time you blind? Chris Elliot's been in the whole movie since the very beginning of the movie. Pay attention next time Nope. its a deleted scene of a bachelor party where they find out about the death of the security guard friend. and Rob Lowe is in that deleted scene Well it is creepy and a bit graphic now thanks alot to the Unrated DVD. the regular theatrical version of the movie already implied that somehow Seabass was meeting guys in the bathroom at 2 in the morning. Unrated version's not bad but i think they went a bit overboard with Seabass pretty much raping Lloyd in the bathroom stall. Even the deleted scene where Harry makes it worse by wondering what Lloyd and Seabass were doing. FUCK OFF Why dont you shut the F up and not ruin my topic thread discussion yes I know the movie is a little goofy. I wasnt born yesterday. Ive seen the movie since late 1998. Its been awhile since I saw the movie back then. as for the French guys, I was watching the movie earlier today and they were making a big deal about the coffee and the donuts. Im not French so I dunno what the big deal is about the coffee Fuck you, boy. I did ask a simple question and I was being nice about it. Question shouldnt been that hard for YOU to understand. Did he do the right thing by doing the injunction on Tony? Business wise, was it the right thing to do or could Tony have countered it? yes from a frikkin business perspective. Jeez View all replies >