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Would this film deserve a place in the Criterion Collection

A Oscar Winning Director (George Roy Hill), Adaption of one of America most respected authors (John Irving) One of most beloved actor's first dramatic role (Robin Williams), one of the most respected actresses first movie role which earned her a Oscar nomination (Glenn Close) and one of John Lithgow's best performances.

I think the film's aged pretty damn well and I don't think it would be out of place in the Criterion Collection.


I definitely do think so.
Outside of the fine performances you already noted; it has great humor and great tragedy but is always totally original and creative in its approach. Even now.
I also think it's the best John Irving adaption to the screen.


I agree with it been the best John Irving adaption. I'd also like to see The Hotel New Hampshire been given the Criterion Collection treatment as well, although it's not a well loved film but I like it.

Garp has that feel of films of the day's Hollywood took chances and filmed great unfilmable books with top stars and Oscar winning directors. Delivering work that today would only get made in European or Asian Cinema.