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Can't believe I'm watching this....

This looked like the tackiest thing ever the first time around, so I skipped it. But I stumbled upon it on Youtube...and it certainly has quite a cast. Nicolette Sheridan, Lauren Hutton, a very young and lovely Terry Farrell, Brenda Vaccaro, Mimi Rogers (aka The 1st Mrs. Tom Cruise) that moist, waxy, plastic figure, Morgan Fairchild.

Basically, everyone's in it; from the lady who played the young screenwriter in SUNSET BOULEVARD to the guy who played the hotel owner on TWIN PEAKS.

Less lovely are the 80's fashions. This is a show you want to watch if you're ever invited to an 80's theme party (!)

Lloyd Bridges and Dack Rambo serve as male props. No one on the show seems to act particularly well (aside from the lesser known Jennifer Warren as a reluctant stage mom)...and the show is shallow as can be...but I can't seem to turn it off : (


I'm watching it as well at the moment. It's okay. Models Inc. was a more entertaining show about the world of fashion.