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So.... (SPOILERS) Re: dream scenes Kind of ridiculous ending (SPOILER) How did they dry out their house? So why hadn't the vampires... (SPOILER) Kate Beckinsale is so lovely Did she give the fur coat back? Do you like this one, or the remake? Feet Fur Most marvelous name ever.... View all posts >


<< In her mind, the ends justified the means. Her survival was all that mattered to her. >> Well, that could probably be said for most people, when it comes right down to it. If you're facing the gallows I imagine you'll sacrifice anyone (mothers aside, of course.) << Of course many Stewardesses actually do sex work too so it all works out. >> Many? Because it’s a bad script, with no explanation. [b] << Bein 1 wid nature and peace of mind is all we really need. >> [/b] So you would be fine creating a "shelter" for your child that basically consists of leaves? I would say the key point of the film is that there comes a time when we learn our parents lives are not ours, and we set out on our own. I just watched it on youtube when I posted that. I liked the actress who played Ruth much better in that, but the Mary actress wasn't quite as glamorous or magnetic as she should have been. [i]They're DEAD ? ? ? [/i] Rapping people, long term, can be bad for their ears if the sound level is too high. 81. When a burning vampire throws itself into a creek and is cured, immediately discount that something in that particular water supply may have been a factor. Just scientifically assume it was all about the sun. 82. I didn't turn you because it was convenient, or because of some selfish need for blood. I turned you because you would have died if I didn't. . View all replies >